When are side quests performed Chrono-Trigger


A. sidequest is a section in Chrono trigger or Chrono Cross that is not part of the linear quest series. These quests usually award new items and / or abilities that further increase the player's ability to complete the game.

Sidequests in Chrono trigger[edit | edit source]

Prehistory [edit | edit source]

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Beyond Time [edit | edit source]

Sidequests in Chrono Cross[edit | edit source]

  • Character Recruiting - Certain characters require round-about ways of getting them to join.
    • Poshul (Home World) - Find a Heckran Bone to give to Poshul before going to Another World. (This is not the only opportunity to recruit Poshul, but is the only one requiring a sidequest.)
    • Razzly (Another World) - Save Razzly from the Pentapus before fighting the Hydra
    • Radius (Home World) - After returning from the Dimensional Vortex, return to Arni and speak with Marge. Radius will challenge you to a battle and join you if you defeat him.
    • Janice (Home World) - Defeat 3 rounds of Janice's monsters at the Grand Slam.
    • Draggy (Another World) - Take the Big Egg from the Dodo's nest in Fossil Valley. In Fort Dragonia, place the egg in an empty incubator to hatch Draggy.
    • Starky (Home World) - Find the Star Fragment in the El Nido Triangle and take it to the peak of Sky Dragon Isle. MegaStarky will challenge you. Defeat him and chase him down to recruit him.
    • Mojo (Another World) - Get the Shark Tooth from the fisherman in Arni in Home World. After meeting Kid at Cape Howl, return to the man's double in Arni - where he prays to the doll - and give him the shark tooth. Mojo will awaken and join your party.
    • Turnip (Home World) - Use Ice Gun or Ice Breath on the dark patch of ground at the Hermit's Hideaway in Another World. Return to the hideaway in Home World and have Poshul dig up Turnip.
    • NeoFio (Another World) - Find the Life Sparkle in the Hydra Marshes in Home World. Bring it to the pool at the top of Viper Manor in Another World.
    • Skelly (Another World) - Find the pieces of Skelly scattered around Another World: Heavy Skull, Good Backbone, Angry Scapula, Sturdy Ribs, Pelvic Bone, and Mixed Bones.
    • Funguy (Home World) - Find a Mushroom and give it to the man behind the waterfall in the Shadow Forest in Home World.
  • Home World
  • Another world
  • Bend of Time
    • The Mystical Knights - After beating the game, start a New Game + and travel to the Bend of Time to fight Ozzie, Slash, and Flea.