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9to5Mac Daily: July 24, 2019 - 16-inch MacBook Pro pricing rumors

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. Sponsored by Hyper: Get HyperCube to automatically backup photos & more to microSD or USB storage while you charge your iPhone. Special $ 29 preorder price (40% off). more…

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Media Molecule: Developer recruits other teams for Dreams

Dreams is the new game from Media Molecule and offers you all kinds of tools to create your own game. Because Dreams relies on the creative user and has so far not offered a story or other classic structures. Now the team is hiring other small teams to create content with Dreams for Dreams.

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Dropbox ’data transmission service is now in the app

Dropbox recently introduced a data transfer service similar to WeTransfer's. Now Dropbox Transfer has moved into the iOS app. The interesting function is now even easier to use for Apple users.

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07/24/2019 10:00 p.m.

Facebook now has to pay $ 5 billion

Facebook really has to pay a $ 5 billion fine. The FTC has received the green light from the US Department of Justice to officially impose the penalty. In addition, another penalty will be imposed for deceiving shareholders and Facebook has to ensure independent data protection for companies.

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Adapting iPhone and Apple Watch to a 3-day power outage

It's easy to dismiss how reliant a modern lifestyle is on the ability to constantly charge batteries and consume large quantities of data over WiFi. Even minor interruptions to internet and electrical services can be frustrating inconveniences, but how do iPhones, Apple Watches, and Macs fare during an extended period off the grid? I unexpectedly found out this week. more ...

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"LoveFrom Jony": Ive's new company gets a name

Apple's (still) Design Executive Sir Jonathan Paul Ive recently registered his new company under the name “LoveFrom Jony”. Details or even speculations about potential clients are still missing. That Jony Ive [...]

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07/24/2019 9:00 p.m.

MacBook Pro with 16 “display: This could be the most expensive Apple laptop of all time

The always well-informed Chinese magazine Economic Daily News has information on a new MacBook Pro model with a 16 ”screen that Apple could publish soon. Currently there is only one model with a maximum display size of 15 ", the trend is clearly towards smaller, mobile screens - as the 12" MacBook model recently launched by Apple shows. How […]

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9to5Mac Happy Hour 235: iOS 12.4, Apple Podcasts + and iPhone 11 features

This week Benjamin and Zac talk LG's AirPlay 2 and HomeKit TV launch, changes in iOS 12.4 and watchOS 5.3, Bloomberg's report that Apple may invest in original podcasts, and new hardware rumors for Apple Watch, MacBook Pro, and iPhone 11. 9to5Mac Happy Hour is available Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. more…

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Nuki reader test 2019: This is the verdict of the candidates

Perhaps you still remember our appeal about two months ago? Together with the Austrian manufacturer of the Nuki Smart Lock, we were looking for five candidates who would like to try out the extension for their door lock including accessories and integrate it into everyday life. In the past six weeks, the five appgefahren readers were able to get to grips with the Nuki [...]

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Netflix remains merciless: five series are ended

Netflix series often end after just a few seasons. A good example is the German series "Dark", with the exception of "Orange is the New Black". Fans have to be strong when they read in the upcoming text which series Netflix will not continue. In the video, we explain why Netflix is ​​quickly discontinuing many series.

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Stacktrace Podcast 046: “The ship has been shipped”

Rambo goes on a shipping spree while also finding out exciting new info about this year's iPhones. In the meantime John cheers himself up by writing a Markdown parser, and the Pixelmator team embeds their entire app inside of Photos. Also, what does it take to build up an audience and to make a blog successful? Sponsored by Jamf: The standard in Apple management, with Jamf you can check your digital inventory, distribute Wi-Fi and email settings, deploy apps, enforce passcodes, protect company data, lock or wipe a device and so much more - from anywhere. Learn more at more…

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Lockdown launches as world’s first open source firewall for iOS

The team behind the open source ConfirmedVPN that launched last December is out today with another security-focused app for iOS called Lockdown. The new free app is what the developer says is the first open source firewall and works completely on device to block apps from crypto mining, sharing data with Facebook, and can block custom domains as well. more ...

