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Achilles, A.A .; Cole, Michael; Fillmer, L. & Harris, S.G .:Assessing a top management team's reactions to organizational transformation. 2006. - Symposium on "Reactions to Organizational Change" at the 26th International Conference of Applied Psychology. - Athens, Greece.

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Bach, Olaf:Europe globally. In: Schweizer Monatshefte 86 (2006), 0405, pp. 14-16.

Bach, Olaf:Review by Joachim Radkau: Max Weber. The passion of thinking. In: Schweizer Monatshefte 86 (2006), 0708, pp. 58-61.

Bach, Olaf:Towards a Contemporary Conceptual History of the Globalization Concept. 2006. Crossroads Writing Conceptual History Beyond the Nation State. The 9th Annual International Conference on Conceptual History. - Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, Uppsala.

Bachmann, Harald (2006)Manage and control reusable load carriers efficiently. Logistics for Businesses, 20 (10). 88-91. ISSN 0930-7834

Bachmann, Harald:Manage and control reusable load carriers efficiently: Study reveals great potential for optimization in container management. In: Logistik für Unternehmen 20 (2006), 10, pp. 88-91.

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Back, Andrea:E-learning in the company. CIO meeting. Zurich, March 6, 2006.

Back, Andrea:HSG Business Engineering Research Program. IS Seminar, City University of Hong Kong. 7 March 2006.

Back, Andrea:How work is changing in the Information Age. SMU City Campus, Lee Kong Chian School of Business. Singapore, February 28, 2006.

Back, Andrea:I have finished - from the point of view of the Mertens sorcerer's apprentices (laudation, given at the WISO in Nuremberg on January 10, 2006, Prof. Dr. Peter Mertens retired). , 2006,

Back, Andrea:Keynote lecture "Personal Knowledge Work". SKMF autumn event 2006. Merlischachen, September 14, 2006.

Back, Andrea:Trends in e-learning - opportunities that need to be seized. akte 06 - Know-how transfer and applied e-learning in health care. Bern, October 20, 2006.

Back, Andrea:Out and about on the Formula 1 racetrack of e-learning innovations. Future of e-learning - e-learning strategy and didactic implications. Innsbruck, December 4, 2006.

Back, Andrea:Out and about on the Formula 1 racetrack for e-learning innovations. Future of e-learning: e-learning strategy and didactic implications. University of Innsbruck, December 4, 2006.

Back, Andrea:Weblogs and wikis in university teaching: a field report. Guest lecture at the University of Education. Weingarten, July 13, 2006.

Back, Andrea:eLearning 2.0: Web Architectures of Participation invite you. eLearning at the LFUI - review and outlook. Innsbruck, September 28, 2006.

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Baudenbacher, Carl:Concentration of preliminary references at the ECJ or transfer to the High Court / CFI: Some remarks on competition law. In Pernice, Ingolf (ed.): The future of the European judicial system in a comparative perspective: 6th International ECLN-Colloquium / IACL Round Table Berlin. Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2006, pp. 267-272.

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Bauer-Klebl, Annette:Problem-based model curriculum for the higher technical school nursing in implementation at the higher technical school nursing at the vocational and advanced training center for health professions St. Gallen (BZGS) - results for the second year of training. Steering group, Careum Foundation. 25 August 2006.

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