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LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiles, which are floor tiles made of PVC. Their surfaces often imitate natural materials such as wood or stone in a deceptively real manner, but ceramic coverings, concrete or sand as well as plain-colored LVTs are also available. In addition to their appearance, many products have structures similar to the original materials.

For their production, phototechnical reproductions of the materials are applied to the surface of the design layer using printing or embossing techniques. This is protected from above by a thin, transparent wear layer as a cover and sometimes also a seal; at the bottom the carrier layer forms the support on the floor.

Whether wood, tile or natural stone look: the elastic synthetic covering is sometimes easier to care for than the original. The vinyl tiles have an installation height of a few millimeters and are easy to lay on an appropriately prepared substrate. In addition to products to be glued or self-adhesive, there are also occasional click systems (similar to laminate). The formats range from square tiles to planks in different sizes.


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