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PAYED BY YOUR REFORMHAUS ® MAY 2015 COURIER YOUR MAGAZINE FOR A HEALTHY LIFE THE GREAT SKIN CHECK How to find the best care for your skin type HEALING WITH HONEY Health from the beehive NOW GO OUT INTO NATURE Relaxed, creative, happier: Why our soul the green landscape needs THIS ISSUE ALSO BROWSE ONLINE: www.reformhauskurier.de AD A little calmer every day. NEW! Decorative cosmetics for sensitive, irritated and reddened skin. 100% without perfume, paraffins, silicones, PEG, animal extracts, dermatologically approved. www.dadosens.com www.facebook.com/ dadosens.dermakosmetik 2 Medical care. Looks natural. Reformhaus Kurier l XXXX 2015 content FEEL GOOD 8 Take part in the antioxidant check Measure your antioxidant status in the Reformhaus® 10 Get on the couch 7-minute yoga: helps the body fight free radicals 40 Healing with manuka honey Here the medical jack-of-all-trades helps 48 The soul loves green The greener the environment, the more relaxed the psyche 54 hat do they actually do? W This time: Biofeedback 35 40 48 BEAUTY 14 How good is your skin Big check: How to find the best care for your skin type ENJOY 22 26 35 T he Reformhaus® Cooking School Mediterranean Couscous Salad with Green Asparagus Back to the Future Marcus Schall explains the nutrition trend Clean Eating Trend Vegan This time: Interview with Oliver Legel and recipes for a good figure ALSO 22 4 This is new in May 6 feedback: Letters to the editor 55 Children's page 56 Choosing your favorite health food store 57 “Healthy and fit - with pleasure” The health food store Bärwinkel in Meißen 14 58 Crossword puzzle 63 Imprint, preview MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier 3 in May ˝ this is new, exclusive for ReformhausKurier readers Dear Readers, Everything is OK? So we often ask each other to see if the other person is okay. Now you can read in our article “The soul loves green” (page 48) that our psyche is more relaxed the greener our natural environment is. But in reality, it's not about green alone. In fact, an intact nature is permeated by a multitude of blossoms and flowers, from delicate to strong yellow, red and blue tones, which loosen up and enrich the different shades of green in a varied and beneficial way for our senses. If we look at agricultural areas now in May, we often only see a uniform green and thus the expression of a nature that is increasingly impoverished in terms of biodiversity. The massive use of synthetic poisons (pesticides) in industrialized agriculture for decades has been proven to lead to a massive loss of species, diversity and vitality. Soil, water, plants and animals, especially bees, suffer and are existentially threatened. And we humans? “Weeds go away, so do people”, was the headline of the taz in March. "The World Health Organization (WHO) warns against the weed killer glyphosate!" Our problem as mankind is not a knowledge deficit, but a deficit in responsible action. We have known about these interrelationships at the latest since the “Limits to Growth” was published in 1972 by the Club of Rome. And the solution? With every step, with every conscious purchase of high-quality, ecological natural products, we as consumers make a very important contribution to the de-chemicalisation of everyday life. And no matter how small the step! "Maybe we should stop asking why real food is so expensive and start asking why processed food is so cheap." So that everything gets green again. Reformhaus® - the pioneer for real, high-quality food for 128 years: organic - natural - little processed - vegetarian. Reformhaus® - if it should be holistically healthy! Sincerely, Board of Directors Reformhaus® eG 4 Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 Big anniversary raffle 110 years for beauty: The traditional natural cosmetics family company Diaderma with the ARYA LAYA brand from Heidelberg is celebrating its birthday and inviting 5 couples (friends are also welcome) from 20 to July 21st to Heidelberg. The price includes travel by train, 2nd class to Heidelberg, an overnight stay with breakfast and, of course, a visit to the cosmetics factory. The high quality standard of the innovative cosmetics, which of course corresponds to the neuform quality guidelines, has given ARYA LAYA a firm place in the hearts of Reformhaus® customers and has ensured that since 2011, ARYA LAYA cosmetics have been named reform product of the year for the fifth time . DO YOU WANT TO WIN? Then write to: ARYA LAYA, Diaderma-Haus GmbH + Co KG, keyword ReformhausKurier, Am Taubenfeld 25, 69123 Heidelberg. Or send an email to: [email protected] Closing date: May 31, 2015 The judges' decision is final. Good luck! AD May 27th: World Somersault Day. How can we celebrate this day appropriately? Well, we'll just do one or the other of the somersaults that were first mentioned in writing in 1571. Are you not that athletic? Alternatively, you could read the poem "Der Purzelbaum" by Christian Morgenstern. FROM CLIMATE CHANGE TO CRIME Readings, discussions, lectures - the 5th renewable reading days “Reading without nuclear power”, which were supported by Reformhaus®, were a complete success. This time, climate justice was the theme of the series of events that took place in Hamburg from April 22nd to 27th. The alternative Nobel Prize winners Vandana Shiva and Bill McKibben, Dennis Meadows (“Limits to Growth”) and Ole von Uexküll, Director of the Alternative Nobel Prize Foundation, opened the event. The crime reading with Andrea Maria Schenkel (“Tannöd”) and Simone Buchholz (“Bullenheitsche”) was exciting. Other participants: Günter Grass, Nina Hagen and Gregor Gysi. "That's exactly my thing!" Company health manager, 3-part training. Salutogenesis, personnel and organizational development, project, time and self management, health coaching Start: 17.09.2015 or 03.03.2016 Nutrition coach (IHK) 4-part training. Nutrition, fitness and coaching, including “Weight Loss Course Leader” Start: May 31, 2015, September 4, 2015 or November 13, 2015 Eye school weekend seminar, 3 days. Vision enhancement, visual exercises, color training Start: May 8th, 2015, September 4th, 2015 or December 11th, 2015 YogaFood weekend seminar, 3 days. Constitution types, yoga exercises, cooking event, start: 08/28/2015 or 02/19/2016 Request new program! 06172 / 3009-822 [email protected] www.akademie-gesundes-leben.de MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier 5 Akademie Gesundes Leben ADVERTISEMENT Natural insect repellent Herbasektos® insect repellent skin spray Protection against mosquitoes and ticks Excellent help r Ko osm etik n tr ollie Natu - K Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use. ✓ Effective for up to 6 hours. Rte feedback BDIH Herbasektos® insect sting swab For skin care in case of insect bites ✓ relieves itching. The range of offers is exclusive and you will be well advised. But in order to get advice, you first have to know which special nutritional products are available in order to be able to make a certain pre-selection. Seen in this way, the ReformhausKurier is an excellent aid that I would not want to do without. Lutz Sch., Dessau www.bergland.de CALORY CONSCIOUS COOKING & BAKING! The tooth-friendly BIRCOLIN BIRKEN ZUCKER is a calorie-saving alternative to sugar. It consists of 100% xylitol, a natural sugar substitute made from birch and beech wood. Compared to normal household sugar, the increase in blood sugar after consumption of xylitol is lower. With 40% fewer calories than table sugar! ReformhausKurier 3/15 - Cooking School Finally! The cooking school is back. I've already missed it, because I'm a beginner in cooking and I am happy about the step-by-step instructions. It's great that the recipes are not so elaborate, but can be made quickly. Please do not take much longer than 30 minutes to prepare. Then I also manage to cook during the week. Mareike H. via e-mail ReformhausKurier 3/15 - Eating vitamins I tried the “Fast Mushroom Bread” from the vitamin side. Delicious and very easy! I really like the vitamin side. It always looks great and you get good information very quickly. I'm always looking forward to the next issue. Heidrun M. via e-mail ReformhausKurier– Triät You have already reported in several issues about the Triät that I actually had my antioxidant status measured. I was totally surprised because my result was an 8. I saw that as a confirmation of my diet. Annette W. via email Our recommendation: With a varied, balanced diet you create the basis for a healthy lifestyle. www.reformkontor.de Lorenz & Lihn GmbH & Co.KG, D19246 Zarrentin 6 Reformhaus Kurier l XXXXX 2015 ReformhausKurier 3/15 - Beautiful hair I tried the do-it-yourself hair treatment. She did my hair very well. They are no longer so strawy and shine a bit again. Therefore my request: More of such do-it-yourself tips! I was also happy about Barbara Rütting's menu. I'm not a vegan, but I tried the cashew cream. Delicious! Annemarie B., by e-mail asks Getrud R. by e-mail: Claudia Taron, specialist lecturer and seminar leader for natural cosmetics at the Akademie Gesundes Leben in Oberursel answers: After the winter months, you should slowly get your skin used to the increasingly intense solar radiation. From March you can expose yourself to the sun for short moments. Please refrain from using cosmetic sun protection so that the skin has the opportunity to build up its own light protection. This is a process that takes several weeks. It happens through the thickening of the cornea (light callus) and increased production of the skin's own pigment melanin. Very fair-skinned people start enjoying the sun for a minute and only increase slowly. A diet rich in vital substances strengthens the skin from within. Foods with a high proportion of carotenoids act as free radical scavengers and a protective shield against radiation damage. The sun protection potential of cooked tomatoes has been very well researched. The heat treatment greatly increases the bioavailability of the carotenoid lycopene, which is present in all tomatoes. So enjoy dishes with tomato sauce more often in spring. If you take good care of the skin with natural cosmetics, you can enjoy the spring sun without regrets, but in moderation. HOW TO REACH US: The editors reserve the right to shorten letters to the editor without changing them accordingly. Unless expressly requested otherwise, letters to the editor will be published with names. We look forward to your correspondence to: ReformhausKurier, letters to the editor, Arndtstrasse 16, 22085 Hamburg by email you can reach us at [email protected] All-round care! 100% vegan only once a day! Dietary supplements Can I prepare my skin in spring for the stronger solar radiation in summer? VEG Plus Offers a balanced micro-nutrient formula and covers 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin B12, vitamin B2 and iron. Vitamin B12 Targeted prevention of a deficiency in vitamin B12, especially contained in animal products. It contributes to a normal energy metabolism and immune system. BAKANASAN - the health food brand for high-quality pharmaceuticals and valuable health products. Carefully made in Germany and carefully checked. Since 1954. 