How to make more friends at university

Make friends at the university

Where is the best place to get to know new people?

Friendship expert Martin Hecht: "My experience is that you don't find friends in the disco. I think it would be a mistake to say: Tonight I'll go on the road and look for friends. That doesn't work. Neither do I like strolling through the pedestrian zone and chatting to the next best.

But what is always good are common interests. In sports groups, in art courses or while cooking together, for example, you meet like-minded people. And in courses you come together automatically and have a topic of conversation. When I had to give presentations in pairs at the time, I always looked around and thought about who I would like to work with. That was more important to me than the most exciting topic. "

How do you get in contact?

"You are most likely to be attractive to other people if you don't appear needy. When other people notice: 'Oh God, he's looking for a connection!', Then they all run away. That's a bit of the dilemma. Because when you have found someone interesting, you should of course have the courage to ask whether the person would like to do something.

You have to expect to get a basket from time to time - it's like looking for a partner. But that's not bad at all. Then you take it sporty. Try and Error - that's what happens when you want to make friends. "

Bad conscience when "snapping friends away"?

"You met new people through people and suddenly you get along better with them ... That can happen. But I don't think that's so dramatic. one has no right to a friend. You understand each other how you understand each other. And these jealousies - there are, but you should really be over it. That's life! It is better to take advantage of the comfortable situation that new contacts also lead to someone who grows dear to you.

Do many go back to their friends at home at the weekend? Is that bad?

"I don't know whether it is my right to evaluate people's behavior. There are people who integrate quickly at their place of study, make new friends and are very happy to be away from home. And there are others who are rooted in their hometown , get involved there and still have many friends from high school - both are justified.

But people who keep pulling their heads back into the shell simply have no experience. This is a pity. This initial situation of independence is something that will never come back in later life. The course should not only serve the purpose of acquiring knowledge. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with practicing making contacts right away. If you still get through at university because your home is nearby, you may be forced to start all over again when you start your career. "