How do I change the Facebook time format

How do I change the time format of Windows 10 Lock?


The same applies here; I was able to set up the lock screen to show HH: MM through my personal account with administrative privileges. No hidden administrator account is required. This is like:

  1. Press +, Type and Press (this will open "Region" Settings)

  2. Set the formats "Short time" and "Long time" in the following window and click on "Apply".

  3. Select the "Administration" tab at the top and click the "Copy Settings ..." button.

  4. In the window that will open, check the box for "Welcome screen and system accounts".

  5. Click the "OK" button and lock the PC with + to test it.

I found a better answer than hacking the registry ... Thanks to zppinto for putting me on the right track. The problem remained that the time format was still US when no user is logged on.

First activate the hidden administrator user account:

  1. Run the command prompt as administrator
  2. Enter to view all user accounts
  3. Enter to enable the hidden administrator account
  4. Enter a password in the administrator user - always a good idea
  5. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, to switch users (or log out and log in to the administrator account).

    In the administrator account:

    • Open the Control Panel and click Change the date, time, or number format

    • Change the attitude on the tab Formats and click the button (Note: You may also want to change the language setting here to be copied to the splash screen, etc.).

    • Click the tab time and make sure that the correct time format is used (including the date format, etc.).

    • Back in the dialog box region click the tab Administrator and click the button

    • Check the box and to view the settings throughout Welcome Screen to copy

Note: It took a long time to copy my settings. So be a little patient - as the doctor told the dwarf

Did you try:

  • Go to "Settings" -> "Language and time" -> and to "Format" -> "Change date and time formats"?
  • Or go to "Control Panel" -> "Time, Language and Region" -> "Change Date Formats, Time or Number" and then change the format? You can also see "Additional Settings" in this window to make sure everything is formatted as expected.

If none of this works then I think the only solution will be to edit the Windows registry. There are some tutorials for Windows 8. I think it will be compatible with Windows 10 as well.

PowerShell method:

More details about how to change the Windows 10 lock screen time format from PowerShell

Thanks to frank's PowerShell code. Here's what I ended up with, a bit shorter and cleaner IMO.

A simpler solution that worked for me because I wanted to view it in the UK on a 24 hour clock.

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel
  2. click on region
  3. Change that format of English (UK) in English (USA)
  4. click on Take
  5. Change that format back on English (UK)
  6. click on Take and then on OK

Behind the scenes of Windows is something that changes the date and time format at the system level, although it is still displayed in the correct UK format in the front end. I think this is for Windows updates as it connects to US servers that need US format. I work with time tracking software and this has been a problem for us since Vista and still in Windows 10 (albeit less aggressive). I just did this on my new PC and it worked, but time will tell if Windows Updates changes it again.

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