7 Nature is so valuable. Börner GmbH, Bremen · www.bakanasan.de ADVERTISEMENT L E S E R F R AG E N - E X P E RT E N A N T WO RT E N VEGAN & VEGETARIAN LIFESTYLE Take part…… with the antioxidant check For several months now you have been able to have your values ​​measured in participating health food stores. Here you can read how yoga helps body and soul to stay in balance and so you can fight free radicals better 8 Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 B - Most Germans spend up to 15 hours a day sitting down. This was the result of an investigation by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. We sit in the bus or car, in the office or at school - and then in the evening on the couch. But if you sit all day and otherwise prefer to physically push a calm ball, your health is not good. We don't have to perform at our best to bring our lifestyle back into a healthy balance. Frank Friedrich, managing director of naturARTen and yoga teacher, who has been practicing Iyengar yoga every day for 17 years, does not accept excuses: "We spend hours every day sitting," says Friedrich, "time that we can use to improve our health et - to do something good ”- and so he quickly developed seven yoga exercises for the couch. And that should bring something? Just try it: From page 10 you will find the exercises to do it yourself. Because people who practice Iyengar yoga improve their blood circulation and metabolism. This was shown by the ultrasound examinations by Dr. Krishna Raman, a leading Indian scientist and student of B.K.S. Iyengar. The advantage: Even people with poor health can practice yoga at any time. So: Get on the couch and join in! ➩ Lay on your hand and measure your personal antioxidant value. These products from your health food store® support you in the fight against free radicals GRANOVITA ALMOND MUSH 100 percent almonds from sunny California, blanched and gently roasted, put in granoVita almond butter. They ensure the wonderfully aromatic taste. Fiber and unsaturated fatty acids, plus the minerals calcium, phosphorus and magnesium as well as vitamin E make the puree valuable for a healthy diet. Whether for cooking, baking or in a smoothie - granoVita almond butter is versatile and tastes delicious. O’CLAIR MAQUI BERRY POWDER The purple-black maqui berries, which look similar to blueberries, are the fruits of the maqui tree. The berries thrive in the forests of Patagonia (Chile), where they are harvested in an organically certified wild collection, then gently freeze-dried and ground. O’Clair maqui berry powder is rich in valuable polyphenols and anthocyanins - ideal for cell protection. Mix 1 heaped teaspoon of the fruity-tart tasting maqui berry powder in 250 ml fruit juice and enjoy cool. DR. GRANDEL VOLLGRAN WHEAT GERM High in protein, minerals and vitamins, but low in sodium and fiber and unsaturated fatty acids: Dr. Grandel Whole Wheat Germs ensure more vitality and wellbeing. Gently fermented and not roasted, the wheat germ tastes pleasantly nutty - pure, but also in muesli, in fruit salads, soups or desserts. ALLOS HOFGEMÜSE BREAD SPREAD As many local organic vegetables as possible, as little fat as necessary, are in the delicious spread with up to 70% vegetables and only 20% fat content. The high proportion of vegetables with the fine vegetable pieces gives Allos Hofgemüse spread an incomparably natural taste - as if fresh from the field. Allo's farm vegetable spread is also vegan and gluten-free. MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier 9 AD. > O’CLAIR HEALTH Maqui Berry Powder Join in ... The exercises: You only need a couch and 7 minutes for these 7 yoga exercises. Join in, your body will thank you GRANOVITA ≥ almond butter> ARONIA ORIGINAL Aronia powder RABENHORST ≥ VEGAN EXTRA> LEBEPUR wheatgrass 1 This exercise should calm our thoughts so that we can concentrate on our body HOW TO DO RAAB ≥ VITALFOOD 'Sit in front as much as possible on the couch. The weight is evenly distributed on both seat legs. Acai Powder ‘Straighten the spine from the ischial legs. ‘Move your seat bones and extend your tailbone down towards the couch. The spine straightens up and you lift your sternum. > DR. ‘The neck is the natural extension of the spine. The view goes straight ahead. Close your eyes. Wheat germ ‘Place your hands on your thighs, palms up. The stomach is relaxed, the breath flows calmly. GRANDEL ‘thighs and lower legs form a right angle. Feet are hip-width apart and parallel to each other. ATTILA ≥ HILDMANN Matcha ‘Concentrate on your breath and count the breaths for 45 seconds. DISPLAY 2> SANATURA This exercise is designed to stretch and strengthen the legs. The improved blood circulation increases strength and stamina. Acerola powder ALLOS ≥ HOW IT WORKS ‘We repeat the first three points of exercise 1.In addition, we place both hands on the fingertips at the sides of the hips and apply light pressure on the fingertips in the direction of the couch. Farm vegetables. Steffi's spinach pine nuts ‘Stretch out your legs, the verses are firmly on the ground, the toes relaxed upwards. Now bring the ankles together until they are almost touching. ‘Stretch your legs well by tensing the large muscles that encompass the upper and lower legs. ‘Pull your kneecap inwards and upwards. > HÜBNER Basis Balance Pur ‘Roll your thighs out of the acetabulum slightly inwards and lower your tailbone towards the couch. The rotation goes from the hip socket to the tips of the toes. ‘Your gaze goes straight ahead and you breathe calmly and evenly deeply. 3 This exercise stretches our spine and arms. The shoulders and neck relax. It helps with pain in the elbow joints and stiffness of the fingers NATURAL SPECIES ≥ Hemp seeds, sprouted> KGV Korean pure red ginseng, tablets VITAQUELL ≥ Linseed oil from gold linseed HOW IT WORKS ‘Thighs and lower legs form a right angle, the feet are parallel to each other. ‘Stretch your arms across your chest and cross your fingers. Then you bring your straight arms up over your head. Make sure that the spine remains stretched ➩> RAPUNZEL Breakfast Porridge Bases Balance Join in ... and you won't go into a hollow back. Your stomach is relaxed, your breath flows evenly, calmly and deeply. ‘You finish the exercise by slowly lowering your arms to the sides of your body and placing your fingertips next to your hips. Don't slump your upper body! HOW IT WORKS ‘Repeat the first point of exercise 3. ‘Extend your right arm upwards and slowly bring your right hand in a wide arc behind your sacrum. Press your fingertips lightly into the couch and use the extension of your arm to straighten your spine. ‘Now stretch your left arm up and bring your right hand in a large arc to your left thigh. You can use it as a lever for rotation. ‘Each time you inhale, move your ischial bones and tailbone down towards the couch. Straighten your spine and lift your sternum. The stomach remains relaxed. Change sides after 2-3 breaths. 4 This exercise makes the spine more flexible. Positive effect: the internal organs are gently massaged and blood circulation is improved. Helps with digestive problems and lower back pain HOW IT WORKS ‘Sit as far back as possible on the couch. The sacrum touches the backrest, the weight is evenly distributed on both seat legs. ‘Follow points 1–6 from exercise 2. 5 This exercise opens our chest and increases our oxygen intake so that we become alert and focused. ‘Stretch both arms straight up in parallel. The hands point towards the ceiling, the palms point towards each other, the fingers are slightly open. The spine is stretched. Lift your entire upper body towards the ceiling. ‘Now tilt your upper body slightly backwards until your shoulder blades touch the backrest. The view goes towards the ceiling. Your sternum will also rise towards the ceiling. ‘Your stomach is relaxed, the breath flows calmly, evenly and deeply. Now pull your upper body forward again, but don't lose the rotation towards the ceiling. Slowly bring your arms down to the sides and put your feet back on the floor. HOW IT WORKS 6 Forward bends stretch our back, have a calming and balancing effect. They act on our internal organs and help with gas and bloating. 