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Hypoglycaemia in the child

The causes for the Occurrence of hypoglycaemia in a child that is not related to diabetes can be very differently be.
In many cases you can other hormonal imbalances cause hypoglycaemia. These include, for example, a Underactive adrenal cortex. This is where the hormones go Cortisol and adrenaline which help the child's body to counteract hypoglycaemia. In the case of a defect, damage or a congenital dysfunction, this effect does not occur. Since the adrenal cortex does not work independently, but is under the influence of the pituitary gland, a condition of hypoglycaemia can also occur if it is damaged.
In addition, in some cases there are small, benign tumors of the pancreas, so-calledInsulinomas, responsible. They produce more insulin, release it and thereby lower the blood sugar level.
Another one A hormone called glucagon is made in the liver or muscles and can also provide glucose. A congenital or occurring in the context of another disease Glucagon deficiency however, it is rarely the sole cause of hypoglycaemia.
Other causes are severe Liver dysfunctionthat are associated with changes in glucagon metabolism, diseases in which the storage of glucose is disturbed (glycogenoses), a disturbed food intake, extreme Fasting or dieting, as well as taking certain Medication represent.

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