What does a representative of the Serengetee campus do


The sales representative has been a familiar image for every household for years. They come with a wide variety of products and try to sell the relevant goods in companies as well as in private households. The spectrum of representatives in Germany is very extensive. The fact that this profession has been very popular for years and is still very actively practiced even in times of the World Wide Web is mainly due to the fact that the representative usually enjoys a lot of freedom and is usually relatively free to organize his working days. The way of working in particular still inspires many interested parties today.

The duties of a representative for companies

Anyone who decides to work as a sales representative should generally have had some professional experience with them - but there are also real natural talents who are good at selling in all areas. However, a typical representative is not necessarily employed by one company and can therefore also work for very different companies, provided the employment contracts of the respective companies allow this. He is independent in all his activities and is assigned at most a certain district, city or area in which he can work without having to worry about competition from his own company. He also works independently with regard to reporting and above all - this is the most important aspect of a representative - he works on commission. As a rule, this means that although he is absolutely free to organize his time, he also has to make sure that he sells enough products for his own livelihood during the week or month. Typically, a representative will receive appropriate marketing materials from the companies for which they apply products. He only has to familiarize himself with the goods and can theoretically start selling the next day. In which industries are representatives still normal today?

  • For insurance companies and products from the financial world, the representatives can be found both as independent consultants and as employees of a company. The former have the advantage of being able to choose from all companies.
  • The representative is also a typical image for various noble products. The classic representative for vacuum cleaners still exists today, it has only become rarer.
  • Products and services from the telecommunications sector are often mediated by agents. You no longer come to your own front door, but you work on commission for various brands in the industry.

These are just three examples of industries in which representatives can still be found in large numbers today. Today, however, the Internet also plays an important role in the development in the exercise of the duties of a representative in this branch.

The Internet and working as a representative

Working on commission in conjunction with the Internet offers many new opportunities. Many people are looking for a job on the Internet and this is exactly what led to a new hype for the salesperson's profession. The shops on the Internet in particular now allow you to build a base and only advertise for customers. Even with a personal consultation on site, things can easily be handled over the Internet, which offers the agent a central basis for working with the products, customers and services of his clients. But it has also resulted in a new development in the industry. More people are trying to earn their money with commissions this way - it's something like the second spring for the agents industry.