What does Sharmota

What does "Sharmuta" mean in German? Translation and meaning explained

"Sharmuta" means slut or whore. The word comes from the Arabic language. It is a very bad insult.

It is used as a derogatory term for women who do not meet the expectations of chastity of the men they call them. The purpose of this is to humiliate a woman who has slept with different men. She is accused of having prostituted herself and thereby damaging her family's reputation.

What does “Kis Achtak Sharmuta” mean?

"Kis Achtak Sharmuta" can be translated as "Your sister is a whore." - Literally it means: "The cunt of your sister the whore."

It is a bad word and a verbal attack to offend a person.

  • "Kis" is a derogatory term and swear word for the female genital.
  • "Achtak" means "sister"
  • "Sharmuta" means "slut"

For example, “Kis Ichtak” can be translated as “I make your sister happy”.

Cultural background

In the Arab world, it is a disrespect and a violation of honor (taken very seriously) when one speaks of one's own sister as a “whore” or “slut”. This not only sullies a woman and degrades her reputation, but that of the whole family as well. In some cases this led to fistfights. (In the past, the death penalty was even said to have been imposed when families were humiliated in this way.)

In Germany the word is used in youth language and among rappers.

It is said, among other things, that Western women are considered "sluts" for men from conservative Arab regions.

Grammar and dissemination

It should be forbidden in Arabic to write that word.

The Arabic word "Sharmuta" is common in the Middle East and Africa.

  • Unique: Sharmuta
  • Plural: Sharmutas (This is the German plural of the word Sharmuta. The Arabic plural word for Sharmuta is "Sheramiit".)

There are several spelling variants:

  • Charm
  • Sharmot / Sharmota
  • Sharmuta
  • Sharmuta

The expression "Sharmuta" in German rap

In German rap, the term “Sharmuta” is used a lot. This leads to its spread. Here are a few examples:

  • Zuna feat. Miami Yacine - song: "Cazal" - song line: "Sharmuta, was Deutschrap?"
  • Bushido - song: "AMG" - song line: "My boys and I call something like you Sharmuta"
  • Eko Fresh - song: "1000 Bars" - song line: "Lak shu, Sharmuta, halal, haram"
  • Veysel - song: "Yakuza" - song line: "Don't look like that, Sharmuta"
  • Arrest warrant - song: "I fuck you" - song line: "Sharmutas blow my Black Bazooka" (With "Black Bazooka" he probably means his member.)
  • Capital Bra - Song: "Chalk" - Song line: "You Sharmuta run away"
  • Xatar - song: "My great love" - ​​song line: "Sarah, you ungrateful Sharmuta"
  • Celo & Abdi - song: "hectic" - song line: "Kleine Sharmuta"
  • Massive - Song: "Festival of Sacrifice 2" - Song line: "Lak her Sharmutas"
  • SadiQ - Song: "Fick den Richter 2" - Song line: "Sharmutas are pale with fear"
  • Seyed - song: "Tijara in pajamas" - song line: "I'm hounding a couple of sharpshooters on Chakuza, the Sharmuta"
  • Automatick - Song: "Hassphalt" - Song line: "Lak imak ya Sharmuta"
  • Kurdo - song: "In the café" - song line: "you only hang out with Sharmutas"
  • Genetikk - song: "Germanys Next Top Gangster" - song line: "the Sharmuta‘ I show the Kamasutra "
  • 18 carat - song: "Ready to Die" - song line: "du little Sharmuta"
  • Loko Ben - song: "A to B" - song line: "f * ck your‘ Sharmuta "
  • Al-Gear - Song: "But it doesn't matter" - Song line: "You little Sharmuta"
  • 187 street gang - song: "Don't buck!" - song line: "N * gga man Sharmuta"
  • SadiQ & Dú Maroc - song: "Where is the safe" - song line: "Wedi Sharmuta"
  • Kollegah & Farid Bang - song: "Nuclear Winter *" - song line: "I shoot‘ the Sharmuta away "
  • Olexesh - song: "Schluha" - song line: "Schluha, pička, sharmuta"
  • Luciano - song: “My film” - song line: “spliff with the Ludas
    Kahbas, Sharmutas "
  • PA Sports - song: "Power change" - song line: "Oh, and Sharmuta"

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