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A comment by Peter König.

Brussels (EU and European NATO headquarters) - On October 21, 2020, the German Press Agency (dpa) reported that Germany promised NATO soldiers for possible Covid 19 operations: “German soldiers could be during the second wave of the corona pandemic be sent on crisis missions in other NATO and partner countries. As a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Defense confirmed, the federal government has promised NATO support for its emergency plan “Allied Hand”. According to this, medical personnel, pioneers and experts of the troops are to be made available for missions abroad to ward off nuclear, biological or chemical dangers. The emergency plan should be activated, for example, if there is a threat of a collapse of the health system in allied or NATO partner countries due to very high infection rates and the affected state asks for support ”.

In plain language this means that German soldiers can be deployed in covid-related “crisis operations” with other NATO partners. Covid restrictions and the associated state repression and tyranny can lead to massive civil unrest, and German soldiers, alias German NATO soldiers, together with soldiers from other NATO countries, could help local governments to use military force to deal with such potential upheavals of the population suffocate. Sharp bullets and kill when “necessary”.

In some European countries, i.e. in Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Spain - and of course in Germany itself - the unrest is already clearly visible. In France, too, currently one of the most repressive regimes in the western world, civil and social unrest is boiling up.

All of these countries have been brainwashed to believe they live in a “democracy” - and in a democracy what happens to them could and should never happen. You were never asked. Their governments have not even bothered to tell them that these "measures" are for their own good. Now they are even being told by the likes of Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, not to hope to return to "normalcy". There will be no more “normality” as we knew it, he said literally. Instead, there will be a great reset.

In doing so, he is imitating the words of Klaus Schwab, the founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum (WEF), who has just published (in July 2020) a book entitled “Covid-19 - The Great Reset”. The book is available on Amazon (where else!), And I strongly recommend reading it, not so Schwab will get richer, but so that you and we, the people, know what “their” plan is. Only if we know what the plan is can we stop it - if we organize ourselves in solidarity and resist.

There is no such thing as “democracy”, there never was. The EU is one of the least democratic institutions that exist. But still we are indoctrinated with this huge lie that we live in a democracy. It is Covid that is finally bringing this wretched global scam to light.

And our lying politicians and their mainstream bought media continue to praise our beautiful western democracy as they divert our attention from the truth by targeting western enemies like China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, North Korea - and others - hit it just so that we would be blinded at home but be told with false propaganda that all these other countries are evil. They are angry because they don't believe in our western greed economy. The media has been very successful in encouraging “cognitive dissonance” - we know something is wrong, but our feverish desire to stay in our comfort zone leads us to believe that we are well protected by our “chosen” masters - and those who For example, those in the East who pursue a different philosophy of life than ours, which consists of greed and violence, are evil.

An interesting survey that took place on October 23. published in Switzerland shows that on average more than two thirds of the EU population think negatively about China and Russia. Why? China and Russia have never done anything that harms Europe, on the contrary - they have offered real cooperation, as opposed to forced cooperation on the American model. The question "Why?" is thus answered with the brainwashing media paid for by the companies.

Is that supposed to be “democracy”? Is that democratic thinking? Do these people realize that years ago their brains were captured by consumer-friendly propaganda and gradually turned into submissive slave behavior that still believes in "democracy"?

The German population was not asked whether they would consent to sending German troops to other countries or whether they should take part in NATO exercises. The armistice, which has been in place in Germany since the end of World War II, does not allow foreign intervention by the German armed forces. In fact, no formal peace agreement has (yet) been signed between Germany and the victorious powers. The ceasefire agreement contains a clause that states that Germany must never take any action that is contrary to the interests of the United States. This would explain, at least in part, why the German government is bending down to please Washington.

But most Germans are not aware of this fact.

On purpose. Because “democracy” would dictate the following ethics: Let the public know. A public debate begins about the autonomy and sovereignty that Germany currently has and that it - and its people - deserve. The decision to use German troops as NATO soldiers in other countries has nothing to do with “democracy”. It goes against the nature of democracy. Is Germany under a “hidden emergency law” that would be similar to martial law? As do France, Switzerland, Spain and Great Britain? If so, has the population been adequately informed?

