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- German words -
  • Standard S. something familiar, established, widely used.
  • Standard S. Industry: A binding guideline to ensure that products from different manufacturers ...
  • Standard S. Football, Sport: short for standard situation.
- German word, defined in English -
  • Standard n. Standard.
- German word, defined in French -
  • Standard n.m. Default.
- In English -
  • standard adj. Falling within an accepted range of size, amount, power, quality, etc.
  • standard adj. (of a tree or shrub) Growing alone as a free-standing plant; ...
  • standard adj. Having recognized excellence or authority.
  • standard adj. Of usable or serviceable grade or quality.
  • standard adj. (not comparable, of a motor vehicle) Having a manual transmission.
  • standard adj. As normally supplied (not optional).
  • standard adj. (Linguistics) Conforming to the standard variety.
  • standard n. A principle or example or measure used for comparison.
  • standard n. A vertical pole with something at its apex.
  • standard n. A manual transmission vehicle.
  • standard n. (botany) The upper petal or banner of a papilionaceous corolla.
  • standard n. (shipbuilding) An inverted knee timber placed upon the deck ...
  • standard n. A large drinking cup.
  • standard n. (sociolinguistics) standard idiom, a prestigious or standardized…
  • standard interj. (slang) An expression of agreement.
- In French -
  • standard adj. Normalized.
  • standard adj. (Chimie) (Mineralogy) Qualifie l’état d’un composé chimique ...
  • standard adj. (Linguistique) Qui correspond à l’usage dominant jugé normal ...
  • standard n.m. Element of reference, règle fixée pour définir ou évaluer ...
  • standard n.m. Modèle, norm de fabrication à suivre dans la réalisation ...
  • standard n.m. Ensemble des caractéristiques d’un système de télévision ...
  • standard n.m. (Par ellipse) Standard telephone, system permettant ...
  • standard n.m. (Par analogy) Modèle de référence, norm adoptée par l’usage ...
  • standard n.m. (Informatique) Qui correspond à un usage majoritaire, mais ...
  • standard n.m. (Zoology) Description précise des caractères d’une race…
- In Portuguese -
  • standard adj. (estrangeirismo) ver estândar.
  • standard s. (estrangeirismo) ver estândar.
- In Italian -
  • standard s. (forestierismo) modello convenzionale.
  • standard s. (familiare) considerare molte cose "a portata di mano", senza ...
  • standard s. (per estensione) normal, accessibile.
  • standard s. senza cose aggiuntive, anche riferito a prodotti per i quali ...
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that an established somethingFootball for commonManufacturersIndustryShortProductsGuidelineshould ensureSportStandard SituationBindingWidespread different widely

15 German words from the 33 foreign definitions


140 foreign words from the 33 foreign definitions

acceptedaccessibileadoptéeaggiuntiveagreementaloneamountanalogieancheapexa␣portata␣di␣manoà␣suivreauthoritybannerbotanycaractèrescaractéristiquesChimiechimiquecomparablecomparisoncomposécomposé␣chimiqueConformingconsiderareconvenzionalecorollacorrespondcosecupdansdéfinirDescriptiondrinkingÉlémentellipseestândarestensioneestrangeirismoétatetcévaluerexampleexcellenceexpressionfabricationFallingfamiliarefixéeforforestierismofreefree-standinggradeGrowingHavingidiomInformatiqueinverteditsjugékneelargelinguisticsLinguistiquemaismajoritairemanomanualmanual␣transmissionmeasureMinéralogieModèlemodellomoltemotormotor␣vehicleNormalisénormallyof␣apapilionaceousparper␣estensionepermettantpetalplacedpoleportatapourpowerpréciseprestigiousprincipleprodottiqualiQualifiequalityQuiracerangeréalisationrecognizedréférencerègleriferitosenzaserviceableshipbuildingshrubsizeslangsociolinguisticssomethingstandardstandardizedStandard␣téléphoniquestandard␣varietystandingsuivresuppliedsystèmetéléphoniquetélévision thetimberto␣thetransmissiontreeuneuponupperusableusageusedvarietyvehicleververticalwithwithin

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defaultsdefaultsentencedefaultdancedefaultplantdefaultisierdefaultcandledefaultmoderatedefaultsentencesdefaultdancesdefaultdancedefaultworksdefaultfactorydefaultizedefaultizeddefaultcandlesdefaultmoderatedefaultmodeldefaultsentencesdefaultsentencedefaultdancedefaultdancedefaultworkdefaultworksdefaultbrowserdefaultGermandefaultizedefaultisieretdefaulteatsdefaultizeddefaultsounddefaultmoderatedefaultmoderatedefaultmore moderatedefaultmoderatedefaultmodelsdefaultmodeldefaultlanguagedefaultbrowsersdefaultbrowsersdefaulteatingdefaulteatdefaultizeddefaultizeddefaultizeddefaultizeddefaultizeddefaultizationdefaultmeasuredefaultmodelsdefaultlanguages+16 words

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-andARDdar-StA-stanstand Standtan TANTand

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ADNDNAnat.Rad RAD rad.

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