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Fell for a fake shop? How to get your money back

Bought in a fake shop - and now you want your money back? In fact, resourceful scammers always manage to target unsuspecting online shoppers with one Fake shop to cheat their money. Particularly annoying: If you pay in advance and not through a trustee like PayPal, your money is usually gone - without you ever receiving the product you want. We'll show you what steps you should take in the worst-case scenario.

Fake shops lure with extremely low prices and deceive online shoppers with fake seals of approval and countless positive, but mostly fake customer reviews. If the ordered product does not reach you even after weeks, only a second look at the shop page, which often no longer exists, reveals that you have been caught by a fraudster. In addition to the financial loss, you are right to resent your own good faith. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can get your money back and also protect other online shoppers from dubious sellers.

Fake shops - money back: the 5-point plan

To get it straight: you will certainly never see the goods ordered from a fake shop. However, the chances are not bad that you will at least get money back that has already been transferred. To do this, follow these steps:

Secure all evidence, such as sales contracts, order confirmations and any e-mails and print them out. Especially if you bring the fraud to the police, you serve as important evidence.

If you only transferred the money a few days ago, contact your bank and as soon as possible have the payment reversed. Important: As a rule, your time window for a transfer made online is significantly smaller than with a bank slip. In addition, most banks charge a fee for the return service.

If you paid by credit card, you have between 6 and 8 weeks to have the amount reimbursed due to suspected fraud. Please contact the card-issuing bank and not the credit card company - except for American Express. Tip: Most banks offer appropriate complaint forms in the service area of ​​their website.

When paying by credit card, there is a risk that the operator of the fake shop could use your card details to inflict further financial damage on you. Play it safe and have your card blocked immediately.

If the attempt to get your money through your bank or credit card company fails, take a look at your home insurance. In some cases a cyber policy is included here that can make up for your financial loss.

Help yourself and other online shoppers: How to put a stop to fake shops!

Even if a refund of your money means an investment of time for you, it pays to be persistent. Of course, you can also obtain professional support from the consumer advice center at any time - either on site, by telephone or by e-mail.

Our tip: Have the printed documents checked at one of the advice centers and then file a criminal complaint with the police. The compliance departments or the money laundering officers of the banks are often informed by the transfer recall due to suspected fraud. They check the bank details and, under certain circumstances, block the account so that no further customers can be harmed.

Conclusion and outlook

Nobody likes to sit on a fraudster and be left with the costs. To increase your chances of getting a refund this is a quick reaction is the be-all and end-all. In any case, filing a criminal complaint promptly and informing your bank are the most important success factors.

And even if it is only a small amount of money, in the end it is not only worthwhile for you to persevere. With a remittance recall, you can also call the bank's compliance department, which can block the fraudulent account. In the best case scenario, you not only actively contribute to the deletion of a fake shop, but also protect other online shoppers from financial damage in the future.

In order not to fall for fake online shops in the first place, we will inform you monthly with the latest warnings on our social media channels and via newsletter.

In addition, it is always worth visiting our current warnings website and installing our Browser extensionthat warns you of known fake shops when you google.