What is Loewin on the cheese grater

After I recently lost my back while trying to carry half of my research library in a backpack, and then delivered a very believable Quasimodo imitation for two days *, I recently own a Kindle. I resisted it for a long time - a book is a book remains a book - but now I have come to the realization that there are some significant advantages to being able to carry three thousand books around in your handbag at the same time without hurting yourself.

Another aspect that delights my heart is the fact that I can now download any copyright-free (! **) book for free and thus finally get to work my way through all the classics, of which it is always vaguely embarrassing. never read it. Right now I'm giggling with great enthusiasm through Lysistrata by Aristophanes, whom I've always loved dearly. Because feminist and indecent and gosh and generally great. It is about the women of Greece allying themselves and imposing a sex embargo on their husbands until they make peace: neither in Athens nor in Sparta, a man is allowed to run until the two city-states have reconciled. (I especially love that the Spartans speak Schwitzerd├╝tsch in the Kleist translation, which obviously sounds similar to us as Spartan does to the Athenians. In the English version that I found, they speak Scottish.)

One passage, however, first plunged me into deep confusion and then into rather weird fantasies. This is the passage in which women take their never-again-sex-until-peace vow.

"... and if he tries to force me
I spoil the fun for him and don't move.
Don't stretch your Persian shoe to the ceiling either
Don't play the lioness on the cheese grater. "

Pardauz!, Sarah thinks: What, please, do the perverted Athenians grate the lionesses on cheese graters in order to excite themselves on the general grating? Oh my goodness!

Since I was comfortably and extremely warmly cuddled in my blankets at the time of reading, I could hardly bring myself to get up, turn on the computer and google shivering. As a result, I instead spent a very fascinating half an hour wondering what a peculiar ancient Greek sex practice for God's sake could be meant by the 'lioness on the cheese grater' and came up with some equally improbable and indecent solutions. A quick googling the next day yields a much more likely result, but it's just not as deviant as your own imagination.

Hence, dear friends, a guessing game. Without googling or looking for any other lexical support: What are your theories about what could be meant by all this Leonid cheese-making? Let's hear it!

* So if Quasimodo were a fat little woman with glasses. But at least as humped.

** Well, as several people have suggested, I could also download the COPYRIGHTED books for free. I don't think I have to comment on you smart, law-abiding, don't-want-to-starve-the-author to people, do I?

I like it:

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