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2012 / Blog Post / English / Food & Drink / News

Feast your eyes

by okoehler on Jun 1, 2012No Comments

What would cavemen think of how food is packaged and sold today? Would they even consider today's cuisine edible? Food certainly has come a long way since Cro-Magnon man had to pounce on animals to fill their bellies. ...


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2012 / English / Food & Drink / Local / Review

Cat in a gray concrete house

by okoehler on May 29, 2012No Comments

The thing about Berlin and its bars is that after the fall of the wall there was almost too much free space to choose from. Berliners have been spoiled with bars in some of the most outlandish period venues. ...

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2012 / Art / Fine Arts / German / Interview / Media Culture

“Learning from Art” - An interview with the art critic Kolja Reichert

by okoehler on May 23, 2012No Comments

Art critics rush from one vernissage to the next, they allow themselves to be invited to drinks, fine dining and traveling - and in the end they write texts that hardly anyone understands. This is the cliché. But what really defines the work of an art critic? ...

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2012 / English / Food & Drink / Local / Review

Restaurant Crush: Chipps

by okoehler on May 21, 2012No Comments

In the heart of Mitte, surrounded by neo-modern townhouses and the foreign office, Chipps has earned a reputation as a prime breakfast joint. With Berlin’s culinary nighthawks in mind, the restaurant has now also revamped its evening menu concept. Could there be a restaurant crush coming on? ...

2012 / Art / Business / English / Events

Gotscha Gosalishvili - Retrospective

by okoehler on Apr 25, 2012No Comments

The relationship between art and junk is a repeated source of irritation. It causes a tightrope walk between two extremes. Either you think art made of junk is the height of impudence or you end up praising it as a stroke of genius.…

2012 / Blog Post / English / Events / Food & Drink

The Italian dream

by okoehler on Apr 13, 2012No Comments

Second birthdays are the first kids delight in. They’ve reached the phase where they think for themselves and are ready to run. ...


Bar crush: Lugosi

by okoehler on Apr 11, 2012No Comments

It's not like Berlin & I is obsessed with the morbid, what with our Nosferatu competition last month and this month’s bar of the month named after the famous vampire actor Bela Lugosi. But we do like to think we know a good bar when we see one. ...

2012 / Design / German / Interview

High Maintenance - Jan von Borstel on beauty in design

by okoehler on Apr 3, 2012No Comments

It's the first spring day of the year, and Jan von Borstel uses the opportunity to come to our meeting point in downtown Hamburg in his speedboat. So not a luxury yacht that glides gently over the waves, but a marine rubber dinghy that lets the passenger feel every wave of the Elbe as hard as iron. ...

2012 / Blog Post / English / Events / Food & Drink

Drayton Bar

by okoehler on Mar 14, 2012No Comments

There's something clandestine about the entrance to Berlin’s newest, suavest, swankiest drinking den, Drayton Bar. Not just because it's tucked behind the Westin Grand hotel in a back alley otherwise reserved for the hotel’s rubbish and supply trucks; ...

2011 / Business / Feature / German / Religion

Faith and Money - What Jesus, Moses, Mohammed and Buddha say about money

by okoehler on Dec 21, 2011No Comments

In London, the Occupy movement is camping against the power of the big banks in front of St Paul's Cathedral, while in Düsseldorf the camp is in the shadow of St. John's Church. It may only be a coincidence, but since the beginning of the financial crisis there has been an increasing number of questions about the relationship between belief and money.

2011 / Design / Feature / German / Media Culture / Society

Burqa versus bikini - Dutch design is famous. But can it also make a contribution to integration?

by okoehler on Oct 17, 2011No Comments

The fact that the Dutch are leaders in graphic design was proven at the end of September. At the Heidelberg poster competition “Courage to Fury” that wasGorilla collective from Amsterdam received the audience award for their motif “East meets West”. ...

2011 / English / Feature / Food & Drink / German / Interview

Cordial cool

by okoehler on Sep 1, 2011No Comments

In our last issue Sebastian Frank (Horváth Restaurant) had good things to say about his neighbor Matthias Gleiß and his cuisine at Volt. Berlin & I decided to pay Gleiß a visit in his restaurant in Kreuzberg and asked him which recommendations he would serve up. ...

2011 / Comics / German / Interview / Literature

Superman was a refugee - Interview with Barbara Eder, expert on migration in comics

by okoehler on May 6, 2011No Comments

Comics have always been closely related to migration. Superman, for example, had to leave his home planet as a baby and grow up abroad - his author Jerry Siegel was the son of Jewish immigrants to the United States. ...

2011 / English / Indie / Music Events / Review

José González at Admiralspalast

by okoehler on Mar 29, 2011No Comments

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, to Argentinean parents, José González brings together two very different cultures in his guitar-laden music. Highly technical arrangements go together with melancholy melodies and singing. ...

