How to get tiens z soul

Titan Soul

Rare crafting material.

Obtained weekly from Shadowy Soul Vaults found in Delves.


Titan Souls are rare crafting material obtained by opening Shadowy Soul Vaults found in Delves. They are limited to 117 per week and will drop as follows:

  • 1st Vault for the week - 18 souls
  • 2nd Vault for the week - 18 souls
  • 3rd Vault for the week - 27 souls
  • 4th Vault for the week - 27 souls
  • 5th Vault for the week - 27 souls


Used to craft

Old information (Before the Delves Update 2020)

Rare crafting material. Obtained by defeating Shadow Titans in the Shadow Tower. - Item tooltip Titan Souls are a rare crafting material that can be obtained by opening the Shadow Tower Vaults that appear after defeating each Shadow Titan once a week. These souls can be traded for loot boxes that contain forging materials needed to upgrade items. Players can get a total of 39 Titan Souls a week for completing all difficulties in the first five floors of the Shadow Towers (5 for Normal, 13 for Hard, and 21 for Ultra) or only completing Ultra mode.

You get Souls from lower Shadow Towers as rewards if you have not beaten them that week. For example, if you complete Ultra Spikewalker, and you have not completed Hard or Normal Spikewalker that week, then you also get the Soul from those lower towers. This means you get 6 Souls from beating Ultra Spike instead of 3 if you have not defeated the other Spikewalker variants.

Since this item is a grant, it is automatically granted to the player and account bounded. It is unable to be traded, purchased, or sold.