12 Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 ‘Sit straight and upright on the couch and straighten your legs (see Exercise 2 and 5). Place your fingertips on the left and right of your hips and lift your sternum. ‘Extend your arms parallel upwards, palms facing each other. The breath flows calmly, evenly and deeply. ‘Exhale and tilt your pelvis forward with your arms straight as long as you can keep your back straight. Don't hump! AD DONATION ACTION for Turkish APRICOT FARMERS! ‘If you manage to tilt your pelvis far enough, you can grab your feet with your hands and rest your head on your shins. Most of them fail at the beginning. Then tie a cloth around your feet and hold on to it or pull gently. The head and the cervical spine always remain in line with the spine. The view goes straight ahead. The seat legs, thighs and heels are firmly pressed into the couch. In the spring of 2014 there was a devastating apricot crop failure in Turkey, which threatens the livelihood of the farmers ‘Pull yourself back into the upright position with your arms stretched out and slowly lower your arms to the side. To support the farmers, ReformKontor has been donating 25 cents from the proceeds of every pack of Lihn apricots sold since autumn 2014. These fruity-sweet apricots come from the few fields where the harvest was not completely destroyed.The most popular yoga exercise gives us energy, calms our nerves and helps with exhaustion HOW IT WORKS 'Lie lengthways on the couch. The heels can be placed on the backrest. ‘Stretch your legs again and then let them fall apart loosely. ‘Place your head on a pillow that ends at your shoulders. ‘The arms are on the side, the palms are facing up. The stomach is relaxed. ‘Close your eyes, watch your breath. It flows calmly, evenly and deeply. ‘Relax your face, your eyes are closed. The body becomes heavier and heavier and sinks deeper into the couch ... ‘Let go of your body. Your mind is awake. If you fall asleep, no problem. It has happened to all yogis. ❍ TIP You can find a list of all participating health food stores at www.triaet.de. SEMINA RT IPP Exercises: Frank Friedrich · www.naturarten.de/couchyoga 7 You can find all information about the fundraising campaign on the foldable front label DEINE TRIÄT-CHALLENGE The practical seminar 19. - 21.07.2015 (Sun - Tue) Cooking event with superfoods and vegan / vegetarian delicacies. Vegan for Youth - Background and Facts. Light fitness program and relaxation units to reduce stress. Biofeedback measurements on antioxidant status. More information at www.akademie-gesundes-leben.de or by phone: 06172/300 98 22 R efo r mK ontor, D - 1 9 2 4 6 Zar re ntin MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier ww w. Refo r mko nto r . d e 13 BEAUTY How good is your skin? Not all skin is created equal. Each type has different needs - and needs individual care. Test what your skin needs now. Sensitive, dry, shiny or something of everyone? Many women do not correctly assess the condition of their skin and resort to the wrong lotions, creams or serums. But skin care is more than just applying an anti-aging cream. Because with the care, the natural barrier function of the skin is stabilized, which can withstand germs and bacteria. Correct, daily care promotes the regeneration of the skin barrier and improves the fat and moisture content. Unsuitable cleaning and care products can worsen the condition and damage healthy skin. So if you want to care for your skin sensibly, you should know your skin type. Because depending on the condition and type, a special care program is necessary. ➩ 15 QUESTIONS FOR YOUR SKIN Take some time. We have put together questions for you that concern the condition of your skin. So just remove make-up, then please do not apply lotion. Now look in the mirror. Do the check and read the care tips with specific help for improving the condition of your skin. Please tick only one answer, no multiple answers. YOU HAVE NORMALLY CLEANED YOUR SKIN. SHE TENSION ... A never s B sometimes s C + D always s s Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 E rosy s C reddened s F gray s YOUR PORES ARE ... PUSH UP THE SKIN ON YOUR CHEEKS WITH YOUR FINGERS. YOU SEE ... Check 14 YOUR SKIN IS Rather ... E no change s D Cross wrinkles s F deep wrinkles s F not visible s C fine s A coarse s PITCHES AND BLACKHEADS YOU HAVE ... B seldom s E s sometimes Often s BEAUTY Even if the skin does not cause stress, it is happy to be petted MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier 15 BEAUTY How well is your skin? Check IF YOU PUSH THE SKIN UP WITH TWO FINGERS, THE SKIN JUMPS BACK ... E prompt s D slowly s F hardly s YOUR SKIN CONFIGURE IS MORE ... C delicate s D thin and like paper s A thickened s YOUR SKIN SCANS .. A not at all s B little s D fairly strong s NEW COSMETICS YOU CONTRACT ... E always good s F mostly s C actually never s AFTER A BAD NIGHT, THEY LOOK ... F older s D paler s B wrinkled s 16 IF YOU CARESS YOUR FACE WITH YOUR FINGERS, THE SKIN IS ... E smooth s A rather oily s D rough B + ss YOUR REFLECTION SHOWS ... D wrinkles around the eyes s F rather slackness s B + C enlarged veins ss IN GENERAL, YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE IN YOUR SKIN ... E almost always s F seldom s C s actually never REDNESS AND PIGMENT SPOTS YOUR SKIN SHOWS ... YOUR AGE IS BETWEEN ... E no s C a few s many s E 20 and 30 years s D 30 and 40 years s B + s F over 45 s Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 HOW TO EVALUATE THE TEST: Look for the letters in front of your answers . Count which letter you ticked off the most. It describes your current skin condition (see the explanations for the letters on the following pages). You can find out what you can do for your skin in the relevant section. If you have the same number of two or more letters, you are currently experiencing several skin problems. Care tips can be found in the relevant section. DISPLAY BEAUTY Top priority for sensitive skin: Avoid anything that can irritate Coral Dreams Summer Look With the naturally bright colors of ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND LIMITED EDITION! Bronzing Compact Powder 21 SKIN CHECK RESOLUTION: THIS CARE FITS YOU A E SKIN TYPE: NORMAL Great, everything is in balance with you THAT'S THE CONDITION OF YOUR SKIN ‘You're in luck: Your skin is in balance. The ratio between fat and moisture is balanced. Your skin takes care of everything for you. Perfect! THAT IS GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN ‘Even if your skin is not stressful, it is happy to be caressed every now and then. Gently peeling enzymes from pineapple and papaya as well as the finest rub-off particles from rice starch and sea sand free the skin of old flakes, clarify and make it look rosy again. TIP: Enjoy the summer and the sun in the shade. Or wear a wide-brimmed hat and slowly get your skin used to the UV rays. Because even normal skin can react irritated to too much sun. ➩ NEW! Lip liner coral 21 NATURALLY LUMINOUS, SOFT COLORS CATCH THE SUMMER AND LET IT SHINE. With the Coral Dreams Look from ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND you can underline your charisma in a gentle way and experience decorative cosmetics in a summery light. The combined products and colors result in a spring / summer look that suits every skin type. www.boerlind.com Visit ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND on facebook - www.facebook.com/boerlind.naturkosmetik www.boerlind.com MAY 2015 l Health food store Kurier 17 BEAUTY How good is your skin? A C SKIN TYPE: SENSITIVE Take care of yourself THAT'S THE CONDITION OF YOUR SKIN ‘Your skin reacts quickly to changes and stimuli - no matter how small. Slept too little, tried a different cream, had trouble with your partner: you can already see pimples or irritation. At the same time, your skin can be dry, oily or dehydrated. If the symptoms persist, you should ask a cosmetic advisor for advice at the Reformhaus®. It helps you to find the right care for your sensitive skin. The top priority: Handle your skin carefully. THAT'S GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN ‘Avoid anything that can irritate, such as preservatives, dyes and fragrances. With certified natural cosmetics, you are on the safe side in this regard. Perfect for your skin: calming things like witch hazel, lemon balm or chamomile. Thermal water, algae and tea can soothe your skin. TIP: You don't have to do without makeup, but you should also pay attention to the ingredients. A tinted moisturizer with aloe vera and nourishing plant extracts combines a touch of color with care. ˝ CARE PLUS skin in the case of redness, oil from the strengthens a natural incan nut with fatty acids d omega feet d vessel walls ADVERTISEMENT NEW from May 2015 ENJOY GLOSSIVE PERFORMANCES. Naturally to the dream décolleté SELECTION Neck & Décolleté Serum with 7-Effect Hyaluron: Proven effectiveness: IMMEDIATE EFFECT: Over 33% moisture enrichment after only 2 hours! Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 18 Tested on 20 test subjects by an independent test institute. