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How to 'do' a headline, review

When it comes to headlines, the wheat is separated from the chaff. It is the first point of contact potential readers will have with the following article. Michael Meckelein has made it his business to make headlines more effective and at the same time more interesting for the reader.

In his book "The Power of Headings" the author gives tips on 164 pages on how bloggers, copywriters, journalists and authors can create better headlines. He goes into detail on the why and the right “ingredients” of a headline. Here Mr. Meckelein explains, easily understandable for the reader, how human perception works.

W questions in the heading

The book only becomes really target-oriented at the beginning of the 11 tips for more successful headline writing. However, you quickly realize what kind of headlines the book is largely limited to. Because answering the W questions and highlighting the usefulness of the article in the headline should not be new to any of the target groups addressed. A memory, on the other hand, does no harm.

In the third and final chapter, the author then gives tips on how to optimize headings. Here, the textbook is mainly aimed at online authors. Whether you really want to invest time and money to optimize headlines via Google AdWords or other A / B tests depends on the author's intention. Simpler and cheaper methods, such as Google Trends or the Keyword Planner, are completely neglected.

As you read, you get more and more of the impression of the types of headings that are being brought into focus here. With the help of the individual articles, it is well explained how sensational clickbaiting headlines, á la Bildzeitung or, succeed. The remark that the rest of the content of the article or book is also decisive acts more like a small side note.

Quickly through

Thanks to its small format and the layout of the sentence, the guide “The Power of Heading” can be read in less than an hour. But the author is a little wrong when it comes to target group design. For journalists, copywriters and authors, there are hardly any tips worth mentioning in the guide. The book is aimed much more at people who want to get a quick and cheap insight into headlines.

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About the author Michael Meckelein:

Michael Meckelein is an "early adopter" of the Internet. He has been working with the communication tool since 1994. As a web designer, he combines technical know-how with years of experience in e-commerce. More information at

The power of the headline: More readers, more customers, more money. A guide for bloggers, copywriters, authors and journalists. ”Was first published in August 2016 by Michael Meckelein E-Commerce, has 164 pages and costs EUR 9.95.


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