Switzerland recently extended its “Covid Emergency Act” until the end of 2021 - and what then? It could easily be extended again, as it is now. The law was rammed by a right-wing Congress, regardless of political parties, with the congressmen largely agreed. No questions were asked. The people were never consulted.

Now a referendum (a privilege the Swiss still have) is under way that would ban this so-called emergency law. However, until enough signatures are collected and the referendum is “allowed” by the government to be put to the public for vote, it may be too late to change the drastic measures implemented under quasi-martial law.

That's "democracy" isn't it?

France under Monsieur Macron, a Rothschild dwarf, has reintroduced a health emergency and imposed curfews, a ban on weddings and staying on the streets is only permitted with special permits. This as a result of a "sudden and spectacular acceleration" in the spread of the coronavirus, said Prime Minister Jean Castex, justifying this bold draconian move. He added that the national COVID-19 incidence rate has skyrocketed from 107 to 190 cases per 100,000 population in the past ten days, with "particularly alarming levels" in some major cities. But who checks the numbers, the statistics, how they are put together? Nobody.

Is that supposed to be “democracy”? For disobedience fines of 135 euros are provided for first-time offenders, which can be up to 7,500 euros - and a six-month prison sentence. Well, is that a dictatorship or what?

It's a far cry from “democracy” - that's for sure. Especially when we know what Covid really is - namely nothing more than a completely normal flu. This is what Anthony Fauci, head of the NIAID / NIH of the USA, says when he writes peer-reviewed articles in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), such as “Covid-19 - Navigating the Uncharted”…. "The overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 (1) could ultimately resemble severe seasonal flu (with a case death rate of around 0.1%) or pandemic flu (similar to those of 1957 and 1968) than a disease such as SARS or MERS, which have case death rates of 9-10%, respectively . 36% had. "

When Fauci speaks to the media - in countless mainstream television interviews - he uses the usual scary narrative about the deadly coronavirus.

This shows that there is clearly another agenda behind Covid than controlling the “pandemic”, namely controlling people. We should wake up. It is too late to talk about reintroducing “democracy”. The truth is we never had democracy. And now we have to fight for very survival as human beings. Trust me.

“Democracy” is just a dream motto. There is certainly no democracy in today's world. There never was. It didn't even work in ancient Greece, where the term was invented some 2500 years ago by wealthy, but admittedly well-thinking, philosophers. Democracy has always been for the educated, for the rich and wealthy - but in truth it never happened for all people - what the term in its original translation meant and means. Once the term democracy is given to politicians as an applicable concept of rule over a nation, the meaning of "democracy" changes to "the people choose, but the elite decide". It's the same as it is today. Democracy is derived from the ancient Greek “democracy”, which literally means that power belongs to the people. She never did that; and even less today.

“The power that belongs to the people” has been and is granted to the people, always to the extent that the controlling elite deems it appropriate. When the people want to take over what belongs to them, the controlling elite spawns controlling forces and plays the propaganda game with misinformation, manipulated truth and outright lies. That was the case then and is practiced in an even more sophisticated way today.

Today, fraud is no longer used only at the discretion of the ruling elite and for personal gain, but it is created by algorithms, actually by artificial intelligence. Today's elections, especially in the West, are decided by oligarchic or deep state-controlled algorithms. The voters play an alibi role. No more. There is hardly a choice in the (western) world that is not ultimately controlled and decided by the United States.

Back to the undemocratic European Union. She uses NATO troops for urban warfare, if you will. In the small federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, not far from Hamburg, there is a not much discussed German / NATO military base.

According to the German online magazine “Pivot Area”, the military base for urban warfare in “Schnöggersburg” has been under construction since 2012 (2). It should be completed by the end of 2020. Then it will consist of more than 500 buildings spanning 6.25 square kilometers.

