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Buying a gasoline engine - tips for buying a vehicle with a gasoline engine

Given the VW exhaust scandals, which is still causing a sensation years after it became known, more and more car buyers are asking themselves whether they want their next vehicle shouldn't choose a drive other than diesel.

The electric motor is considered to be the drive of the future. However, electric cars are not yet very widespread in Germany - despite the state purchase bonus. The reasons for this: On the one hand, e-vehicles are compared to diesel or gasoline enginesstill very expensive.

On the other hand there is no infrastructure for charging stations. Furthermore, many vehicles can only cover relatively short distances.

Buy gasoline: In a nutshell
What are the advantages of a petrol engine?

Often times, when you buy a gasoline-powered car, you benefit from lower road tax than when you buy a diesel one.

Should I buy a diesel or a gasoline engine?

A petrol model is usually cheaper to buy than a comparable one with a diesel engine. In addition, driving bans for diesel vehicles in cities are being issued more and more frequently.

Hybrid vehicles are not for everyone either; for many, the technology is not yet mature enough. Thanks to these developments vehicles with a gasoline engine are coming back to the fore. What should be considered when buying a gasoline engine? Which Advantages and disadvantages surrender?

Diesel vs. Gasoline: Which Car Should You Buy?

On January 1, 2017, according to statistics from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), around 45.8 million cars registered in Germany. Around 65.5 percent of these vehicles were gasoline-powered, while 32.9 percent of the cars were diesel-powered.

More than half of Germans have therefore relied on buying a gasoline engine - as a used or new car - in the past. But what exactly speaks in favor of a model with a gasoline engine?

True is Petrol continues to be more expensive than diesel, which can be explained by the different taxation, but they are Acquisition costs for a petrol model are usually a little cheaper. In addition, the road tax for gasoline vehicles is usually lower.

As a rule, you can assume that in terms of maintenance costs, a diesel is more worthwhile for larger cars that drive many kilometers. At Small car falls the The difference is much smaller out.

Rather go short distances and mainly in the city, it is quite recommended to buy a gasoline engine. In the past, diesel vehicles were considered to be more durable than gasoline-powered vehicles. With modern engines, however, it can be seen that the Differences are no longer so serious like a few years ago.

Diesel vehicles are still very popular in Germany. In the USA, on the other hand, diesel engines have always had a difficult time. In 2015, the market share was only around three percent. So buying a gasoline engine is the rule in the US.

Boom for gasoline engines due to the threat of diesel driving bans

In many German cities - such as Stuttgart or Hamburg - is considered introducing a driving ban for diesel vehicles. The reason for this is that EU limit values ​​for fine dust and nitrogen oxide are exceeded.

Given these plans More and more drivers are considering buying a gasoline engineto avoid such a driving ban. Buying a gasoline engine as a new or used car can also be worthwhile with regard to the expected loss in value of diesel cars.

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Buying a gasoline engine - tips for buying a vehicle with a gasoline engine
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