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We come to the tragic passage in the filmography of the dark knight. Because the studio found the last film too gloomy, Tim Burton was put in front of the door and Joel Schumacher took his place. He should make Batman more child-friendly and very cuddly.
God, I have to throw up.

Batman Forever

Warner Bros. 1995

Director: Joel Schumacher
Script: Lee & Janet Scott Batchler, Akiva Goldsman


Val Kilmer - Bruce Wayne / Batman
Tommy Lee Jones - Harvey Dent / Two-Face
Jim Carrey - Dr. Edward Nygma / Riddler
Nicole Kidman - Dr. Chase Meridian
Chris O'Donnell - Dick Grayson / Robin
Michael Gough - Alfred Pennyworth
Pat Hingle - Com. James Gordon

Honorable mention:
Drew Barrymore - Sugar
Debi Mazar - Spice
Rene Auberjonois - Dr. Burton

Still excited about Batman, I was drawn to the third film. After all, Robin was finally brought to the screen and Jim Carrey was one of the most popular actors of the time (before he just turned crap). At that time I left the cinema with mixed feelings, but after seeing the film again they are much clearer.

The budget for "Batman Forever" was $ 100 million and the film grossed $ 337 million.
The notorious nipples on the costumes and Robin's earring bothered Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, quite a bit, but Schumacher was resistant to advice.
The design of Robin's costume was not based on the outfit of Dick Grayson, the first Robin, but that of Tim Drake, the third. That was done by Tim Burton before he got out.

Bruce Wayne / Batman's world is threatened. A maniac chases the billionaire and leaves puzzles as the dark knight is pursued by former prosecutor Harvey Dent, now known as Two-Face. The master detective gets help from his protégé Robin.

The pros:
+ Finally Robin: Ever since Batman was seen in the cinema, the audience has been waiting for his teenage partner Robin to appear for the first time. For many children it was and still is a dream to fight at the side of their hero. With Robin, you had a personification of that dream and someone to emulate.
+ Soundtrack: the film's soundtrack is really good. A large number of well-known artists such as U2, Seal (the handbag carrier of Ms. Klum), Massive Attack or The Offspring provide a very nice acoustic accompaniment to the film.

The cons:
- Bad performers: The men and women should be ashamed of their performance. Val Kilmer is completely pale, Nicole Kidman shows that she hardly had any charisma before Botox, Carrey plays like she always did back then (which is very unsuitable for the role) and Jones plays so over-the-top that one would like to send him to a drug test.
- poor implementation of the characters: I don't want to hack it too much, but I have to say it: Robin is too old (O'Donnell was already 25), the Riddler is neither particularly intelligent nor does he seem likeable (the guy has an inferiority complex and is a stalker), Two-Face looks like a caricature with his completely exaggerated manner (he is a babbling idiot between two extremes) and Dr. Meridian doesn't appear in the comics, but she's nothing more than a horny idiot.
-cheap sets: I can't believe how much money was saved here. You can see the cheap cardboard walls in the scenes. When Wayne breaks through the door to see Dr. Meridian can be seen to be made of styrofoam and the walls wobble as it hits it.
-very, very 90s: Without knowing when the film was shot, you can still tell. There are neon colors everywhere, extreme !!! Stunts and pseudo-cool ramblings. The film stinks of the 90s. The only good things from the decade were the Chicago Bulls championship teams.

The best thing about the movie is that it got worse. You can look at it to laugh at it. Carrey and Jones in particular make the audience smile a little with their exaggerated manner.
Hardcore fans of Batman can take a look (or they already have), trash fanatics will have fun, but everyone else should steer clear of the film.

Batman & Robin

Warner Bros 1997

Director: Joel Schumacher
Screenplay: Akiva Goldsman

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Dr. Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze
George Clooney - Bruce Wayne / Batman
Chris O'Donnell - Dick Grayson / Robin
Uma Thurman - Dr. Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy
Alicia Silverstone - Barbara Wilson / Batgirl
Michael Gough - Alfred Pennyworth
Pat Hingle - Com. James Gordon
Jeep Swenson - Bane

Honorable mention:
Elle Macpherson - Julie Madison
Vivica A. Fox - Ms. B. Haven

So, after the disappointment with the last part, Joel Schumacher was able to rehabilitate himself with this masterpiece and create a timeless classic that is adored by all cineastes.
Seriously, I still wonder how the film could be taken off. It actually belongs in the “From the dump” category, but I didn't want to tear the reviews apart.

Batman & Robin had a budget of $ 125 million and grossed $ 237 million.
The costumes weighed a lot. Batmans brought it to 90lbs. (41kg), Mr. Freezes 75lbs. (34kg) and Batgirl and Robin were each allowed 50lbs. (23kg) lug around with you.
Robin's costume this time was based on Nightwing (Dick Grayson's adult alter ego).

After an accident, Poison Ivy wants to turn the world into a garden and at the same time Mr. Freeze wants to turn the world into a freezer. Somehow they come together and both fight Batman, Robin and the newest member of the family, Batgirl.

The pros

The cons
- Badly implemented figures: Again none of the figures correspond to the template. Mr. Freeze is not a tragic character, he just cracks lousy jokes, Poison Ivy is ... I can't put into words how much the character is wrong, Batgirl doesn't even serve as a dirty joke, Robin is despite being almost 30 years old whiny toddler and what they did to Bane is a real crime.
-Performance of the actors: If the actors were bad in the predecessor, you reach a whole new dimension. Let's take Clooney, he exudes a self-irony that you can only show if you appear in the knowledge that the strip is crap. But the rest? Schwarzenegger was never a special actor, but he's incredibly lousy here. Uma Thurman looks so ridiculous that you really rub your eyes. As Robin, O’Donnell is simply unbearable and Silverstone is working at its normal level, so under all hell.
- stupid jokes: God is a lot of lousy gags in this film. Arnold in particular stands out negatively here. Almost every damn sentence has an allusion or punch line on ice. I can not stand it.
-cheap sets: As with the predecessor. You can see the cardboard and the plastic.
Finally, a tribute to the Nostalgia Critic: BAT-CREDITCARD !!!!

The bottom line:
The film stinks. Let's make it short. Nobody should see the strip or know of its existence.
Who thought you could get Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. raped in his last movie, will believe the dark knight was fisted after indulging in the unrecommended enjoyment of "Batman & Robin". Without flood cream.