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Provides moisture, increases elasticity, firms, and smooths, reduces wrinkles, cushions immediately visible on Liftet www.heliotrop.de ADVERTISEMENT BEAUTY A A SKIN TYPE: OILY You can compensate for that THAT'S THE CONDITION OF YOUR SKIN ‘Everyone wants to shine. Just not necessarily on the forehead or around the nose. Your pores, however, are clearly visible and tend to produce increased sebum. THAT IS GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN ‘You should restore the skin balance and protect the pores from clogging. In general, mild cleansing of make-up residues and excess sebum is good for your skin. Witch hazel, lemon and sage open clogged pores and remove impurities. A mix of antibacterial tea tree oil and zinc oxide helps heal individual pimples. TIP: Women who tend to have oily skin also tend to do this on their cleavage. So: Don't forget your cleavage during your daily routine care. This prevents pimples. ‘THE LITTLE CARE-PLUS Your skin has to learn to regulate itself again. They can support them in this. For example, with a cure with plant extracts from daisies, nasturtiums and witch hazel. This systematically clears your skin. A D SKIN TYPE: DRY Your skin is thirsty THAT'S THE CONDITION OF YOUR SKIN ‘A big boost of moisture is good for your skin. Even better is care that keeps moisture in the skin for a long time and plumps up the deposits in your tissue. Normal skin stores up to 20 percent moisture in the top layer of the skin. To do this, however, the skin barrier must be intact. You can support your skin with pure vegetable oils from wheat germ, almonds, avocado. The oils make your skin supple. Aloe vera and hyaluron, a skin-related substance that binds water, are valuable moisturizers. THAT'S GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN ‘All the best from the sea with lots of moisture: a combination of algae extracts and jojoba oil relax the skin and enrich it with moisture. TIP: Hot water and soap when cleaning the skin are taboo. They dry out your skin unnecessarily. Too much sun or strongly heated rooms also remove moisture from the skin. And: You can also support your skin from within. The more mineral water or unsweetened herbal tea you drink, the plumper your skin will remain. ‘THE LITTLE CARE PLUS A cooling moisturizing mask relaxes dry skin. Hyaluronic acid, algae and water-storing cells from papyrus grass give a lasting feeling of freshness. ➩ MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier 19 BEAUTY How well is your skin? THIS IS THE CONDITION OF YOUR SKIN ‘Unfortunately, the elasticity of the collagen fibers decreases over the years, because during the menopause the estrogens, which are so important for the structure of the connective tissue, decrease. Long sunbathing and poor blood circulation can speed up the process. THAT'S GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN ‘Tired skin needs your help. Vitamin C and E ensure the renewal of the cells. And the more young cells, the more active the production of collagen and elastin, which ensure elasticity in the skin. Vitamin E is z. B. contained in olives. TIP: Effective and very simple: a tapping massage to stimulate blood circulation. Gently drum your fingers over your face. Those who do it every day quickly feel the success. ‘THE LITTLE CARE PLUS Serums work wonders. Pomegranate seed and rose oils have a firming effect on the skin. They protect against free radicals and stimulate the body's own collagen production. A B More and more people are choosing certified natural cosmetics. Because it pampers the skin and keeps it healthy. Because it protects animals and the environment. Because certified natural cosmetics are made without animal testing and ingredients from dead animals, without preservatives, fragrances and colorings that are not of natural origin. In the new special “Beauty from Nature” you can find out what natural cosmetics can do - from sun protection to gentle help with neurodermatitis. What does certified actually mean? And how are conventional ingredients replaced? Experts give advice for every skin type and reveal their personal care tips.SKIN TYPE: LOW-FAT How your skin calms down THAT'S THE CONDITION OF YOUR SKIN ‘Your skin is tight, feels rough and lacks oil. If the skin does not produce enough fats (lipids), this reduces the ceramides, which in turn are an important building block of the skin's barrier. Without these putty substances, the flakes of skin have problems holding together - and the skin feels rough. THAT'S GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN ‘You should supply your skin with sufficient lipids and moisture. Essential fatty acids, which are similar to the skin's own, as well as rose extracts compensate for a lack of fat. Creams with grapeseed oil or jojoba oil are well absorbed by the skin. TIP: You can also “feed” your skin with valuable fats from the inside: Rapeseed and olive oil are great for cooking. Nibble nuts and olives in between. ❍ 20 NEW SPECIAL ISSUE REFORMHAUS® GESUND & SCHÖN Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 PRODUCT TIPS NORMAL SKIN DRY SKIN ≠ ARYA LAYA ≠ ARYA LAYA Pineapple Enzyme Peeling SENSITIVE SKIN ≠ Annemarie Börlind Z Essential Day Cream ≠ Lavera Tinted Skin 3 Moist- Moist Balancer ≠ Oceanwell Biomarine Nourishing Cream ≠ Annemarie Börlind Aquanature Hyaluron Moisturizing Mask LACK OF ENERGY ≠ Alsiroyal ≠ ARYA LAYA Anti-Aging Firming Serum Orange Foam LOW-FAT SKIN ≠ Dr. Hauschka ≠ Primavera Intensive Treatment Clarifying from 25 Revital Care Rose Pomegranate Low-fat skin Text: Stefanie Theile FA SKIN TYPE: LACK OF ENERGY For more elasticity, BEAUTY DISPLAY and active oil usedli M siv-Sp netn I ti om Shampo RATIS sample as G SILK NATURAL HAIR CARE - The natural secret for silky, beautiful hair What makes ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND hair care products so special? Without silicones .. Instead, we use high-quality oils that nourish the hair and make it supple. Without sulfates .. Instead, we use cleaning protein, coconut and sugar surfactants, which are made entirely from renewable raw materials and do not pollute the environment. Without PEGs. Instead, we use raw materials from vegetable or biotechnological sources whose compatibility has been scientifically confirmed by independent test institutes. You can find more information at: www.boerlind.com/haarpflege www.facebook.com/boerlind.naturkosmetik www.boerlind.Mix couscous with 1 teaspoon of Toscana marinade in a bowl. Pour hot vegetable stock over it, stir and let soak for approx. 10 minutes, then loosen up and allow to cool. 1 EXPERT TIPS Simply marinate and enjoy: The new Toscana Marinade is ideal for marinating Mediterranean vegetables, feta, fish and white meat. Other varieties such as Asia Ginger Lime, India Curry Coconut, Peri Peri Chili Peppers ensure a variety of flavors. The simple application is convincing: Mix 4 tablespoons of oil with 4 teaspoons of marinade and soak 800 g of ingredients to be marinated in it for 20 minutes. Then prepare in the pan, in the wok or on the grill. 2 Sina Krupitza, Head of Product Development / Marketing at Gewürzmühle Brecht The brown almond kernels from Lihn are nothing less than “incomparable”, which is also the translation of their brand name “Non Pareil”. A fitting name, because the almond kernels are extra-large, crunchy and have been carefully selected. Not a single bitter kernel can be found as pure sweet almonds. These deliciously aromatic almonds from Lihn are ideal for baking and also enhance the appearance, taste and nutritional physiology of spicy dishes. Doreen Schröder, Quality Assurance at ReformKontor GmbH & Co. KG 24 Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 2 Mix the remaining Toscana marinade with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Quarter the feta, first halve each quarter horizontally, then cut each of the 8 slices into 6 cubes. Line the baking sheet with baking paper, spread the feta cubes on it, drizzle with the oil marinade and let it steep for 10 minutes. (If there is any marinade left over, this can be mixed with the couscous in step 6.) Cut 3 almonds into sticks or roughly chop. Then roast until golden yellow in a pan without adding any fat and place in a bowl to cool. 4 Wash the asparagus, cut off the woody ends. Cut the asparagus stalks diagonally into 0.5–1 cm wide slices, leaving the tips a little longer. Bring the salted water to the boil in a saucepan. Add the asparagus, cook the MARK WITH THESE INGREDIENTS: chop and blanch for about 1 minute without the lid. Put in a colander and quench with cold water. Preheat the oven for the feta to 220 ° C (convection 200 ° C). 5 Clean and wash 4 spring onions and cut diagonally into fine rings. Wash the rocket, drain well, put a small handful aside for the garnish, roughly chop the rest. Wash tomatoes and cut in half. 6 5 Gratinate the feta in the preheated oven for about 5 minutes, until the edges are light golden yellow. In the meantime, put the couscous in a large salad bowl and loosen up again. Peel and squeeze the garlic. Add ½ teaspoon salt, ¼ teaspoon pepper and the juice of 2 lemons, mix everything well. Add the asparagus, spring onions, rocket, tomatoes and almonds, fold in carefully. If necessary, season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Portion the salad and sprinkle with 1 tbsp olive oil as desired. Spread the feta cubes on top and garnish with the remaining rocket leaves. Preparation time: approx. 40 min. 6 E You will find the ingredients for the couscous salad Lihn ✗ Almond kernels ✗ Brecht Toscana Marinade HOLO ✗ Couscous ✗ VITAM vegetable yeast broth Explanation of symbols see p. 38 MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier 25 Back to clean eating - which nutritional concept is explained behind the superfood coach and green stuff hulk Marcus Schall C MARCUS SCHALL superfood coach and nutrition expert More information: https: // www.facebook.com/ supergoodfoodhulk ​​lean eating is not a new diet. Clean eating is a way of life. Above all, however, clean eating is a long-term nutritional concept: the way back to an original and clean diet. The clean eating hype comes from the USA. The term was coined by the nutritionist Tosca Reno. Their credo is: Diet has a significant influence on our well-being. So it is important to provide the body with food and nutrients, but to spare it unnecessary ballast. That sounds plausible. In practice, however, this is not that easy to implement nowadays. Almost all of the food we can buy is processed and fortified with unwanted additives. That is why clean eating means preparing as much as possible yourself and preferring to take something with you from home when traveling, because that is usually healthier and cheaper than anything we can buy on the go. CLEAN EATING RULES: ‘It is essential to have breakfast. After the rest phase, the body needs energy. A nutritious breakfast is therefore the most important basis for the day. The immune system is supported and the metabolism is boosted. Food