How are microencapsulated fabrics made from wool


For applications that require a sudden release or a release over a very long period of time, the core-shell encapsulation is preferably used. A spherical particle with a solid outer shell is generally referred to as a microcapsule.

Depending on the application, different properties may be required: Aromas embedded in microcapsules create a very intense taste experience when bitten into, whereas with antiallergic mattress covers the capsules release their active ingredients over a period of up to two years - even after a boil wash.

BRACE GmbH uses special dripping processes that generate real capsules - i.e. a solid shell around a solid or liquid core - in one step. And that from a wide variety of substances. Typical shell materials are hydrocolloids (alginates, gelatin, agar-agar), but gum arabic, latex, polymethacrylates, polyethersulfones, waxes and many other materials can also be used. The core material can be adapted to the application from highly hydrophilic aqueous solutions and suspensions to hydrophobic oils. Even downstream reactive steps such as coating, reacting, polymerizing or cross-linking are possible.