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Illager patrol

A Illager patrol is a naturally occurring gathering of raiders or (on hard difficulty) servants[Bedrock Edition only]

Occurrence [edit]

Java Edition [edit]

Illager patrols spawn as a group of five raiders or 2-5 raiders with servants[Bedrock Edition only] An illager in this group is always a robber chief, recognizable by him ominous banner on his head. This captain is followed by the other illagers.

Patrols appear in every biome (apart from Mushroom Land and Mushroom Land Coast). They appear after the world is 100 minutes (5 Minecraft days) old. After 10-11 minutes an attempt is made to create an illager patrol. This attempt has a 20% chance of success. Illager patrols will not spawn if the player is near a village.

Bedrock Edition [edit]

In the Bedrock Edition, Illager patrols are created within a radius of 24-48 blocks in each biome (apart from Mushroom Land, Mushroom Land Coast, Nether, and Ende) around the player. If the player is in a village, the radius goes beyond 48 blocks. Additionally, Illager patrols can also spawn in biomes.

Behavior [edit]

Illager patrols search for villages, wander around, attack players and villagers, iron golems, snow golems‌[Bedrock Edition only] and traveling dealers. As soon as the player is no more than 10 blocks away from an illager patrol, the looters open fire and do not stop until the player has died or is more than 10 blocks away from the looters.

In the Java Edition, witches and other illager who are in the immediate vicinity of a robber chief can join the illager patrol. In contrast to the looters, they only run along, but do not actively search for targets such as villages or the player.

In the Bedrock Edition, other Illager patrols, which are within a radius of up to 64 blocks around the player, are alerted as soon as a member of a patrol is attacked. It doesn't matter whether the attacker is the player or another creature.

If the robber captain is killed, the player receives the bad omen status effect and the captain lets in ominous banner falling.

History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
Full version 1.14
  • Illager patrol added
  • Beasts no longer spawn on patrols
  • Patrols can now include up to five illager
  • Commanders now give the bad omen effect to the player who kills them
  • Illager patrols spawn less often
Full version 1.14.3(1.14.3-pre2)
  • Illager patrols spawn even less frequently
  • Minions no longer spawn on patrols
  • Illager patrols can now spawn in any biome except Mushroom Land
Full version 1.16(20w06a)
  • Patrols no longer appear if the player is only near a village