cravings are prevented. Ideally, we combine high-quality protein, readily available carbohydrates, healthy fats and fiber. Good example: superfood Bircher muesli. ‘4–6 small meals spread over the day Several smaller meals put less strain on the digestive tract, also stimulate the metabolism and prevent food cravings. Ideal: 3 meals and 2 snacks. ‘Chew carefully, eat slowly If you chew longer, you will be full faster! Food is more accessible and the body can utilize the nutrients more effectively. A rule of thumb is to chew each bite about 30 times. ‘Combine protein and carbohydrates at all meals if possible. The combination of high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates supplies the body in an ideal way, ensures a long-lasting feeling of satiety and a stable blood sugar level. ‘Table salt, industrial sugar and artificial sweeteners avoid salt: as little and as natural as possible. Avoid chemically refined salts with trickle aids. Use sea salt or ancient salt. Sugar: Best to avoid completely. Use natural alternatives such as sweetness from fruits (dates, bananas) or coconut blossom sugar. Artificial sweeteners: often have an appetizing effect, long-term consequences cannot be assessed seriously. Best to do without it. ENJOY The trendy term hides the future, clean super protein tabbouleh recipe on the following page ‘Avoid additives in general Preservatives, colorings, flavor enhancers, citric acid & Co. do not go well with clean eating. Therefore, always read ingredient lists. ˝ ‘Drink enough 2–3 liters per day, preferably water. Alternatively, unsweetened tea and spritzers with a low fruit content. ‘Eating fresh fruit and vegetables Fruit and especially vegetables provide the body with micronutrients such as enzymes, secondary plant substances, antioxidants & Co. Ideally seasonal and regional and ideally a mix of raw food, cooked food and smoothies. Also important: eat more vegetables than fruit. ‘Eat healthy fats, reduce bad fats Fats are important, among other things. for a functioning metabolism. In addition, they enable the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and ensure a better feeling of satiety. Rule of thumb: Consume as many unsaturated fats as possible, e.g. B. vegetable oils, nuts, avocados or seeds. Saturated fats, e.g. Reduce e.g. from animal products as much as possible, as much as possible to avoid hydrogenated fats (trans fats) as much as possible. Exception: coconut oil. It provides very readily available medium-chain fatty acids, stimulates the metabolism and is very heat-resistant. Therefore it is also suitable for frying. ‘Simple carbohydrates, avoid white flour, ancient grains prefer whole wheat noodles instead of hard wheat noodles. Wholemeal bread based on sourdough instead of industrial baked goods. Ancient grains such as spelled, emmer or einkorn instead of highly grown wheat. ➩ MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier 27 ENJOY AD CL EAN ES SUPE RPROTEI N TA BO U LEH Ingredients for approx. 3 people 250 g quinoa, cooked 5 tablespoons hemp seeds, peeled 1 cucumber 3 tomatoes 2 carrots 2 bunch of flat-leaf parsley Vital power from the tree of Lebens Schoenenberger natural pomegranate mother juice Dietary supplement Contains 1.7% total polyphenols, especially punicalagine dressing: 1 small onion 60 ml lemon juice 30 ml hemp oil 30 ml olive oil 2 teaspoons homemade vegetable broth (alternatively ready-made vegetable broth without additives) 1 teaspoon salt PREPARATION: 1 Rinse the quinoa under cold water, cook according to the instructions and make sure that it does not get too soft. 2. Quarter the cucumber, remove the middle part and seeds, cut the rest into small cubes. Cut the carrot into fine cubes. Even better: cut into fine strips with a peeler and then chop with a knife (it tastes finer). Pluck parsley and chop finely. 3. Put all the ingredients for the tabbouleh in a bowl and mix well. 4. For the dressing, peel and finely chop the onion. Put the lemon juice and salt in a bowl, add the chopped onion and let it steep for about 20 minutes. Then add the remaining dressing ingredients and mix well. 5. Pour the dressing over the tabbouleh and mix everything well again. Arrange on plates and garnish with freshly plucked parsley. “I have been dealing intensively with food and its production and preparation for years. At some point I decided to avoid additives such as flavors as much as possible. My sense of taste has intensified and I have the feeling that I am doing something good for myself. "Judith Ottersbach, ReformhausMarketing DE-Öko-003 EU / non-EU agriculture Ingredients check: Press juice from whole, fresh pomegranates W. Schoenenberger Pflanzensaftwerk GmbH & Co. KG Hutwiesenstraße 14, 71106 Magstadt A company of the Salus Group With all the power of fresh plants. 28 Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 www.schoenenberger.com Quinoa and hemp seeds contain all essential amino acids (they provide full protein) and also a quantitatively very high amount of protein (quinoa 15%, hemp seeds 30%). This makes both foods some of the best vegetable protein sources in the world. Hemp seeds also provide an ideal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. ENJOY SU PERF OOD - BI RCH E RMÜ SLI Ingredients for 2 people 1 large apple 6–8 tbsp fine wholegrain spelled flakes (alternatively emmer or einkorn flakes) 8 tbsp natural or soy yoghurt 2 tbsp flaxseed, freshly ground (mortar) 2 tbsp chia Seeds 2 tbsp walnuts, chopped 1 tbsp raw cocoa nibs 1 tbsp goji berries 1 dash lemon juice 1 dash maple syrup, alternatively agave syrup ¾ teaspoon cinnamon Ingredients check: Fine cereal flakes are always suitable if the muesli is eaten immediately. If the muesli is prepared the evening before, it is better to use coarse whole grain flakes. Otherwise the mixture may be too soft. “I like to cook and it is important to me that the ingredients are fresh and by no means finished products. Tastes much better and does not contain any additives. ”Konstantin Knauf, pupil PREPARATION: 1. Wash the apple, cut into quarters, remove the core, grate finely and place in a bowl. Add the remaining ingredients, mix everything well. 2. Add lemon juice and cinnamon to taste. Let everything soak for about 15 minutes and add a little more yoghurt / soy yoghurt if necessary. 3. Arrange and garnish as desired. ENJOY DISPLAY DISPLAY STRESS STOP RED RGINSENG BY KGV NATURAL ENERGY KOOGLES strengthens performance promotes concentration increases vitality helps with exhaustion helps deal with stress he Korean Pure Red GINSENG - tablets with acidity, strong antioxidant cap 00g ORAC value 163,000 TE / 1 active ingredient : Ginseng root powder tonic for strengthening and strengthening, for tiredness and weakness as well as declining performance and concentration. For information on risks and side effects, please read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Exclusively in your health food store Mango coconut 60 g mango, dried 60 g dates, pitted 60 g tiger nut flour 60 g spelled whole grain flakes 2–3 teaspoons maple syrup or coconut blossom syrup 1 teaspoon coconut oil A little apricot kernel oil to taste (optional) Fine coconut flakes (to roll) Korea ginseng Vertriebs GmbH Wolkenburgstr. 17 · 53797 Lohmar Tel. 02206 5135 · Fax 02206 5235 [email protected] www.roter-ginseng-naturarznei.de Enjoy healthy vegetarian food Übera Zeitsc ll im hrift hand enel Subscription: 6 issues a year for only 19.90 € Phone 0221 / 95 74 27-0 or directly at www.vegetarischfit.de 30 Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 Photo: © shutterstock Here you will find lots of vegetarian + vegan recipes, nutrition tips and interesting reports on all aspects of sustainable living PREPARATION: 1. Remove the seeds if necessary and soak in warm water (approx. 2-3 hours). Put the soaked dates (without water) together with the remaining ingredients in a food processor. Puree the ingredients on a high level, occasionally scraping off the edge with a spatula. Repeat the process several times until you have an even mass. There should be no more coarser pieces in the paste. Remove the mixture and place in the refrigerator for 15–20 minutes (this will process better). 2. Roll balls of desired size; (If necessary, moisten your hands with a little cold water or coconut oil, the balls will stick less). Roll mango balls in coconut flakes; Mix the hemp seeds and coconut blossom sugar and roll the chocolate chili balls in it. Ingredient check: Dates: well-tolerated carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Raw cocoa: inter alia many minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. Coconut oil: healthy medium-chain fatty acids and antibacterial lauric acid. S E M I N A RT I P P NUTRITION COACH (IHK) FOUR-PART FURTHER EDUCATION WITH IHK CERTIFICATE 27.05. - 31.05.2015 (Wed - Sun) or 04.09. - 08.09.2015 (Fri - Tue) or 13.11. - 17.11.2015 (Fri - Tue) Eating types, nutrition studies, acid-base balance, coaching units and goal management for the path to a conscious lifestyle. In addition: group leader training for a weight reduction program including a course concept. More information at www.akademie-gesundes-leben.de or by phone: 06172/300 98 22 Text: Marcus Schall Ingredients: chocolate chilli 100 g dates, pitted 60 g whole-grain spelled flakes 60 g tiger nut flour 30 g dark or raw chocolate (min. 85% cocoa content) if necessary some raw cocoa powder 1 teaspoon vanilla ½ teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon coconut oil A little chili seed oil to taste (alternatively: use chili powder or similar) Peeled hemp seeds and coconut blossom sugar (to roll) Valid in all participating health food stores in May 2015, as long as stocks last. Changes, typesetting and printing errors reserved. The respective manufacturer is liable for his product advertisement. Addresses of participating shops on www.reformhaus.de Advertisement Already 2 reforms! product of the year ARYA LAYA FETT-FEUCHT-BALANCER DR.GRANDEL ELEMENTS OF NATURE My skin is in balance With Epigran, the multi-active essence from the wheat germ. The high-quality natural cosmetic series from DR. GRANDEL offers natural, competent care for every skin type and skin condition. Regeneration Firming 24-hour care for the regeneration of demanding skin. For a well-groomed, vital complexion. Anti-aging smoothing care with calcium and carotene for the youth of the skin. Reduces expression lines. