How to draw my little pony

How to draw "My Little Pony"? Consider a few options

Princess Celestia has a student - a unicorn. Her name is Solar Sparkle. To keep the pony from constantly studying, Celestia sends her and Spike to Ponyville. Sparkles meets new friends there. Before you start figuring out how to draw My Little Pony, you should carefully examine the main characters in this cartoon.

main actor

Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn. Its color is dominated by purple color. On the body, Sparkle has a white star with another one on it, pink. Around them are five other white little stars. Sparkle loves to study.

Princess Celestia picks up the sun. She has a long horn. She is tall and has beautiful wings. Celestia's tail and mane come in three colors: purple, turquoise and pink. The sun is on the body.

Rainbow Dash Pegasus. She has pink eyes and multicolored tails and manes. Rainbow is very brave. It speeds up the clouds. On the body is a cloud, under which there is a rainbow of three colors: red, yellow and blue.

Pinkie Pie - Pony, that's always fun. This pink beauty has lovely curly hair. She is not indifferent to sweets. She has three balloons on her thigh.

These are not all cartoon characters. And now let's find out how to draw "My Little Pony". Let's start with Twilight Sparkle.


This is how we draw "My Little Pony" step by step. It is not that hard. At the first stage, we represent a circle and draw Sparkle's face from it. Add the ear and horn. Immediately can be shown and bang. Next we finish parts of the face. Big eyes, mouth and nose. You can draw the body. To represent the legs, you must first determine their position using thin lines. Now you can draw the limbs yourself. We show the remaining hair and go to the wings. Now you have to draw a tail. You can pick up colored pencils and paint a picture. Sparkling purple paint. We represent stars as previously described. Color the tail and mane.


We'll talk further about how to draw "My Little Pony". Now we are going to portray the princess Celestia. First we draw two ovals. A smaller one - for the head. And the other oval is for the body. The upper small oval is divided into two parts. The lower part should be a bit higher. A pony is shown in the profile. We draw the shape of the eye, eyelid and eyelashes. Add your mouth and nose. We draw an ear and a long horn. He's screwing so you'll have to depict it on the strip. We draw pupils on the eyes. Add the top of the mane and crown. Next we draw Celestia's long mane, neck and jewel chain. Representation of the front legs. The right extremity should go behind the left leg. Now you can draw the rear hooves. Celestia has a very long tail. Draw it. We show the sun on the thigh. Drawings "May little pony" in pencil look even better if you paint them with markers.

Rainbow Dash

Draw the outline of the head. Shape the body. On the back of the drawing sheet. Connect the head and trunk lines. Next, draw the legs. On the head you need to depict the ear, smile and eyes. Rainbow eyes are usually mysterious. We pull a nose. Now you can draw a mane. We show the neck and front legs. We give the body the right shape and draw the back legs. It remains to add wings and a tousled tail. Don't forget the rainbow with a cloud on your hip. All that remains is to paint the Rainbow Dash. It's very easy. We paint the tail and mane in all the colors of the rainbow. Eyes are pink. Draw body in blue. In the end we talked about how to draw a "little pony". It turns out that everything is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The main thing - be patient and creative. Then everything will work out for sure.