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iPhone 7/7 Plus Noisy: How to Fix Noise

The Apple iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus have been available for a week. Several users report that the smartphone rustles or squeaks. This practical tip will tell you what you can do about it.

iPhones 7/7 Plus is rustling

As soon as the new iPhone is available to buy, Apple has its first scandal: In the course of the #Hissgate, many users report a whistling or rustling iPhone.

  • First of all, it must be noted: Other smartphones also make this kind of noise, such as the latest generation of devices from Motorola. However, the hissing and beeping noises are much quieter than Apple.
  • There are also very different scenarios in which the noises can be heard. For some, they are caused by longer, computationally intensive recordings in 4k mode, so that the sounds can also be heard in the videos. Other users are annoyed by the noise after listening to music, while charging or making calls. Others hear the sound as soon as they take their smartphone out of their pocket - that is, when it has been largely inactive.
  • Nevertheless, the noise can only be heard directly if you hold the iPhone almost directly to your ear. It is imperceptible at a normal distance from the face.

iPhones 7/7 Plus: What can be done against the noise?

Apple has not yet officially commented on the problem - probably also because the company is still dealing with the delivery bottlenecks for smartphones.

  • For some users it helped to set the volume to zero. If you don't listen to music or watch videos, that doesn't bother you.
  • Otherwise, there is only hope for a software update that will fix the problems that seem to be caused by the interaction between the loudspeaker and iOS 10. One of these was recently distributed by Apple - but rather it fixed the problems associated with the Lightning connector.
  • If it turns out that even such an update cannot fix the problem, the only thing that will help is replacing the devices by Apple. A complaint about the devices at Apple may have a similar effect, and there is already talk of successful attempts on the Internet. However, it remains to be asked whether the new devices do not also have the problems. In addition, an exchange should take several weeks due to the delivery bottlenecks.
  • In summary, this means: A really effective remedy for the noise of iPhones is not yet available at the moment. You can try to minimize the system volume. If that doesn't help, all that remains is to wait for an update that may fix the noise, or to try to replace the device with Apple, possibly with a wait of weeks.
  • Another tip: if you do not hold the iPhone directly to your ear, except when making a call, you will not hear any noise. The only real drawback is when recording videos, when there is a slight but permanent background noise.

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