The tornado died in Wisteria Lane

Star of Fate

Clark and Lois are on hand as a couple of dealers in rare objects bid over a lead foil covered box which contains something mysterious. One of the men finally gets the bid after sticking a gun in the other guy's back. Lois sees this in a mirror but never mentions it to anyone. There is a lot of talk about a curse and not opening the box. The guy who got the bid brings the box to his home and tells his secretary not to open it. As with Pandora, she waits about ten seconds, opens the box, and collapses. When the guy returns the box is gone and it is assumed that the other collector is responsible, which he is. Of course, he left the poor woman lying on the floor and took off. Cut to this guy's house and we see the box on the table. He asks his associate to put it in the safe but not to look (of course, he has a peek and ends up the same way as the secretary). When Jimmy and Lois discover the body of the secretary, instead of immediately calling an ambulance they putz around until the bad guy shows up. The final solution is really awful, even for a show that routinely stretches credibility. The way justice is meted out boggles the mind.