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND NatuPerfect Anti-Pigment & Brightening Fluid All products in the ELEMENTS OF NATURE series are ECO Control certi fi ed. • Prevents over-pigmentation For a fresh look, the skin's moisture balance must be in balance. The fat moisture balancer from ARYA LAYA is suitable for this - the ampoule alternative for every day. The energy serum not only pampers the skin, but also brightens the mood with the scent of fresh oranges. Precious vegetable oils intensively regenerate every skin type and give new energy. Rich moisturizers such as aloe vera, blossom honey and rose water visibly vitalize the skin. • For an even complexion 50 ml instead of 18.45 € only 50 ml each instead of 32.00 € each only 29.99 € 100 ml = 59.98 € A highly effective & natural special fluid with scientifically proven effects. • Reduces existing age and pigment spots 50 ml instead of € 39.00 only € 34.99 2x 50 ml instead of € 36.90 only ALOE VERA GEL Natural beauty The daily basic night care for every skin type EYE BALM PLUS 30% less wrinkle depth in 2 weeks It vitalises the skin, stimulates the natural renewal processes, is fat-free and light and lets the skin shine with new freshness in the morning. • Straightening of the eye area • Reduction of puffiness • Smoothing of the eye wrinkles • With hyaluronic acid • Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested (only available from authorized sales partners) € 27.00 € 16.99 € 29.99 100 ml = € 29.99 100 ml = 69 , 98 € DR. HAUSCHKA NIGHT SERUM 25 ml only 100 ml = 33.98 € 15 ml instead of 16.99 € only 100 ml = 108.00 € 14.99 € 100 ml = 99.93 € www.reformhaus.de • corresponds 98% aloe vera leaf gel • moisturizes the skin • panthenol helps to stimulate cell renewal • bisabolol, a well-known active ingredient in chamomile, soothes the skin 100 ml instead of € 10.99 only € 9.99 100 ml = € 9.99 31 Advertisement Show your colors and care for them Golden millet, olives, birch and grape seeds in conjunction with a low proportion of synthetic color pigments enable good gray coverage. • gentle and reliable hair coloring • long shelf life and a wide range of colors + 75 g MeineBase FREE! P. JENTSCHURA “MEINEBASE” body care based on nature's example The original from P. Jentschura for basic mineral body care. Cleans, nourishes and regenerates the skin intensively. Supports a balanced acid-base balance. Suitable for full and foot baths, peelings and many other basic applications. 750 g + 75 g MeineBase free of charge only 17.50 € 1,000 g = 23.33 € • the nuances can be mixed with each other to create an individual shade • available in 30 brilliant shades • sufficient depending on the length of the hair for several applications each 125 ml instead of 12.49 € 10.99 each. SCHOENENBERGER NATURAL COSMETICS CARE SHAMPOOS PLUS Natural care for every hair type and the whole family. • Organic pomegranate for daily care • Organic ginger & bamboo for fine hair • Organic acerola & cranberry for dry and damaged hair • Organic aloe for dry scalp • Organic birch sensitive for frequent hair washing • The shampoos comply with the BNN range guidelines. Expert tip per 250 ml instead of 5.95 € each only 5.49 € 1,000 ml = 21.96 € New from May 2015 Mira Schwarzer, Junior Product Manager HÜBNER www.huebner-vital.de Natural anti-tick agent discovered: in young people Forscht, an 18-year-old high school student from Regensburg found out that black cumin oil helps against tick bites. He made the amazing discovery while out walking his dog. The ticks were not interested in his four-legged companion. Because of an allergy, he had been getting black cumin oil mixed into the feed for some time. The high school student successfully proved his theory that black seed oil helps against tick bites by means of further experiments. Conclusion: Black cumin oil taken orally causes an odor that is imperceptible to humans, which is an effective deterrent to ticks. 32 HELIOTROP SELECTION NECK & DECOLLETÉ SERUM ORGANIC BLACK CUMIN OIL Naturally for a dream décolleté Nigella Sativa • IMMEDIATE EFFECT: Over 30% moisture enrichment after only 2 hours! * • High ff ective active ingredient complex of: - Hyaluronic acid CLTM with 7-fold moisturizing effect - DayMoistelTM Prevents loss of elasticity • Skin immediately appears firmer and smoother • Vegan • 100% cold-pressed ORGANIC black cumin oil • From controlled organic cultivation in Egypt • Only high-quality seeds from sun-drenched Egypt are used. 100 ml instead of € 15.75 only 100 ml = € 13.99 € 13.99 € 39.99 * Tested on 20 test subjects by an independent test institute. Storage size 300 ml only 30 ml instead of € 31.95 only 100 ml = € 13.33 100 ml = € 96.63 www.reformhaus.de € 28.99 Valid in all participating health food stores in May 2015, while stocks last. Changes, typesetting and printing errors reserved. The respective manufacturer is liable for his product advertisement. Addresses of participating shops at www.reformhaus.de SANOTINT® CLASSIC NATURAL OXIDATION HAIR COLOR + 10 days FREE ALSIROYAL® HYALURON 5-EFFECT GEL Unique: 5 types of hyaluronic acid! The innovative combination of 5 types of hyaluronic acid unfolds its effect in 5 different skin depths. The moisture depots are filled into the deeper layers of the skin - the skin is immediately smoothed and visibly padded over the long term. With aloe vera, grape fruit and rose blossom water. Ideal as a beauty booster under any day or night care! • 5 different types of hyaluronic acid act in 5 different skin depths • With immediate and long-term ff ect for smoother, younger looking skin • Ideal beauty booster for every day and night care 30 ml instead of € 18.99 only € 16.99 100 ml = € 56.63 ALSIROYAL ® PLUS CLIMATE ACTIVE CAPSULES 100 MG SOYA ISOFLAVONE Menopause without hormone pills? Alsiroyal® PLUS Active Climate Capsules 100 mg Soy Iso fl avones have special features and properties that reduce the typical symptoms of menopausal women. Clinically tested: 72% less hot flashes 73% less night sweats 69% less irritability 76% less mood swings 73% better sleep 70% more strength and energy only 49.99 € weight down 90 capsules only Even the most complex care and the best styling can only be done then be successful when hair, skin and nails are not lacking from the inside out either. • Nutrient combination with minerals, vitamins, amino acids and golden millet • Valuable for hair, skin and nails • Only 1 capsule a day, only bacon off € 15.99 € 44.99 Holistic strategy for beautiful hair, skin and nails 90 capsules + 10 capsules for free instead 30.99 € ALSIROYAL® FATBURNER DIET DRINK 30 capsules only ALSIROYAL® HAIR ACTIVE CAPSULES PLUS 90 capsules + 10 capsules free instead of 51.49 € ALSIROYAL® FIGURA FATBURNER 2 clothing sizes less in 12 weeks! Alsiroyal® Figura fat burner has the property of burning the fat where the stubborn problem areas are: on the stomach and on the hips. • For the dietary treatment of obesity (BMI> 25) with increased abdominal fat • Clinically tested: Reduces the abdominal and hip circumference • With a plant-based complex of citrus fruits and guarana + 10 days FREE The drinking meal for a weight-controlling diet contains nutrients that To stay full and fit for a long time you need: complex carbohydrates from whole oat grains, valuable vegetable oils with omega-3 fatty acids, proteins from soy, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. • Tastes good and long-lasting saturation • Activates fat burning • Supports weight loss 500 g instead of 19.99 € only 17.99 € 1,000 g = 35.98 € www.reformhaus.de 29.99 € OUR TURBO DIET OFFER: Figura fat burner Combine capsules and fat burner diet drink and bene fi t from the double effectiveness! 2 x 30 Figura fat burner capsules 2 x 500 g fat burner diet drink instead of 71.96 € only 65.00 € 33 Advertisement Valuable for skin, hair, nails, teeth and bones RABENHORST ORGANIC ARONIA JUICE Pure juice made from carefully selected, aromatic aronia berries • 100% pure organic juice from the first pressing • Made from carefully selected, aromatic aronia berries • Gently processed in the in-house winery • Tart, fruity taste. 3,000 ml instead of € 19.95 only € 17.99 1,000 ml = € 6.00 • The wild form of millet rich in vital substances • Finely ground using a special process • Natural source of zinc, which makes a valuable contribution to keeping skin, hair and nails healthy and bones do • Rich in magnesium - for healthy teeth and bones. 1,000 g + 15% free of charge only 7.49 € 1,000 g = 6.51 € Our recommendation: With a varied, balanced diet you create the basis for a healthy lifestyle. In order to bene fi t from the above-mentioned positive effects, consume 2 servings (2 x 30 g) of O´CLAIR health wild brown millet daily. Recommended by Prof. Dr. Michaela AxtGodermann VITAQUELL TOFU SALADS Variety of salads from Vitaquell with enjoyment guarantee! INULIN Estate Salad: Hearty with cucumber and onions. Indian salad: Spicy rounded! Sweden salad: with tofu, beetroot and apples. Nordic savory. 200 g each instead of 2.99 € only 250 g instead of 7.49 € only 100 g = 1.40 € 34 2.79 € Carefree sweetening with 0 calories! • The natural alternative to sugar - with 0 BE (bread units) and a glycemic index of 0 • Obtained 100% naturally from grape sugar • Can be used ideally for baking, cooking and sweetening • Guaranteed without genetic engineering in France! 