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Receive emails in Outlook: Set automatic delivery

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Your e-mail inbox can be wonderfully controlled in Outlook. This is because you can specify when Outlook calls up new e-mail messages in order to save them on the incoming mail server in Outlook. This is time management par excellence, because you only want to check your e-mails three times a day, otherwise you can work in peace.



Therefore use the function Automatic submission in Outlook. Specify the time intervals at which Outlook should check your e-mail messages. Plan the time intervals accordingly. In any case, so that you can check all new e-mails shortly before you want to open your e-mail inbox. The following steps will show you how to do this.


Set Outlook to automatically deliver your email messages

  • Open your inbox.
  • Switch to the SEND / RECEIVE tab.



  • Click in the first group Send and receive on the button Send-receive groups.
  • In the drop-down menu click on the command Define send-receive groups.



  • The menu window opens Send-receive groups.
  • Turn to the second section Settings for group "All accounts" in the menu window.



  • Be sure to check whether the check box Automatic transmission every x minutes is activated. If not, check the box.
  • Then adjust the specified time interval by clicking on the up or down arrows. Outlook changes the setting every minute.



  • After entering the new time, just click on Shut down.


Set up delivery data for other e-mail accounts

You cannot set up just one e-mail account in Outlook, but several. If this is the case, it makes sense to determine whether or not for the individual accounts

  • just the reception,
  • shipping only
  • or both should be done automatically.


How to do it:

  • Repeat the above steps until you return to the menu window Send-receive groups have opened.
  • In the dialog above, highlight the Send-Receive Groupwhose settings you want to redefine.
  • Then click the button To edit.



  • The menu window opens Delivery Settings - Name of the send-receive group.



  • On the left you can see all the e-mail accounts that belong to the send / receive group. The dialog box next to it shows all the properties that you can change for each account. Highlight the account for which you want to enter new settings. Then decide which settings you want to change:
    • Check box Include account in this group. Activate or deactivate this to determine whether or not e-mail messages should be transferred for the selected account.


  • In the Account Options area, you can specify which transfers are to be carried out:
    • Nsend messages. When deactivated, no email can be sent with this account.
    • Find the number of unread items in the folder for subscribed folders. When deactivated, Outlook does not check whether unread e-mails are contained in the respective folder.
    • news If deactivated, no emails can be received with this account.



  • To the area Folder options To enable it, enable the command The custom behavior defined below To do this, click in the small circle that is placed in front of this command.
  • The ones shown below Folder options are then activated. You can check the respective boxes.
  • Confirm all your entries by clicking on OK.