How the missile approach warning system works

RWR with missile approach warning system

  • Oh! I did not yet recognize that!! is that already implemented ??? Or is that still to come?

    I'm currently working on the new campaign ...
    ... the coordinates of the waypoints somehow do not match the one in the ME and the one on the kneeboard
    ... Don't get it with the manual entry of waypoints
    ... the course display in the HuD also shows where it is going
    ... U / VHF frequencies cannot be changed to 133,300 also sometimes the mode switch from p to M and back
    ... with some Ki M-2000C the missiles hang freely under the wings
    ... And the subtitles often overlap, so that sections cannot be read at all.
    ... and with some ki bandits just fly out.

    Actually very nice, the missions, but somehow some things don't work
    or does one already have experience with it ???
  • So I'm not sure if this is already implemented, I thought I read something. Maybe in the 1.5.5 EA version

    Tin soldier wrote:

    U / VHF frequencies cannot be changed to 133,300, also sometimes switching the mode from p to M and back
    I already realised that. Nothing can be adjusted, it always jumps back to the original state.

    Unfortunately the Mirage still seems to have some bugs. Let's hope that these will be fixed soon.
  • To be honest, I was hoping that it was all up to me. So of course it is mostly as you say bugged. It's a shame too!
    There it is again ... wait ... wait ... wait ...
    I also think that the Policelight should go after the last update. for me only the two refueling lights are lit. or should that be one of them, then something is wrongly proven.
    Do you have to turn on the pilot light and / or switch on the special fashion advent wreath?
  • Jop I noticed that with the lights too.
    I really hope that the Mirage will be finished soon, this week I started working on a guide for the German community.
    In the meantime I am confused as I was at the beginning, how what should react and whether it should really be like that ......
    I can probably interrupt again there
    Anyone know if all the weapon systems or countermeasures work.

    @Zinnsoldat DDM system should supposedly already be implemented, but must be set separately in the ME. But where do I not know right now.
  • Can't access the sim at the moment.
    Before the release of the campaign and update, I had the feeling that the ECM, RWR, IR-Jammer worked as far as possible. Except for the auto mode, which also controls the non-existent jamming container? /!

    I was able to determine (my impression) that the IR jammer, depending on the setting, works less strongly and very strongly (i.e. the activation of the enemy and own IR missiles and hit accuracy) and influences.
    But not subtle differences that you set on the wheel. (so only weak medium and strong)
    Now I am confused because the wheel has recently been used to control the ejection interval and number of decoys (I don't see a logical system here).
    I got the impression that this actually sets the strength of the IR jammer ...
    Since now always flares and chaffs are emitted at the same time (not individually selectable), until the flares are all and then only chaffs are emitted.
    There is also a lack of a much more precise description of the operation of the whole thing.

    With ECM I already had the impression that, depending on the setting, the radar is subordinate to the ECM or vice versa. (I got away with quite a few R-77s and AIM-120B / Cs
    I think the switch names in the cockpit should be such that they can be found in the control settings without any problems and so the joys can quickly be assigned. but this is not only the case with this module.

    Rador contacts, everything that is over 40KM / miles with M-2000C is coincidental when it appears on the radar, especially when you fly high and swing the radar all the way down. (I feel more or less about the other mods, but somehow as well).

    If the target is locked, then lured, rockets of both types locked or captured the target, I would say (as far as I can see)
    simulated really well.
    Also in terms of flight path and hit probability / accuracy.

    I can't say much about the AG armament yet, but there also seems to be something wrong.
    E.g. the display, lock, and control of the target point in CCRP mode on the HUD.
    or drop two bombs at the same time: on one side of the wing, the outer bomb is released at the inner flight station (double carrier), and on the other, the inner bomb. Is that correct?
    Otherwise the CCRP modude seems to work quite well.

    But people would have to express themselves who know what should be simulated in the simulated, and whether this also works the way it is or what is not yet the case.
    and this with examples. You hang dumb in the air and ask yourself, BUG, ​​your own stupid or Alpa, beta or Geceta?!?!?!