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07/24/2019 7:00 p.m.

Origin PC: Corsair takes over complete PC manufacturer

Corsair has taken over the US custom PC manufacturer Origin PC. The internationally known PC component manufacturer announced this publicly today. With the takeover, Corsair wants to win customers in North America who prefer complete systems rather than assembling the PC themselves.

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iPhone XR: Best Selling iPhone in the US

The iPhone XR appeared around five weeks after the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Despite the slight delay, the colorful smartphone quickly became a customer favorite. Above all, the price should have convinced most buyers here. As the market researchers from CIRP are currently explaining, the iPhone XR should also be able to show the most sales in the third fiscal quarter and thus leave the other models far behind.

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Netflix: Streaming giant is targeting new target group

As a streaming provider, Netflix wants to address the broadest possible audience. This not only includes adults, but also children and young people. That's why Netflix has now introduced seven new series for preschool children between the ages of 2 and 6.

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Official: Facebook gets a 5 billion fine - too little?

The Federal Trade Commission imposed a 5 billion fine on social media giant Facebook. Previously there was speculation about it, now it is official. The group had already made provisions with reserves, but they are giving notice [...]

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Mophie Juice Pack Access: Tried a battery case with Qi Charging for the iPhone XR

Especially now in the summer months, the iPhone has to withstand a lot, and not just because of the high temperatures. The days are long and eventful, with trips, excursions and sporting activities coming up. So that the battery of the iPhone does not run out of power, you can use power banks or battery cases. The latter are due to their direct connection to [...]

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New to Amazon Prime Video: Series and film highlights in August 2019

Those who stream on Amazon's video-on-demand platform Prime Video can look forward to new series and films again in August 2019. In the article we show which titles have found their way to Amazon's streaming platform this month or will still find them. We also present three highlights in more detail in the video.

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Embarrassing intolerance: Aldi customers abuse discounters

Aldi's offshoot in Austria, Hofer, is currently selling menstrual cups at a bargain price of 9 euros. This tampon alternative is sustainable and therefore helps to save waste. But many customers disqualify themselves with embarrassing negative comments on Hofer's Facebook page.

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07/24/2019 6:00 p.m.

First 16-inch notebook with edge-to-edge display: Huawei beats Apple

Rumors of a new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch display persist. According to reports, Apple will present the future top model in the MacBook range this fall. Another company has already presented a corresponding laptop today. The Honor MagicBook Pro is not only reminiscent of its competition from Cupertino in terms of its name. The design should also appeal to Apple users

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Nasty price tricks with e-scooters: This is how the rental companies exclude their customers

When the e-scooters were approved for road use, the many rental scooters from Lime, Voi, Circ, Bird and Tier appeared almost overnight. Registration via the app is quick and easy. Borrowing is also done quickly. But did you know that the sharing services have prepared some nasty traps for you?

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Our Staff Picks - Episode 1: The CHIP editorial team uses these tools and apps

Often times you have dozens of apps and programs installed, but only a small part is really used a lot. Among them are of course long-running favorites such as WhatsApp or Microsoft Office. But everyone has their personal favorites - also here in the CHIP editorial team. In episode 1 of the Staff Picks, download volunteer Marianne Westenthanner presents her loved ones

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Photo safari through Germany: Apple is trying what Google desperately wants

Following in the footsteps of Google Street View, Apple announced its own solution last June to view the streets and houses at eye level. The first results are impressive. With new measures, Apple now wants to help German users in the moreTopics: Apple, iPadOS, iOS 13, Apple Event, WhatsApp for Android, iTunes, iOS, The Swift Programming Language - Manual, OS X Yosemite, iOS 7, Apple

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Working title X-Pay: German banks are considering merging payment services

Digital payment services such as PayPal, Klarna and N26 are on the rise. The large German banks also have to face this competition and consider how they can make their services interesting for customers in the future. According to a report by Handelsblatt, German banks are currently planning to merge their payment services - working title so far: X-Pay. "Accordingly, there are currently two options [...]

