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Prophecies 2021 - Did Famous Seers Predict the Corona Crisis?

The coronavirus pandemic is an important topic for the 2021 prophecy.

People want to know whether things will ease off in the New Year or whether caution is still advisable. The famous seers are also consulted again and again, because one or the other fortune teller has obviously seen the catastrophe coming.

The corona crisis opens the door to conspiracy theories. One Iraqi commentator recently claimed that the only aim was to decimate the world's population. Still others are convinced that Microsoft founder Bill Gates has a hand in the game and is responsible for the virus. So it's no wonder that people around the world are unsettled and like to orientate themselves on the predictions for 2021 by famous seers such as Nostradamus, Mühlhiasl, Alois Irlmaier and Baba Wanga.

Did Nostradamus predict the corona crisis in his prophecies in 2021?

No question: Nostradamus saw the crisis coming in his mind's eye and predicted it. But was it really the corona crisis or something completely different? As early as 1551 he warned of the twin year. In this a queen, the Korona, from the Far East will bring the plague to the land with the seven hills during the darkness of the night. According to Nostradamus ‘predictions, the crisis would turn man's twilight to dust and destroy the world completely. "It will be the end of the world economy as you know it."

How credible are the Nostradamus predictions for 2021?

At first glance, the Nostradamus ‘prophecies point to the 2021 crisis. However, hardly any prediction or writing by the seer contains an exact date. Nevertheless, experts assume that the prophecies of the famous fortune tellers and clairvoyants in particular contain the corona pandemic - sometimes even centuries before our time!

Predictions for 2021 - what did the Bulgarian seer predict?

Many people base their lives on the predictions of famous seers. There is particularly strong demand for the 2021 prophecies, as we are in a pandemic, the outcome of which no one can really predict. The number of illnesses is high, the economy is weakened, and the future is uncertain. The famous Bulgarian seer Baba Wanga also seems to have had visions of the corona pandemic. So she said shortly before her death in 1996: “Corona will come upon us!”.

Baba Wanga is said to have great accuracy in her predictions. Whether Brexit, the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk or the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 - she is said to have seen all of this in her mind's eye. Baba Wanga also had a vision for the incumbent US President Donald Trump. Trump is said to be suffering from a mysterious disease - specifically a brain tumor that causes him to lose his hearing.

Baba Wanga also predicted that the Russian head of state, Vladimir Putin, would end soon. The famous Bulgarian seer saw an attack in the Kremlin before her eyes. However, it is unclear whether this attack will be one of the predictions for 2021.

World Wars and Corona? What did Bavaria's most famous seer, Alois Irlmaier, predict for 2021?

The famous Bavarian well builder, dowser and seer Alois Irlmaier has been dead since 1959, but his predictions are still very important today. Are there any visions of him that are still valid today?

How credible is the prophecy of World War 3 and has it made concrete predictions for 2021?

Alois Irlmaier liked to predict the future to contemporaries and, amazingly, often hit the bull's eye. To this end, he has repeatedly pointed out an impending catastrophe. Do Irlmaier's visions also allow conclusions to be drawn about Corona and the year 2021? Many experts in the field of fortune telling, clairvoyance and the interpretation of the future are of the opinion that Irlmaier only saw World War III in his mind's eye. It remains uncertain whether he also saw the corona pandemic.

What do modern media and viewers predict for 2021?

The Swiss Martin Zoller is one of the most famous seers of modern times. In his predictions he shows an unusually high hit rate for historical events. For example, he predicted the “massive turbulence” that could be expected in Europe. Meanwhile, Martin Zoller is known worldwide, because he seems to be able to reproduce the future in pictures with the power of intuition. According to Zoller, he foresaw Gaddafi's death. Also the influx of refugees and the election of Donald Trump as president, even before he publicly acknowledged his candidacy. But did Zoller also prophesy the corona virus? There does not seem to be any concrete information on this. The Swiss seer only seems to recognize an increasingly destabilizing Europe, a financial crash and internal unrest. Of course, this can also be roughly interpreted for the current situation.

Why are people venerated as prophets?

Clairvoyance, fortune telling and the interpretation of the future have always cast a spell over people. The veneration of prophets can be seen all over the world, the reasons for this are complex. Those who have the gift of seeing inspire others, because who doesn't want to know today what will happen tomorrow? In addition, clairvoyants and future interpreters offer security in turbulent times - even in the corona crisis!

Do you want to know whether the pandemic can one day be stopped? Are you tormented by fears about your health or financial future? Would you like to know what predictions the famous ancient seers made for 2021? Or is it primarily a matter of hearing the opinions of new media and fortune tellers?

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Words of warning from the famous seers and what we can learn from them

No matter which famous seer is interpreted - almost all of them issued warnings and admonitions and saw gloomy things approaching humanity. The French doctor and astrologer Michel de Nostredame in particular prophesied things that should make us think:

  • Outbreak of devastating wars and famines
  • Increase in religious extremism
  • Serious storms and floods
  • Massive global warming

Do we need to change our behavior? Is that the message of the fortune tellers? We certainly cannot transform the world for the better overnight. However, each and every one of us has the opportunity to exert an influence.

The prophecies for 2021 are bleak and, if one believes the famous prophets, promises war and catastrophes.

If interpreted correctly, however, there is room for much that is positive. Would you like to know more about Nostradamus, Baba Wanga or Irlmaier and their prophecies? Do you want to find out how you can personally help shape and transform the future? The qualified and empathetic viversum consultants ensure clarity and perspective.