Husband bursts into tears as his wife

The perfect big brother Nine year old breaks down in tears when he is allowed to hold his adoptive brother for the first time

How many people make a happy family? And can there actually only be sibling love between brothers or sisters who are related by blood? These and similar questions pop through our minds when we watch the little Instagram video of nine-year-old Lander and his tiny adoptive brother Rowan.

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Adoption is a wonderful option

We do not find out what family history is behind the emotional scene. The clip published by "goodnews_movement" on Instagram only mentions that the adoption of Rowan, who was born in the summer, is finally completed in April - after around nine months. Indeed, that's "good news!"

Clip captures a tender first moment

Perhaps Lander had long wanted a little brother, and his parents could not or would not have any more biological offspring. It is entirely within the realm of speculation why they chose to adopt Baby Rowan. But it is very clear how much love awaits the baby in his new home. Other voices can also be heard in the background - reason for assuming that the little one will not only grow into a new family, but also into a stable social environment.

Lander is blown away

We see: Lander holds the little guy very carefully, rocks him a little and gently caresses his cheek. Apparently he is so touched by the little one that tears roll down his cheeks - tears of joy, of course, because it is his little brother Rowan that he is allowed to hold against him for the first time.