What do I appreciate about your time


Today I did an exercise. In teams of two we should ask each other the following question: "What do you value in me?" The other person then answered.

I think we all know how difficult it is to take compliments. And I also think we all know how easily criticism gets stuck in our heads and how quickly praise threatens to fall by the wayside. Therefore, here are the sentences that I can still remember:

"I appreciate your smile / laughter and your dimples!"

"I appreciate your ability to demarcate!"

"I appreciate your hazel eyes!"

"What I appreciate about you is that you have no prejudices!"

"I appreciate how much you take care of the others!"

"I appreciate your pleasant dialect!"

"I appreciate your kind of humor!"

"I appreciate your perspective!"

"I appreciate your acceptance of everything!"

"I appreciate your funny interjections!"

"I appreciate your cosiness!"

"I appreciate your calm and steadfastness!"

"I guess how you dance!"

"I guess you don't go with the flow!"

Wow! When written down, it all has a completely different effect. I heard everything. I don't know what percentage of it really reached my heart. I don't think they were empty words. I think they were honest.

Nevertheless I question: Which of these is true? Didn't the person just say it like that? What does she not like about me?

I hate this inner critic!

For the future I wish to be able to let such compliments get closer to me and not be so strict with myself! This exercise has shown me again that there is usually a wide gap between the image of myself and that of others.


I like it:

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