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The Green Mile


Stephen King

Nicknamed Brutal because of his size, Brutus is a sensitive, thoughtful guard who assists Paul in some of his most challenging tasks and only uses force when it is absolutely necessary. Brutal believes strongly in the ideas of justice and retribution, for he feels that God will send him to hell for murdering John Coffey, who is a gift of God. He decides to transfer out of E block after Coffey's execution, proving that his moral and spiritual qualms about the electric chair are sufficient to make him leave his job.

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As for your witnesses, most of them will be telling their friends tomorrow night that it was poetic justice — Del there burned a bunch of people alive, so we turned around and burned him alive. Except they won't say it was us. They'll say it was the will of God, working through us. Maybe there's even some truth to that. And you want to know the best part? The absolute cat’s pajamas? Most of their friends will wish they'd been here to see it.

"[...] But none of those things are the reason I want to help save her, if she can be saved. What's happening to her is an offense, goddammit, an offense. To the eyes and the ears and the heart. "

“Very noble, but I doubt like hell if that's what put this bee in your bonnet,” Brutal said. “I think it's what happened to Del. You want to balance it off somehow. "

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... temporary guards known as "floaters." The regulars include Dean Stanton, Harry Terwillinger, Brutus Howell (nicknamed “Brutally"Because of his size, despite his utter gentleness), and, finally, the cruel, idiotic Percy Wetmore. (full context)
... the time to go over Brutus Howell’S report of the previous night. In the report, Brutally mentions that Delacroix cried a bit before going to bed but that he took his ... (full context)
... mysteries. He recounts the first time the mouse appeared on E block. From the hall, Brutally had called Dean and Paul, who were in Paul's office, with an urgent voice. As ... (full context)
... but Paul, wanting to save the mouse, stops him. Curious to discover what will happen, Brutally gives the mouse a piece of his corned-beef sandwich. For the next few seconds, the ... (full context)
Brutally opens the “Visitors” book and records the mouse’s appearance, calling it “Steamboat Willy,” a reference ... (full context)
The next night, Brutally and Paul search for Steamboat Willy in the restraint room but are unable to find ... (full context)
... after these events have passed and Percy has already left the prison for Briar Ridge, Brutally calls Paul saying he has found the spot where Mr. Jingles was staying when they ... (full context)
... also finds little colored splinters of wood, which have been colored with wax Crayola crayons. Brutally and Paul realize that the mouse saved pieces of Delacroix’s colored spool in order to ... (full context)
... conversations with Percy about his behavior, decides, as a last resort, to tell Percy that Brutally doesn’t like him and could potentially handle the matter in a more violent way. The ... (full context)
... Paul and Dean contribute some more money. Toot-Toot only agrees to sell the box after Brutally reminds him that, in light of Delacroix’s execution, this would merely be a loan, not ... (full context)
Paul decides to go to the prison early and tell warden Moores to put Brutus Howell in charge of Wharton's reception. When he arrives at the prison around six o’clock, he ... (full context)
... Wharton was sedated from hospital drugs. Harry agrees, and even Percy grudgingly nods to confirm. Brutally glances at Paul and the two men agree, without words, that the guards will have ... (full context)
... Wharton's entrance on E block. While Wharton is daring Paul with his eyes to shoot, Brutally suddenly enters — by some miracle — and hits Wharton on the head with his baton. Dean crawls away ... (full context)
... pants from inside his cell and is sent to the restraint room as punishment. When Brutally walks in, making Wharton think he is going to attack him, he suddenly moves to ... (full context)
... While the other guards think Wharton might actually be suffering from a real physical problem, Brutally reassures them, saying he will be fine. When the door opens after twenty-four hours, Brutally... (full context)
Nevertheless, the next day, Wharton buys a Moon Pie from Toot-Toot and, at night, when Brutally walks the Mile to check on the prisoners, Wharton spits a long stream of liquid ... (full context)
To make Delacroix leave his cell for the guards to rehearse his execution, Brutally takes Delacroix and Mr. Jingles to perform their tricks in front of a group of ... (full context)
... Coffey did to his urinary infection and decides to pick up Mr. Jingles’s broken body. Brutally objects, but Paul tells him to keep quiet. He places Mr. Jingles in Coffey’s hands, ... (full context)
... his whiskers, and Delacroix laughs and cries when he holds him in his hands again. Brutally brings Delacroix the spool and asks him to throw it, to see how the mouse ... (full context)
... his mouse one last kiss, which puts the guards on the verge of tears, Dean, Brutally, and Paul escort him to Paul’s office where he says a Catholic prayer in Cajun ... (full context)
... electricity to flow through the man’s head, he places it dry on Delacroix’s head. Neither Brutally nor Paul — who is still upset about Mouseville — notices that anything is wrong. Nevertheless, Dean and Brutally... (full context)
... running down the condemned man’s cheeks. He tries to communicate what he has seen with Brutally, but his colleague doesn't understand. Paul violently grabs Percy’s arm and Percy’s face reveals the ... (full context)
... a popping sound is heard underneath Del’s mask. Paul runs to stop the electricity, but Brutally, extremely pale yet perfectly in control of his thoughts, grabs his arm, telling him not ... (full context)
... asks if he should stop the current. Paul yells back that he shouldn't. He tells Brutally, who is going to throw water on Del to stop the flames, to go get ... (full context)
... it becomes clear he is dead, Paul orders Van Hay to cut the electricity and Brutally to put out the fire. Brutally shoves the fire extinguisher into Percy’s arms, telling him ... (full context)