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2019 survived according to Statistia 10 million people together with at least one dog. This coexistence often raises legal questions: What do I have to consider when buying a dog? Can the landlord prohibit keeping dogs? Who is liable in the event of damage?

Do you have any questions about dog law? A dog law attorney can tell you about anything Rights, obligations and legal requirements enlighten.

Rights and duties according to the state dog law

Each state has its own laws for Attitude, guidance and supervision of a dog. These are intended to ensure that dogs do not pose a threat to the physical integrity of humans or other animals.

According to the state dog law, the dog owner bears full responsibility for his animal: He has to Needs of the animal meet, accommodate it in a species-appropriate manner and ensure exercise, care and education. In addition, he must have legal provisions for Insurance and tax liability note.

You have to keep this in mind when buying a dog

In addition to general questions such as There are often legally relevant questions in the room, e.g. about the breed and financing of the dog and whether the rental agreement allows a dog: Whether you buy your dog from a breeder or from private individuals from abroad and in Germany often decides whether You one healthy and social Dog received. That is because animals are treated by a responsible person breeder or a serious one animal shelter are mostly healthy, well-groomed by a veterinarian and have a chip. The opposite is often true of private individuals who happened to receive puppies or who are mass breeding.

A Purchase contract legally secures the dog purchase. A dog law attorney can help you draw up a legally secure contract and counteract potential legal disputes.

Dangerous dogs and list dogs

Each state defines differently which dog breeds as dangerous or as fighting dogs apply and be included in appropriate lists. If your dog is affected, apply to the keeping special requirements: For example, the owner must be of legal age, have a flawless certificate of good conduct, pass a proficiency test and equip the dog with a muzzle in public. If you keep the dog contrary to the legal requirements or you do not have a permit, you have to go with it Penalties of up to € 10,000 calculate.

Are you unsure whether your dog is a dangerous dog and what requirements you have to meet? A dog law attorney can look into the matter and advise you on the requirements. If he considers a condition to be unjustified, he can deal with the authority and the Suspension of action obtain.

Who is liable in the event of damage?

Breeders are responsible for everyone Material defectsthat show up after buying a dog - for example illnesses or missing vaccinations. Through the breeder's liability, buyers can initially Supplementary performance desire. If supplementary performance is not possible - e.g. B. in the case of incurable diseases - you can from Withdraw the purchase contract and damages for veterinary fees, vaccination costs and purchase price.

in case of an Dog bite the dog owner has to answer for negligent bodily harm. Next Claims for pain and suffering the bite can be displayed. Then the public order office intervenes and checks the dangerousness of the dog. Muzzle compulsory, leash compulsory or character test can follow. In rare cases, the authority may have a particularly aggressive dog confiscate and put to sleep.

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