When we young bass tab


F #G#Bbm Boy why didn't you learn anything? F #G#BbmF. Look at Dieter: he even has a car! F #G# Why don't you go to Uncle Werner's workshop? Bbm He'll give you a permanent job if you ask him F #G#F # Boy ... and how you look again Dm Holes in the pants Bbm and this noise all the time C # (what should the neighbors say?) F # and then your hair Dm Words fail me Bbm do you have to dye them? C # (what should the neighbors say?) F # You never come home Dm we don't know what to do next boy, break? your mother's heart is not yet too late to enroll at university you were so interested in animals before, that wouldn't be your own practice boy .. ..and how you look again Holes in your nose and this one all the time Noise (what should the neighbors say?) Electric guitars and always these lyrics nobody wants to hear that (what should the neighbors say?) You never come home so badly we will disinherit you (what should the tax office say?) should it all end, aren't we worried? and you were such a cute child and you were such a cute child and you were such a cute child you were so cute? And always your friends you all take drugs and all this noise (what should the neighbors say?) Think? think about your future to your parents do you want us to die?