Where can I find the progress bar in vb6

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I can not log in anymore.

Please check the spelling of your email address and your password.
If there is no pur-life account with this email address, you will be notified. If you set up your account between December 1st, 2016 and January 20th, 2017, you may have to repeat the registration.

My contract is not displayed correctly in my profile.

If you set up your contract after December 1st, 2016 and chose direct debit or bank transfer as the payment method, you will have to set up your contract again. There will be no double debits under any circumstances!

I tried to reset my password but I haven't received an email.

Please check your spam folder (sometimes called junk). The automatically generated emails sometimes end up there.

How can I register for 2 training plans at the same time?

Due to the complexity of this feature in connection with the nutrition plan, the training reminders and many other processes, it is only possible to have one training plan at a time. However, it is possible to select and edit a repetitive training plan from our list of training plans in order to add courses from another training plan.

Where can I find my watched videos?

There is a blue progress bar in each video box. If the video has been viewed completely, the bar turns green. Also at the bottom of the video box is when the video was last viewed.
You can find all videos that have been started or watched under Courses> Videos. There you can choose between "All videos", "started videos" and "watched videos".

Where can I find the welcome page?

After registering and activating your account, you will be taken to a welcome page.
You can also have a look at them later HERE.

My training plan has disappeared.

If you selected your training plan between December 1st, 2016 and January 20th, 2017, you may have to select it again. Here you will find an overview with the training plans.
If you do not want to start over, contact us briefly and we will set up your training plan for you.

What do the lines in the video boxes mean?

The colored lines in the video boxes indicate the level of difficulty of this video.
A short line (green) means that the course is suitable for beginners.
A middle line (orange) means that the course is suitable for advanced learners.
A long line (red) means that the course is very strenuous.
This is also shown to you when you move the mouse over the line.

How do I add a video to my favorites?

On the video playback page there is a "Like" button below the videos. If you already like the video, it says "I don't like it anymore". Videos that you like appear in your favorites.

How do I change my public name?

In your personal area (click on your initials in the navigation bar) under Manage Account -> Privacy you can set how your name should be displayed. You can choose between first and last name, only first name or first name and the initial of your last name.
Your name appears in public places like the Fitbook, in comments and the like.

Why don't the videos start on the smartphone?

Mobile devices or their browsers often do not allow autoplay in order to save resources. This means that the course overview usually only shows a still image or a black preview and the desired videos have to be started after selection by clicking on the play symbol.

Why do I still appear in the Fitbook statistics even though I have a private account?

With the setting "Who can see my activities?" "Only me" means that I still appear in the statistics from my point of view, only other users cannot see me there, regardless of my ranking.

How can I pause my current training plan?

It is possible to choose a start date using the registration form for the training plan. This date can also be in the past. If you register again for your currently active training plan, your start date will be automatically displayed. Set the date a few days forward to reset your plan the appropriate number of days to pick up where you left off. We will simplify this function in the future.

Why do the videos or parts of the page stop loading?

Since we regularly expand and improve pur-life, the page itself changes again and again. It can happen that your browser caches an old version and uses it.
This can lead to the video overview no longer loading.
You can fix this by emptying the cache of your browser. In most browsers it is sufficient to reload pur-life with Ctrl + Shift + R (or Cmd + Shift + R on Mac). All website data will be downloaded again.
Also, always make sure to use an up-to-date browser. Firefox and Chrome have always proven themselves so far.

With me, the videos sometimes stop or jerk - what could be the reason?

Since we work with one of the world's largest streaming service providers, the servers should always have sufficient capacity to play the videos on pur-life. Of course, technical difficulties can never be ruled out 100%, but in most cases the problem lies somewhere between the streaming service provider and your device. For example with your internet provider (T-online, 1 & 1, Vodafon, etc.) or with a weak W-LAN connection. Our video player uses automatic bandwidth detection to always provide you with the best possible quality, but especially with a fluctuating connection, this bandwidth detection can also cause the videos to jerk. If it adjusts the quality too often, or not quickly enough, to the currently available bandwidth. To avoid this problem, the quality can be selected and reduced manually by clicking on the "HD" symbol in the video player bar.
In addition, browser extensions (YouTube downloader, adblocker, noscript and many more) can cause such problems. So if you have problems with the videos, please try disabled add-ons.

I see the play symbol but cannot start the video? (Mobile)

The standard browsers preinstalled on mobile devices (usually labeled "Internet") are often not updated by the manufacturer in line with the times and are therefore prone to errors. A proven browser such as Chrome or Firefox should definitely be used.

What can I do if the page is not displayed correctly on my smartphone / tablet?

The standard browsers preinstalled on mobile devices (usually labeled "Internet") are often not updated by the manufacturer in line with the times and are therefore prone to errors. A proven browser such as Chrome or Firefox should definitely be used.

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