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GDPR implementation: "Hurry up!"

The European Commission's balance sheet for around one year of the General Data Protection Regulation is largely positive - but by no means only. The Justice Commissioner even threatens infringement proceedings if several Member States do not improve soon. By Justus Staufburg (GDPR, politics / law)

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Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch should appear in October

According to a report by the “Economic Daily News” based on a new supply chain report, a 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro will hit the market in October. The starting price is $ 3,000. What does the Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch offer? According to the report, the Apple MacBook Pro with its 16 inch display will have a resolution of

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07/24/2019 5:00 p.m.

iPhone X Diary: The feature that will likely have me buy the iPhone 11

I didn't think I'd be very likely to buy the iPhone 11. My plan to date has been to hold out another year with my iPhone X. The iPhone XS didn't offer enough to persuade me to upgrade last year, and the rumors to date for this year have made the 2019 iPhones sound rather like another S year. With a much bigger update likely in 2020, including 5G support, the sensitive plan seemed to be to wait until then. But something we learned yesterday through a 9to5Mac exclusive will likely be enough to persuade me to upgrade this year ... more ...

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Videolan: A VLC vulnerability that isn't

A rather insignificant error in a dependency of the VLC player is wrongly classified by the authorities as a serious security hole and many media adopt this unchecked. The Videolan project is not pleased. (VLC, server)

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Big update for Pixelmator Pro: All features available in Apple's Photos app

The biggest feature of the new version of Pixelmator Pro is a comprehensive integration into Apple's Photos app. While various image editing programs only make certain features available as third-party plug-ins for the photos software, from now on all the tools and functions of Pixelmator Pro 1.4 Hummingbird can be used in Apple's images app. Accordingly, it is no longer necessary

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Hydrogen Two: RED tries out a new ODM on a second smartphone

The well-known manufacturer RED for cinema cameras wants to know again: After the flop of the first own smartphone, which is pushed by the company founder on an incompetent Original Device Manufacturer (ODM), RED is holding out the prospect of a new Hydrogen Two. Disappointed owners of the Hydrogen One should receive a discount.

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Record heat in Germany: Dangerous ozone levels are now threatening here

Germany already has the next heat wave under control. As nice as the weather is: the heat lets the ozone levels skyrocket. The Windy weather app knows how hot it will really be in the next few days. You can find out what this can do in the video above.

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Google Nest Hub in a double pack for only 179.95 euros instead of 230 euros

Today has a really exciting offer. This time the focus is on the Google Nest Hub, which currently costs only 179.95 euros in a double pack. The price comparison is 230 euros. There is also another bundle consisting of Google Nest Hub and Google Home Mini for 117.95 euros, the current price comparison is here [...]

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How to speed up the iPhone upgrade process in iOS 12.4 and higher [video]

With the release of iOS 12.4, Apple officially rolled out its new iPhone migration feature to make it quicker to move data between two iPhones. iPhone Migration is an add-on to the iPhone’s Quick Start proximity-based initial setup utility and can be used to transfer all of your data wirelessly from a current iPhone to a new iPhone. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough to see how to use iPhone Migration in iOS 12.4 or later. more ...

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07/24/2019 4:00 p.m.

New in iOS 12.4: "Transfer your data (locally)"

Jeff Benjamin: "How to use the iPhone Migration Tool" The "Quick Start" function offers the possibility to set up a new iOS device quickly and easily using the information on your current device. After that, you can restore the rest of the data and content from your iCloud backup to the new device. If you're setting up your new iPhone using your current iPhone ...

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Reports: Troubleshooting / performance

how poor OS X programming caused hard drive slowdowns, plus drive dismount delays and Spotlight slowdowns; uncontrollable, hidden processes and connections; SSD vs. flash stick performance, costs and benefits; Windows vs. Macs, etc.

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Mac Pro: Apple applies for duty exemption

For a total of 15 products manufactured in China, Apple wants to save 25 percent customs duties. The components are believed to be required to manufacture the Mac Pro. Apple has reportedly relocated production of the workstation to China.

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