What does devitalized tissue mean


thanks for the answers, but somehow it doesn't tell me whether Decitex is another material besides Hypalon and PVC or one of the two in a certain strength or processing. In the description of the boat it finally says made of Decitex and not, for example, polyurethane in Decitex quality.

Hello Rainer neither! As already written, Decitex is exclusively the statement about the strength of the carrier fabric, which in most cases consists of a synthetic fiber (this in turn mostly from some nylon derivative: Trevira, Cordura, etc. pp.) On which either on the Neoprene on one side and Hypalon on the other or PVC in different numbers of layers on both sides.

And this strength says more or less something about the tensile strength of the fabric. no additional material. Unfortunately, boat descriptions are mostly only subject to advertising truth and they are written by copywriters and not by technicians, because they are (hopefully ) have something else to do. All right?
Greetings and always a hand's breadth of water under the keel!
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