2011 / Art / English / Events / Society

Nola Pearls at the director's house

by okoehler on Mar 11, 2011No Comments

If you thought Berlin and carnival don’t mix, think again. The folks at the Direktenhaus art space provide proof that Berlin can actually give carnival a warm welcome, even though it's officially over. ...

2011 / German / Literature / Music / Politics / Review

E.L. Doctorow: Ragtime - anarchist perspective

by okoehler on Feb 11, 2011No Comments

There is no coalhouse walker. Even if he was in the famous library of the New York banker J.P. Morgan proclaimed the "US Provisional Government" for a short period of time. ...

2010 / Drug Culture / German / Interview / Literature

“An end to the drug literature is not in sight” - writing about and taking drugs

by okoehler on Dec 8, 2010No Comments

With his anthology “Rauschblüten - Literature and Drugs from Anders to Zuckmayer”, Stephan Resch, lecturer in German studies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, has published the only comprehensive inventory on the subject of drugs in German literature. ...

2010 / Art / Film / German / Media Culture / Unpublished

The Great Street Art Swindle? Banksy’s "Exit through the Gift Shop"

by okoehler on Oct 21, 2010No Comments

With a darkened face and a distorted voice, Banksy, notorious street art or graffiti artist and anti-protagonist of his first movie “Exit through the Gift Shop”, explains what he is about: “I used to encourage everyone to make art. I thought everyone should do it. But today I don't really know whether ...

2010 / German / Literature / Love & Sex / Review

Anne Hansen: Miss Jensen and love - tell me who you are

by okoehler on Oct 15, 2010No Comments

This book, the first novel by the Hamburg journalist Anne Hansen, is about the search for love. And in a similarly naive way, as the title suggests.

2010 / Ecology / Feature / Film / German

Dirt in space - space tourists

by okoehler on Jul 21, 2010No Comments

Space tourist Anousheh Ansari looks down at Earth from the International Space Station. She has dreamed of this moment since childhood. Seized by the beauty of the moment, she ponders the view of her planet from a height of 450 kilometers.

2010 / Art / Events / German / Society

RISE AND FALL - Dominic Wood & Benja Sachau

by okoehler on Apr 17, 2010No Comments

Art and Transcendence: Dichotomy or Unity? Does the one condition the other, or does the other condition the one?

The question that arises here is, of course, whether these pairs of terms inevitably only have to be mutually exclusive or complementary. ...

2010 / Film / German / Media Culture / Review

Planet of the cannibals - Germany 2020: two channels and the fight for the quota

by okoehler on Mar 23, 2010No Comments

In Hans-Christoph's Blumenbergs Sci-Fi B-Movie Satire, Germany is not a beautiful country on October 3, 2020. Heavily armed and armored police forces guard the laws of the country with an iron fist. ...

2010 / Advertising / Business / Ecology / English

Register Now: 3rd PCF World Summit - Business Sector Approaches to Product Carbon Footprinting

by okoehler on Feb 16, 2010No Comments

This March, the 3rd PCF World Summit will convene to present and discuss best practices in supply chain GHG management and business sector approaches to product carbon footprinting. ...

2009 / Business / Film / Interview / Political Theory / Society

Alexander Kluge: Capital - How theories become emotions

by okoehler on Oct 15, 2009No Comments

When we're talking about Alexander Kluge, it's about one of the most important German documentary filmmakers of the post-war period, the representative of the new German film school, the theorist and writer, most recently awarded the Theodor Adorno Prize in 2009.

2009 / Design / Feature / Film / German / Society

Bauhaus and Film - Myth Creation and Modernity

by okoehler on Apr 4, 2009No Comments

If today, 90 years after the opening of the first state school of the Bauhaus in Weimar, designers reflect on their roots in this movement, it is no coincidence. ...


Orgasm Addict - Visiting Porn Alcoholics Anonymous

by okoehler on May 7, 2008No Comments

Sexual for sale is seen as something completely natural and no longer has anything to do with behavior that deviates from the norm. Celebrities and rappers are open-hearted about their porn use. Online Sex Addiction, Sex Alcoholism, Porn Alcoholism, Cybersex, Orgasm Addict.


When language rules - the rule of words

by okoehler on Apr 30, 2003No Comments

"In the beginning was the Word," it is written in the Bible, and Hitler said: "Every great movement on this earth owes its growth to the great speakers." The word got around that language can wield tremendous political power. Only: only one person can win. ...

2002 / Comics / Feature / German / Literature / War & Peace

Vigilante justice in the rogue state

by okoehler on Nov 22, 2002No Comments

In his most recent “Batman” episodes, the comic artist Frank Miller turned the superhero into a lone fighter against the US government - a precarious move before the slide of 9/11.