500 g + 15% free only € 8.99 1,000 g = € 15.63 SALUS® FLORADIX® IRON PLUS B12 VEGAN Sanatura Inulin from chicory root is THE fiber for a healthy intestine: natural, pure and without additives. Sanatura Inulin increases the frequency of bowel movements and supports regular, normal digestion. And inulin can do much more: The fiber is ideal for the intestinal flora diet according to Prof. Dr. M. Axt-Gadermann, because inulin in particular is the best food for the "Rank and Slim bacteria". Simply 12 g inulin (1 heaped tablespoon) per day: • drink as an inulin shake • stir into a smoothie • and / or use for baking (replace 10% of the amount of flour) and cooking A varied alternative for vegetarians and anyone who wants to enjoy meat-free food : • particularly tasty as a delicate spread on bread or as a side dish for grilling, on a cold bu ff et, for snacks or with crispy lettuce • cholesterol-free due to the absence of egg yolk • high quality due to the use of valuable rapeseed oil • rich in valuable protein from the soybean SUCOLIN 6.99 € 1,000 g = € 27.96 www.reformhaus.de For fitness and vitality with a vegan diet • Supply of iron and methylcobalamin (natural vitamin B12) as these are not sufficiently available with a vegan diet • Optimal iron absorption (iron (II ) -gluconate) • Natural herbal extracts for good tolerance • Plant extracts and fruit juices from controlled organic cultivation • Alcohol-free, without preservatives • Lact ose- and gluten-free 250 ml instead of € 10.95 only € 9.99 100 ml = € 39.96 Floradix® iron plus B12 vegan: Recommended intake: 1x 15ml daily. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced, varied diet are important for your health. Valid in all participating health food stores in May 2015 while stocks last. Changes, typesetting and printing errors reserved. The respective manufacturer is liable for his product advertisement. Addresses of participating shops at www.reformhaus.de WILD ORGANIC BROWN MILLET, FINE GRINDING ENJOY VEGAN trend Curier YOUR MAGAZINE FOR HEALTHY LIVING LIFESTYLE RECIPE INFORM AT ION TOPICS IN MAY Almond and zucchini tartelettes with tomatoes through the Oliver LegelVIEW on page 39. 36 Changing his diet has also changed his life 37 R EZEPTE Fit-Food for connoisseurs MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier 35 TrendVEGAN IN CONVERSATION WITH What has been added since your personal 36 Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015: “Olli Legel never leaves the house without it ... ... to have had a matcha. The nicest compliment you got after your transformation? I L EBE V REFORMHAUS®ONLINE EDITOR INDRA RUNGE, 36 years old, has been vegan for two years. From now on she will either report on her vegan life or introduce us to other vegans and their ideas, reveal your favorite cookbooks or give fresh tips and tricks for relaxed vegan enjoyment. This time she spoke to Oliver Legel. AN • • How was the triet for you? What ups and downs were there? To be honest, there have been no lows for me. (I) EG Your first thought when you found out that you were in the “plants” (vegan d. Ed.) Group? Are they crazy? I can't do without everything. What's your (new) favorite dish? Tofu Bolognese and, recently, vegan doner kebab - I just got that personally served by Attila Hildmann. Please complete the following sentence: For me, Reformhaus® means…… healthy eating, free of chemicals. I like that they always take the time to explain something to me. And I go there about once a week and measure my antioxidant status with the biozoom scanner. That motivates me again and again. • And what three words would best characterize your pre-trietic diet? Fast food, currywurst, chips. changed the challenge? My life has changed completely since the challenge. I have "reset" my body. In terms of health, my blood count has improved enormously. I have now switched my diet completely to vegan. And I'm doing sports again. What is your advice to people who are on the same point as you were not so long ago? Guys, go for it. If I've done it, you can do it too. It's such a great new attitude towards life. • ••• If you were to describe your life in three words before participating in the ZDF experiment, which would it be? Work, sleep, eat. What can we expect from Olli Legel in 2015? I want to do my first 10-kilometer run in Berlin at the beginning of June - and marry my wife for the second time. •• "My life has changed completely since the challenge" The joy of my children that I can finally romp around and play with them again. •• participated in the ZDF experiment “Vegetarians versus meat eaters - the duel” in 2014. Under the direction of Attila Hildmann, Oliver Legel, who weighed 139 kilos, lost over 40 kilos with a vegan diet. He's now consistently vegan. • OLIVER LEGEL Fit-Food for connoisseurs Try these vegan recipes: They make you strong and slim - without sacrificing any GR A NATA PF EL- F EN CH ELSA L AT Ingredients for 4–6 people Preparation time: 20 min. 2 fennel bulbs 1 pomegranate 1 red pear 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds juice from 1 blood orange 2 tbsp lemon juice 4 tbsp hemp oil 2 tbsp blue seed sea salt black pepper from the mill 1 tbsp peeled hemp seeds PREPARATION 1. Pluck the fennel greens and cut finely. Slice the fennel bulbs very thinly. Cut the pomegranate open and remove the pomegranate seeds. Core the pear and slice it into thin slices. Finely chop the pumpkin seeds. Mix the blood orange juice with the lemon juice and the hemp oil in a bowl. Add the blue poppy seeds, stir and let soak for a few minutes. 2. Mix the prepared ingredients except for the fennel greens and the pumpkin seeds in a large bowl. Fold in the fennel green. Season the salad with sea salt and freshly ground pepper and let it steep for 5 minutes, then distribute on small plates. Sprinkle with the hemp seeds and the chopped pumpkin seeds and serve. L G E V MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier 37 TrendVEGAN Acacia honey in a blender into a cream. 2. Rinse the mint and the coriander briefly with cold water, dry them, add them to the other ingredients in the mixer together with the avocado pulp and process everything again to a fine cream. Season to taste with cayenne pepper, sea salt and freshly ground pepper. ORAN GEN -AVO CAD O SOUP Ingredients for 4–6 people Preparation time: 45 minutes For the soup: 1 zucchini 1 clove of garlic 1 ripe avocado 1⁄2 spring onion Juice from 4 oranges 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons Shiro Miso (seasoning paste) 1 tablespoon acacia honey 2 Tbsp fresh mint 1 bunch of coriander (approx.80 g) 1 pinch of cayenne pepper sea salt black pepper from the mill For the cashew crème fraîche: 100 g cashew nuts, soaked 2 tbsp lemon juice 1 pinch sea salt For the vegetable concassé: 1⁄2 zucchini 1⁄2 red pepper 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 Tbsp Tamari (gluten-free soy sauce) 1. Drain the cashew nuts, rinse briefly with cold water and mix with the lemon juice, 90 ml of water and sea salt in a blender to a fine cream. VEGETABLE CONCASSÉ 1. Clean and finely dice the zucchini. Cut the bell peppers lengthways, remove the seeds and also finely dice. Marinate the zucchini and pepper cubes for 10–15 minutes with the lemon juice and tamari. Divide the orange and avocado soup into deep bowls. Add 1 tablespoon of cashew crème fraîche to the soup. Serve sprinkled with the vegetable concassé. L E S E M I N A RT I P P THE NEW TREND: VEGAN COOKING, REFINED - DELICIOUS - ETHICAL 07/24. - 26.07.2015 (Fri - Sun) ORANGE AVOCADO SOUP 27.09. - 29.09.2015 (Sun - Tue) Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 or For the tartlets: 1 medium-sized yellow zucchini 1 teaspoon fresh rosemary needles 180 g almonds, soaked 3 tbsp pine nuts 1 tbsp chopped vegetable onion 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp fine yeast flakes 1 pinch freshly grated nutmeg 1 teaspoon sea salt 6 tablespoons flaxseed flour olive oil for the tins For the tomatoes: 300 g cherry tomatoes 2 tablespoons olive oil 1⁄2 teaspoon dried oregano 1 pinch of sea salt ALMOND-ZUCCHINI-TARTELETTES 27.11. - 29.11.2015 (Fri - Sun) Embark on an exciting journey through vegan cuisine. Refined menus, delicious salad creations and vegan baked goods are prepared under professional guidance. More information at www.akademie-gesundes-leben.de or by phone: 06172/300 98 22 LACTOSE-FREE Ingredients for 4 –6 people Preparation time: 35 min. + Drying time PREPARATION or L MA NDEL -ZU CCH INI - TOMATOES WITH TOMATOES For that Pesto verde: 100 g basil 40 g rocket 80 g pine nuts 100 ml olive oil 1 clove of garlic, peeled 1 tbsp Shiro Miso (seasoning paste) juice of 1 large lemon 1 teaspoon grated zest of an untreated lemon 1⁄2 teaspoon sea salt black pepper from the mill V PREPARATION 1. Clean and peel the zucchini and cut into large pieces. Peel and mash the garlic. Cut the avocado lengthways, remove the seeds and remove the pulp from the skin with a spoon. Clean and roughly chop the spring onions. The zucchini and garlic with orange and lemon juice, 200 ml of water, the spring onion, Shiro Miso and 38 CASHEW-CRÈME-FRAÎCHE Recipe from page 35: G 1. Clean and dice the zucchini. Wash, dry and finely chop the rosemary needles. Drain, wash and drain the almonds. Put the almonds and pine nuts in a food processor and roughly process. Add the zucchini and onion cubes, lemon juice, OliGLUTEN-FREE E EGG-FREE VEGAN ANZEIGE venoil, yeast flakes, rosemary, nutmeg and sea salt and work everything into a fine, slightly grainy dough. Put the dough in a bowl, sprinkle with the flaxseed flour and work this into the dough. 