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Croissant + donut = cronut! This is the formula for the modern pastry creation, which is gaining more and more fans. Try the trend pastries and conjure up your own cronuts with our recipe - in a flash version.

For the frosting:
  • 100g powdered sugar

  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice

For the filling:
  • 0.5packets vanilla pudding

  • 250g whipped cream

  • 1 tablespoon of sugar

  • some wheat flour

  • 100g sugar

For the dough:
  • 200ml milk, heat

  • 1 packet of dry yeast

  • 60g sugar

  • 2Ei

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

  • 500g wheat flour

  • 0.5TL salt

  • 25g wheat flour

  • 250g butter

  1. Mix the milk and yeast with the whisk until smooth. Stir in sugar, eggs and vanilla. Mix 150 g flour and salt, stir in. Knead in the remaining flour with the dough hook of the hand mixer. Then knead well with your hands. Wrap in foil and put in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Mix the butter and flour until creamy, chill. Roll out the dough in a rectangular shape (45 x 32 cm) on a floured surface. Spread the whipped butter on it, leaving a small edge.

  2. Fold like a letter from the long sides towards the middle. Wrap in foil and chill for 40 minutes. Place the dough on the floured surface so that the open side is on the right and left. Roll out into a rectangle (45 x 32 cm), fold into a "letter" again and refrigerate for 40 minutes. Repeat the process three more times. Wrap in foil and put in the fridge overnight.

  3. For the filling, cook the cream pudding according to the instructions on the packet. Cover with foil and let cool lukewarm. Meanwhile, roll out the dough about 3 cm thick on a floured surface. Shape circles (9.5 cm Ø) with a metal cutter, turning the cutter back and forth so that the dough is not compressed. Cut out the "hole" with a small cutter (3 cm Ø).

  4. Bake curls in the hot oil (as soon as small bubbles rise on the spoon, you can start baking) on ​​each side for approx. 4 minutes. Drain on kitchen paper (you may also bake the center pieces).

  5. Let cool in sugar while still warm.

  6. Stir the pudding and fill it into a piping bag with a thin nozzle. Inject four times each into the ring. Mix the ingredients for the topping with approx. 1 tbsp water until smooth, then decorate the rings. Discover even more delicious sweet and savory yeast dough recipes or try this donut recipe too! Also delicious: Berlin recipes and our trend pastries!

  7. Do you fancy something special? Try our recipe for lemon fondant cakes, churros, cinnamon rolls, quark balls, donuts with icing and this delicious donut recipe or numerous modern recipes!

Nutritional values

Reference amount for an average adult according to LMIV (8,400 kJ / 2,000 kcal)

  • energy

  • Calories

  • carbohydrates

  • fat

  • protein

The best of both worlds: Cronut recipe

So-called "hybrid foods" are enjoying increasing popularity not only in the USA, alongside classics such as the New York-style bagel. In this country, too, more and more people are enthusiastic about the new creations made from well-known ingredients, which we briefly introduce to you in our overview of trend pastries: Cakepops, Whoopie Pies, Cronuts and Co. One of the hottest trend creations are cronuts, a cross between the French croissant and the American donut. The delicious pastry was invented by a French-born confectioner in New York. From there, his invention began a real triumphant advance around the world and inspired further innovations: for example the Cragel, which is presented like a croissant on the inside and a bagel on the outside and can be filled savory or sweet. The fried, fluffy batter in combination with a sweet filling makes the Cronut irresistible. If you don't want to cook a pudding first, you can also simply inject or add your favorite jam into your cronuts - or you can go one step further and fill it with our caramel pudding.

Decorate and fill the cronuts individually

If you like to change baking recipes according to your own taste, you can vary the filling and decoration of the cronuts. So love pearls, crumble, coconut flakes, biscuit pieces and nuts and peanut or butter cream, a marshmallow filling, caramel pudding and blueberries fit into the delicious pastries. Fruit lovers can also use any other seasonal fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries or pineapples - there are no limits to your imagination! Speaking of fruity: bake our exotic muesli biscuits with mango or our mini-Americans