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When looking for a set of new tires, it's not just the manufacturer and the look that play an important role. Above all, the right tire size is crucial, because it carries essential to safety of the vehicle.

There are two ways to find the right tire size for your vehicle:

Take a look at your tires

The safest and easiest method is to take a look at your current tires. You can use these values ​​as a guide without hesitation. Furthermore, the type of tire is also decisive, so you should make sure that you do not use summer tires in winter, for example.

The vehicle registration document provides information about the most important parameters

It is of course also possible to take a closer look at the vehicle registration document. This not only gives you information about the tire size, but also explains the maximum load capacity and the maximum speed for which the tires must be approved.

It is possible to change the tire size, whereby an examination by an authorized testing organization is necessary, which must confirm the new dimension of the tires.

All values ​​explained should be strictly observed in order to be compatible with the respective vehicle.

How to interpret the tire values

On the sidewall of the tire there are signs and letters that may seem incomprehensible at first. When these are understood, finding the right tires is easy.

Using an example, 205/55 R16 91V, we will explain to you how to understand the data correctly.

The first specification stands for the tire width in millimeters, in our case the tire has a width of 205 millimeters. This is followed by the percentage height-width ratio, in this example the height of the tire is 55 percent of its width. In the following, the R indicates that it is a radial tire. Then the rim diameter is specified, which is measured diagonally from rim edge to rim edge. Here it is 16 inches, which clarifies the size of the rims.

After the size of the tire, two other important properties are given. Starting with the load index (LI), here 91, which indicates the maximum load capacity of the tire. Converted, this value results in a maximum load of 615kg per tire. Finally, the speed index (SI) provides information about the maximum permissible speed, which in our case translates to 240 km / h. The conversion of both figures can easily be seen using the tables on the manufacturer's website.

Now you know about the individual details of the tire size and can devote yourself to the tire search. In the following we will explain the most common tire dimensions.

175/65 R14

The 175/65 R14 dimension is above all in small cars common, for example with the Opel Corsa or that Peugeot 206. The tire is 175 millimeters wide and has a height-to-width ratio of 65%. It is a radial tire with a rim diameter of 14 inches. An example of this tire size is the Continental Contipremiumcontact 5, which covers the shortest possible braking distances on dry and wet roads.

For all 175/65 R14 tires

195/65 R15

The tire size 195/65 R15 is particularly important Mid-range models used. These include, for example Audi A3 and the Renault Megane. The tire width in this dimension is 195 millimeters and the ratio of the tire height to the tire width is 65%. The radial tire has a rim diameter of 15 inches. Here, the Dunlop Sport Bluresponse is a very good choice, which received top marks in all renowned tests.

For all 195/65 R15 tires

225/45 R17

Especially Sports cars and limousines drive with tire size 225/45 R17. These include, for example, the premium models Audi TT and BMW Z4. These drive with significantly wider tires than small cars, for example, which can be seen from the tire width of 225 millimeters. The height-to-width ratio is 45 percent and the rim diameter is 17 inches. The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 from Goodyear with its good handling and excellent grip is ideal here.

For all 225/45 R17 tires

215/55 R16

Tires with size 215/55 R16 are mainly at Limousineslike that Audi A4 and the Citroën C5 the common choice. The tire is 215 millimeters wide and the ratio of height to width is 55%. The rim diameter of the radial tire is 16 inches. A reliable example of this tire size is the Michelin Primacy 3. It has high safety reserves and very good deceleration values

For all 215/55 R16 tires

205/50 R17

The tires of the BMW 5 series and the Peugeot 308. For example, the Primacy HP and the Alpin A4 from Michelin are used here. The latter is durable and particularly reliable in aquaplaning.

For all 205/50 R17 tires

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