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Water buffalo meat

The water buffalo originally comes from Asia and belongs to the genus of cattle. Due to its adaptability, it is native to large parts of the world as a livestock. The robust, uncomplicated animals live outdoors all year round, where they feed on fresh grass and wild herbs. At PIELERS you can buy the finest quality buffalo meat.

Water buffalo meat is a delicacy

Have you ever tried buffalo meat? Almost all gourmets who have tried this high-quality meat for the first time are enthusiastic about the full-bodied, balanced taste. It's a wonderful alternative to classic beef. The secret of the incomparable aroma lies in the meat itself. It is not the fat that is the flavor carrier in water buffalo meat, but the muscle. Although it tastes similar to traditional beef, it is milder, nutty, and surprisingly tender. It reminds a little of game. You can literally taste the grass and herbs of the pasture. The water buffalo meat that you can order from PIELERS is real gourmet meat.

Buffalo meat is healthy enjoyment

The water buffalo provides the best conditions for everyone who attaches great importance to a healthy diet and who want to avoid toxins and drug residues. At PIELERS you can buy buffalo meat that comes from exemplary husbandry. The calm, docile animals live in the herd all year round on the pasture. It goes without saying that such a beef is characterized by robustness and stress resistance, which is reflected in the excellent meat quality. Slaughtering and cutting is carried out gently and in the immediate vicinity in order to spare the cattle any stress.

The meat of buffalo from species-appropriate husbandry, as you can order it online at PIELERS, is extremely low in fat and cholesterol and at the same time rich in proteins, minerals and trace elements. It has high nutritional value.

  • Buffalo meat
  • is rich in valuable proteins,
  • has a lot of iron,
  • has a good ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids,
  • and has a high content of linoleic acid, which is of great importance and vital for the human organism.

If you want to buy fresh water buffalo meat, take a look around our virtual farm shop. With us you will find a selection of different products and cuts.

An alternative to classic beef

The meat from water buffalo that you can buy from PIELERS comes from guaranteed sustainable, species-appropriate origins. It is an excellent alternative to conventional beef, especially if you value that special note in taste. The incomparable aroma, which has its origin in the animal's food source with only grass, herbs and willow flowers.

Prepare water buffalo meat

In principle, the preparation of steaks and fillets from water buffalo is easy, similar to beef. However, it has shorter meat fibers and less fat and water. So don't cook it too long and too hot. If you want your steak to be crispy, add generous amounts of salt just before frying it. With these tips you can do everything right:

  1. Take the buffalo meat out of the refrigerator two hours before preparing it.
  2. If you want, you can marinate it beforehand with olive oil and herbs; but do not add salt yet.
  3. Salt the steaks on all sides just before frying them to make the surface crispy.
  4. Sear it, then continue cooking on a medium to low temperature.

Note: The cooking time of buffalo meat is shorter than that of classic beef.

Buy water buffalo meat - directly from the producer

PIELERS is your virtual farm shop where you can buy the best meat from the farmer. All producers who offer their products from us commit themselves to the highest standards in animal husbandry, rearing and slaughtering as well as the cutting of the cuts. The keeping must be species-appropriate, if possible organic, the animals must not be inflicted unnecessary suffering. The protection of the calves is particularly important to us. The farmers make sure that the calves are fed with the suckler cow for a long enough time.

Here at PIELERS you will find the best quality meat that you can buy directly from the producer. All of our farmers practice their own breeding. You are guaranteed to receive meat from animals that have been lovingly and carefully raised and kept. Transparency is important to us. You can find the exact origin of the animals on our website, where the producers introduce themselves and you can get an overview of their farm and their philosophy.

Buffalo husbandry in Germany

In Italy the keeping and breeding of water buffalo has always been widespread. More and more gourmets are increasingly enjoying the valuable meat here in Germany. Therefore, the number of German farms that keep and breed these animals on their pastures is increasing. However, not all buffalo meat is the same. Depending on the origin, the fillet or steak has slightly different taste notes. German buffalo meat is characterized by its mild, nutty aroma, which mainly comes from the wild plants that the animal consumes. The water buffalo is not only popular for its meat production. Excellent cheese can be made from its milk. Gourmets appreciate the buffalo mozzarella. Many other varieties also convince with their extraordinary taste. Also available from PIELERS: specialties made from buffalo milk.

PIELERS is your farm shop

You can shop like in a farm shop online at PIELERS. Quite comfortably without leaving your home. Our website offers an overview of various foods such as cheese, meat, spices, drinks, delicacies and much more that are predominantly obtained and produced organically. The PIELERS meat range is extensive. Click through our offers, you will find the right piece for every dish. In addition to steaks, fillets, roasts or minced meat, we have various types of sausage products, including buffalo.

You can easily buy water buffalo meat in our online shop. After you have ordered it via our website, it will be carefully and resource-savingly packaged at the producer and dispatched. With constant cooling, it arrives at your home or at the specified desired address within one or a maximum of two days. You can freeze the vacuum-packed cuts directly if you only need the meat at a later point in time.