The so-called “conurbation”, as the Bundeswehr calls its military training area, has a complete urban infrastructure - a sewer system (water supply and sewage disposal), an underground line, a train station, an industrial park and a sports stadium, slums, residential areas and a high-rise district. The German Defense Ministry planned to invest 140 million euros in the project (it will likely be significantly more by the time it is completed). According to Lieutenant General Frank Leidenberger, head of the army's innovation department, the last decade has shown a clear trend that “warfare is moving from the field to the cities”. That is why Schnöggersburg should offer the Bundeswehr a first-class training ground for ultra-modern operations in urban scenarios. Leidenberger also says that the Bundeswehr sees its new, modern training town as a strategic resource to advance the framework of the nation concept with partner armies ”.

The key phrase is “the framework of the nation concept with partner armies”. This is where NATO comes in.

How many Germans have been democratically informed about this monster project? It clearly shows that large-scale urban social unrest was foreseen well before 2012 - probably around the time the global Great Reset was taking shape in the criminal minds of the ruling deep dark state decades ago; For those who introduced this new phase of social digitization on September 11, 2001, strangely enough, also the beginning of a new landmark of the western calendar, the third millennium. Since 9/11, the western empire and its favorites have been going downhill. And the east began to rise.

The downturn will undoubtedly mean the end of the empire. But along the way, the most vicious forces will be used to enslave the population, digitally and with AI, with algorithms. Since this deep dark state also has eugenicists at its core, a massive population decline is also part of the plan.

Monetary digitization is also part of the plan. In fact, it is well in the pipeline as an element of the WEF's Great Reset, or as the IMF calls it, the Great Reformation. The IMF (and the World Bank), both controlled by the US Treasury Department, are planning a so-called Bretton Woods 2.0, a reset of the monetary system in which the western dollar economy is ultimately to be replaced by a digital crypto currency selected western currencies can participate. The role of gold in this is not clear, nor is the role of the de facto strongest currency, the Chinese yuan.

Should this previously hypothetical new, IMF and BIS controlled cryptocurrency prevail, it would most likely pay off all US debts and provide lines of credit - perhaps worth hundreds of trillions of dollars - to small central banks in poorer, highly indebted countries to rescue.

Would the debt of these countries simply increase disproportionately with the new IMF-BIS rescue operations, or would they simply cede their national asset base to the global monster fund managed by the IMF and BIS - in order to be able to hobble along in "lock step" and in poverty, according to the rules of the master, it is not clear.

In any case, one should be prepared for the fact that a lot will happen if “we, the people” allow the Great Reset initiated by Covid-19 to move forward. It is becoming increasingly clear that Covid is nothing more than an instrument for a much larger plan, the Great Reset. The Great Reset is the antidote to “democracy”. It is another demolition of any hope for "democracy".

Fortunately, there is China, also with a new digital (crypto?) Currency that is in the test phase, is in preparation and will eventually be introduced for international payments as an alternative to the dollar economy, or against the new one, by the IMF and the BIS treacherous cryptocurrency controlled by the US Treasury Department. In contrast, the digital yuan is intended as a peaceful vehicle for trade among equals in order to create a more balanced multipolar world. Yes, despite the negative Western thinking about China.

The Taoist philosophy of life, which the West does not know or want to understand, is not confrontational, even if it is constantly confronted with the aggressive West.

Meanwhile, to escape the new monetary tyranny (from fiat dollars to fiat-fiat crypto) countries could simply recapture their sovereignty, recapturing their national central banks, their national currencies, and with local public banks and with local debt produce for local markets - as far as possible towards a state of self-sufficiency, with cross-border trade in local currencies. If this happens, the IMF and BIS controlled cryptocurrency will bite the grass.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a specialist in water resources and the environment. He worked with the World Bank and World Health Organization around the world on the environment and water for over 30 years. He lectures at universities in the USA, Europe and South America. He is a regular contributor to online journals such as Global Research, ICH, New Eastern Outlook (NEO), and others. He is the author of Implosion - a business thriller about war, environmental destruction and corporate greed, a fiction based on facts and 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! - Essays from the Resistance.


Peter Koenig is a research fellow at the Center for Research on Globalization.

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This post first appeared on October 23, 2020 on the blog - The Saker

The German translation was published by theblogcat on October 23, 2020


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