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John Stockwell (born March 25, 1961 in Galveston, Texas), born John Stockwell Samuels IV, is an American film director, screenwriter, actor and former model. He had his first supporting role as an actor in 1981 in the film The Freaky Professor. From 1983 came leading and supporting roles in Die Aufreißer von der Highschool as Spider, in John Carpenter's film adaptation of Stephen King's horror classic Christine as Dennis Gulder and in 1985 in the comedy Future Project - The 4th Dimension as Michael Harlan. In the same year he played in City Limits; the film, which was unsuccessful with critics and at the box office, was later satirized in an episode of the American satirical format Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K). In 1986 he played the "Cougar" in Top Gun - you fear neither death nor the devil at the side of Tom Cruise. On television, he had guest roles in television series such as The Young Riders and Heirs of the Curse. Stockwell later became more focused on working behind the camera and has since directed several films. Stockwell made his directorial debut in 1987 with Under Cover. This was followed by directorial work in 2000 in Cheaters, 2001 in Crazy / Beautiful, 2002 in Blue Crush, 2005 in Into the Blue, 2006 in Turistas, 2009 in Heart, 2014 in the Gina Carano film In the Blood and Cannabis Kid and 2016 in Kickboxer : The Retribution, a remake of the martial arts film Karate Tiger 3 - The Kickboxer from 1989.