2. Brush the tartlet molds with a little olive oil. Pour about 1 1⁄2 heaped tablespoons of batter into each tin, spread on the base and form an edge. Dry the dough bases at 42 degrees on a drying rack in the dehydrator or oven (keep the door ajar with a wooden spoon) for 12 hours overnight. After 12 hours, carefully press the tartlets out of the molds, return them to the drying rack and dry until they are crispy. NEW TOMATOES 1. Remove the stem from the cherry tomatoes and mix with the olive oil, oregano and sea salt. Dry on a drying rack overnight at 42 degrees. PESTO VERDE 1. Put all ingredients in the blender and mix finely. Put the pesto on the tartlets and spread evenly, cover with the cherry tomatoes, serve. L E V The recipes come from the book "RohVegan" by Christine Mayr, AT Verlag, ISBN: 978-303800-841-5, 24.90 euros. Win one of three books in our competition at www.reformhaus.de COCONUT MEETS CHOCOLATE. DREAM COUPLE FOR THE PALATE. Our delicious soy dessert is now brand new: Look forward to the unsurpassed exotic combination of coconut and chocolate! Our new organic dessert coconut soy chocolate in 4 delicious portions. You could bite straight into it if it wasn't so creamy ;-) We are here and there: www.provamel.de FOR THE LOVE OF THE FUTURE FEEL GOOD Healing with. Honey Manuka- The secrets of the New Zealand miracle drug 40 Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 Many doctors and patients long for such an antibiotic. Because with the usual broad spectrum antibiotics the body's own defense strategy is weakened, with numerous side effects. Almost more important: in honey, the pathogens do not develop any resistance. The alternative practitioner Detlef Mix, known as Honey-Man, published several books on the healing properties of honey and added: "Recent studies in the USA and Australia show that when Manuka honey and antibiotics are used at the same time, the bacteria are again sensitized to the drug." As a medical product in hospitals, sweet gold is increasingly becoming the last weapon against super germs and a lifesaver. Manuka honey is a highly effective bacteria killer The New Zealand manuka honey is the queen of the honey types. The antibacterial effect is extremely high. Prof. Thomas Henle from TU Dresden identi- ➩ Text: Yvonne Hagen DID YOU KNOW? Blossom honey comes from the blossom nectar, forest honey or linden honey is produced by the bees from the honeydew, the secretions of aphids. We probably do not become immortal through the consumption of honey - like the gods of Greek mythology, but the range of healing effects is astonishing. For thousands of years honey has been used for wound healing, against inflammatory processes in the body and simply as health prevention. In recent years, scientists have become increasingly interested in what is so effective in combating bacteria, viruses and fungi at the same time in the popular spread. One thing is clear: the bees conserve, among other things, their favorite meal, Perga bee bread, and the queen's food, royal jelly, through processing. And they use honey to protect themselves from disease. In order to achieve this, the humming creatures add certain enzymes and other substances to their collected spoil. The special thing about it: the effect is not aimless, it differentiates between friend and foe - good bacteria survive, bad bacteria are destroyed. FEEL GOOD Bitter Medicine? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Honey not only tastes very good, it is a medical jack-of-all-trades MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier 41 FEEL GOOD Healing with. Honey Manuka- 1.3 KILO honey is eaten by Germans per capita and year AD THE FULL VALUE CENTER IN YOUR REFORM HOUSE THE DISCOVERY! Even for the Aztecs, Incas and Mayas, chia seeds were a staple food and medicine in one. We offer the nutritious seeds as CHIA-SA MEN WHOLE, as FLAKE & in the delicious wholefood baked goods CHIAMONDI, CHIA-SCHNIT TE & CHIA-TALER! GLUTEN- & LACTOSE-FREE VEGAN NATURAL GRAIN MÜHLE WERZ STÄFFELESWIESEN 28. 89522 HEIDENHEIM TEL 07321-51018. FA X 07321 - 54147. W W W. VOLLWERTCENTER .DE 42 Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 confirmed the active ingredient methylglyoxal, or MGO for short. Manuka honey contains a particularly large amount of it. The secret lies in the main destination of the New Zealand bee: the Manuka plant. As an extremely robust shrub, it has spread all over the country. Even the New Zealand natives, the Maori, used leaves and seed pods to treat wounds, as well as juice and bark for digestive problems and colds. The further processing of the bees results in a synergy effect that intensifies the effect. Depending on where and how much the hard-working bees have collected flower nectar, the honey has different degrees of healing activity. That is why Manuka honey is offered in units (see interview on p. 45). It is best known for its use in clinics for wound care. Because honey creates a moist wound climate. “This promotes healing in the long term, because there is an increase in the number of cells that are responsible for defense. It prevents scar formation, because even with larger wounds there is no closure by the connective tissue, ”says Detlef Mix. In addition, honey dressings can be easily removed again. AD FEELING WELL-BEING HONEY AS A HOME REMEDY - WHEN TO USE? Manuka honey is the star in medical use, but the alternative practitioner also recommends our domestic bee products for everyday use. “Honey is definitely much better than sugar for sweetening tea and baking. Because it promotes health comprehensively. In addition, I would use honey for all inflammatory and infectious processes, ”says Detlef Mix. ‘FOR INJURIES AND BURNS:“ Even with an infected wound, either apply the honey directly with a spatula or on a gauze compress. Maybe a skin-friendly film or a standard bandage over it, ”recommends Heilpraktiker Mix. ‘FOR SLEEP PROBLEMS: Try a tablespoon of the sweet substance before going to bed or a (lukewarm) glass of milk with honey. The expert: "The milk covers irritated mucous membranes like a protective film, so it is very beneficial if you suffer from dry, irritating coughs." ‘AT LIPPENHERPES: Studies confirm that honey is better than antiviral ointments against unpleasant cold sores. Detlef Mix recommends a tincture made from propolis. “This is what the bees make from resins, which plants use to protect themselves from fungi and viruses. On the other hand, it is particularly effective. ”Regular application (several times a day) of propolis tincture helps with all fungal infections. for the dietary treatment of pain from movement and rest in the case of cartilage damage for more mobility - against wear and tear with the patented combination of L-proline and vitamin C: Prolinax® 'FOR COMPLAINTS IN THE MOUTH, THROAT AND NOSES: k_05 / 15 An active manuka for these internal inflammations -Honey with an MGO number (250+ or ​​400+) on the label, choose, take a teaspoon several times a day. When dissolved in a glass of water, it has a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect as a mouthwash. In the case of sinus infections, use the honey-water to rinse your nose. ‘FOR STOMACH AND INTESTINAL PROBLEMS: Snack on a spoonful of Manuka honey several times a day. Even with chronic intestinal inflammation, there are significant improvements through regular use. ANTON HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG MAY 2015 l Reformhaus Kurier 43 79236 Ehrenkirchen • www.huebner-vital.de Cranberry ® ADVERTISEMENT Natural support with FEEL GOOD Healing with. Honey manuka • cranberry extract and basic vital substances • practical portion stick • pleasant taste Our tip: For a healthy bladder it is important to drink a lot! k_05 / 15 Lose weight with honey 44 ANTON HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG Reformhaus Kurier l MAY 2015 79236 Ehrenkirchen • www.huebner-vital.de Lose weight with a sweetener of all things? The English honey expert and scientist Mike McInnes has discovered why this can work. Honey does not increase the blood sugar level, which is responsible for cravings and promotes the yo-yo effect in diets. (Of course, diabetics should keep an eye on their blood sugar level.) Honey is stored in the liver, which turns it into glucose, the energy supplier for the brain cells. The desire for sugar arises in the brain. Honey instead of sugar satisfies the needs permanently without any negative effect. ADVERTISEMENT IN CONVERSATION WITH HEIKE KRÜGER from New ZealandHaus in Bergkamen, www.neuseelandhaus.de Three questions for Heike Krüger What is special about Manuka honey? The antibacterial methylglyoxal. The MGO value gives you the opportunity to buy specifically for different areas of application. The concentration of the MGO value is measured before filling. Honey is considered active, i.e. highly effective, from a value of 100. We have four sizes 100+, 250+, 400+, 550+. The plus behind guarantees the respective value up to the next higher. And very important: Manuka honey can also be heated to over 40 degrees, i.e. drink tea with honey - without the antibacterial effect being lost. This is different from all other types of honey. Is there a rule of thumb when I should choose which MGO value? The higher the value, the more antibacterial and germicidal the honey, the 550+ is the strongest. But it is not necessary to consume such a honey every day if you are not severely, acutely or chronically ill. If you just want to strengthen your immune system, you should choose the 100+. A rule of thumb is: the further the path to the scene, the higher the value. Short way to the action, small strength. Do you have a stomach or intestinal irritation, chronic inflammation - then take at least 400s. in balance with Jentschura's alkaline cure “A balanced acid-base balance is the basis for long-lasting health, beauty and a good figure.” Moderator, model and nutritionist Monica Ivancan has relied on P. Jentschura quality products for many years. Can I rest assured that the honey is really active? The MGO-Manuka honey guarantees that the appropriate amount is present in it. Request information and free samples now: Tel .: +49 (0) 25 36-33 10-0 · [email protected]