How to get hair like afro samurai

Care of the Afro hair for the night

We are so busy during the day that we often forget that caring for Afro hair is also important for the night. In my opinion, there are three things you have to consider when caring for Afro hair at night: moistening your hair, braiding your hair and wearing a satin hat or sleeping on a satin or silk pillow. Without this care, your hair may break off more quickly. We'll tell you how to take care of your frizzy hair before bed.

1. Rich care of the Afro hair for the night

Use your favorite cream or hair butter and treat yourself to a lot of care. Of course, you can also use the LOC method to protect your hair from drying out. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • You cream your hair with a water-based cream or you lightly spray your hair with water.
  • You seal the moisture with an oil of your choice. I use argan oil or joboba oil.
  • Then you can use a hair butter (e.g. shea butter).

2. Protective styling, protect your afro hair

Open hair rub against the cotton pillow and knot easily. Twist, braide or make Bantu knots before you go to bed or I tie your hair up into a pineapple or palm tree with a cloth. If you want to try something different, try the pig-tail braids (see picture) or Tuck n Roll.
Also pay attention to which hair tie you use, because the wrong one can lead to hair breakage. You can also find a satin hair tie in the drugstores in your city.


3. Satin bonnet or silk or satin pillows

As already mentioned above, our curls unfortunately break off when they rub too hard on the normal cotton pillow. A satin bed cap is one solution to prevent this from happening. You put the hat over your head as normal and take it off the next morning. Of course, you can also tie a silk scarf around your head. The smooth surface retains moisture in the hair. How about a silk or satin pillow? Then you don't need to tie off your hair anymore.

Caring for our Afro hair is sometimes time-consuming. It can be a nuisance, especially in the evening, especially when you are dog tired and just want to sleep. But wouldn't it be a shame to risk hair breakage after investing so much time and effort? Take the time to groom your frizzy locks. This is the only way to keep your hair healthy and thank you with growth.


How do you take care of your afro hair before you go to bed?

Feel free to write me your comments below. I look forward to reading from you :)




I am Jen Martens, founder of Frolicious and a Ghanaian descent based in Germany. I am a sister, daughter, blogger and interested in African urban lifestyle. I am always open to meet likeminded people.