2002 / Ambient / Electro / German / Local / Music / Unpublished

From Earth to Infinity - The Heidelberg record label Source Records

by okoehler on Oct 1, 2002No Comments

When the two techno musicians Jonas Grossmann and David Moufang finished composing their first CD in their studio in the shadow of Heidelberg Castle on September 22nd, 1992, were they already aware of the course they would take? ...

2002 / Digital Media / Feature / German / Literature / Media Culture / Society

Weblogs - Read and Be Read

by okoehler on Aug 28, 2002No Comments

"What we know about our society, yes about the world in which we live, we know through the mass media." In 1996 the sociologist Niklas Luhmann began his analysis of the “reality of the mass media”. ...

2002 / Comics / German / Literature / Review / War & Peace

The terrorist on our side: Batman's return

by okoehler on Mar 27, 2002No Comments

The problem with Batman and Internal Security is that it never really becomes clear which side of the law the "Dark Knight" is on. While the superhero Captain America wears his loyalty to the USA on his chest, so to speak, Batman walks in a kind of gray area. ...


Friendship ends with play money - The ultimate game of capitalism - Monopoly Tycoon by Infograms

by okoehler on Feb 8, 2002No Comments

In his latest novel “A Friend of the Earth”, the American author T.C. Boyle a quite memorable scene. ...

2000 / Business / Feature / German / Media Culture / Video Games

Is it, is it not? Contradicting the “crackability” of Sony's Playstation 2.

by okoehler on Jun 14, 2000No Comments

Is Sony Computer Entertainment's PR entangled in media overkill? If you are already planning to buy a PS2, you have to keep your nerves about as strong as an England or Germany fan. ...

2000 / Business / German / News / Video Games

Japan: Sales hysteria for the delivery of the Playstation 2

by okoehler on Mar 7, 2000No Comments

Competitors react quickly: Sega is giving away Dreamcasts in Japan; Microsoft is announcing the X-Box console this week. ...

1998 / Feature / German / Media Culture / Video Games

Console 2000: What the future of video games looks like

by okoehler on Nov 24, 1998No Comments

Now loading… Imagine you are playing Wipeout 2097 with eleven opponents. Actually a standard scenario. But behind the virtual avatars there are no random collections of bits and bytes, but eleven times Homo Sapiens who have gathered for a race fight in the telecommunications ether. ...

1997 / D'n'B / Feature / German / Interview / Music

Technical Itch - Drum and Bass producers and their dreams of the big… car

by okoehler on Aug 1, 1997No Comments

Technical Itch aka Decoder aka Peshay?!? As a student of and creative force behind DJ Peshay, Technical Itch or Decoder are not a new phenomenon in the British jungle scene. ...

1996/1997 / Electro / German / Local / Music Events

CHANNEL HD-800: Open relationships for open ears

by okoehler on Dec 1, 1996No Comments

In May of this year the work was done: Contraculture became pop culture! Shoko Asahara got his long-awaited solo entertainer show on the silver screen of the CHANNEL HD-800 and Terror was the joke of the day because of its "uncoolness". ...

1996/1997 / D'n'B / German / Local / Music / Music Events / Techno

Party Zone - December 1996 / January 1997

by okoehler on Dec 1, 1996No Comments

INVOLVING SYSTEMS: Access all buttons!

Techno is sound art. Techno is for everyone. Techno is the first step towards a culturally interactive future. Techno should be tangible. ...

1996 / D'n'B / Electro / German / Local / Music / Music Events / Techno

Party Zone - November 1996

by okoehler on Nov 1, 1996No Comments


Germany's second No. 1 magazine for house, techno and scene-blah, the Groove from Frankfurt, has refused to deal with the stress of a nationwide tour long enough. ...

1996 / German / Review / Travel / Unpublished

Hong Kong - Travel Guide

by okoehler on Oct 1, 1996No Comments

Welcome to Hong Kong! Welcome to the world seat of the bourgeoisie! But not much longer, because the countdown to the return of this crown colony to the former fatherland can no longer be stopped and slowly this outrageously arrogant special bastion of capitalism is running out of spit ...

1996 / D'n'B / German / Local / Music / Music Events / Techno

Party Zone - September / October 1996

by okoehler on Sep 1, 1996No Comments

Now that the techno pilgrims have returned from Berlin, Ibiza, Mallorca (the hot-hardcore tip), Switzerland, Wembley and Atlanta, one realizes again that techno does not tolerate really progressive food for thought and yet the live performance of Tortoise survived in Karlstorbahnhof. ...

1996 / D'n'B / German / Local / Music / Music Events / Techno

Party Zone - July 1996

by okoehler on Jul 1, 1996No Comments

Stay at home! Stop going away! After all, savings must be made; ...

1996 / D'n'B / German / Local / Music / Music Events / Techno

Party Zone - June 1996

by okoehler on Jun 1, 1996No Comments

While Heidelberg's council of elders is celebrating 800 years of city history, the normally partying youth looks deep into their pupils for the next 800 years and tears the future closer to them. ...