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Never for Nothing

From the Orphan No More website; As a community our vision is to create family and redemptive art that shatters the hold of hopelessness. Our work as artists is to serve those around us in the amplification of truth and hope, in the midst of so much pain and chaos. The work we do; developing and discipling artists, creating and releasing music and film as well as hosting events that inspire and encourage is without pay or funding, the generous contributions of our friends around the world keep the lights on sustain our redemptive work. The opening "Thousand Lifetimes" is quite beautiful. Beginning with just an acoustic guitar, the song really comes to life when it's joined both the vocals and viola. “It is Done” is, not surprisingly, about the crucifixion and the victory we have in Jesus. If you like the music of United Pursuit, I think that this EP will be your cup of tea. Some of the songs sound rather raw and, perhaps, they were recorded live. "Easter Morning" would fall into that category. Completely opposite in production is "Grateful Response." Lovely lead vocals carry this song, with lyrics such as; “I wanna love like you; Give thanks like you; Lay down my life for someone else, like you. "

Overall, an eclectic mix with, at times, some very nice vocals. 6/10. 

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“I wrote Something Like Love after becoming aware of how easy it is to question God’s perfect love for us,” Dani writes.

“Our human experience often becomes the lens through which we see God and sometimes this unconditional love seems unfathomable. This song acknowledges that journey, as well as celebrating the truth that His love is safe and therefore, a safe place for us to love in return. "

Dani is a Singer / Songwriter from Bath UK. Standing out from the crowd of similarity, the voice of Dani Miché is one that is not just unique but incredibly powerful. Involved and engaged with a love for music from a young age, and hailing from a highly musical family, Dani's talent should come as no surprise. In the words of the artist herself, “The way I write music is not just about the message; I want it to be a visceral experience - (an experience) where the melodies and instrumentation impact the listener, exploring the wonder that is music and how it can impact the deepest places through just one note, a melody or a word. "

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Orphan No More‘S new release ‘I Belong’ is the first installation in their highly anticipated debut album "Even Now, I Belong" and stands at the forefront of a bold statement of hope that is intrinsically woven into this record. Soulful and vibrant, ‘I Belong’ is the unfiltered proclamation of giving your all to the one who carries you through every storm.

This live version captures the true essence of our community; that we belong in the truth of who God says we are. May this song be a reminder that God is both our Father and our friend - dependable in all circumstances and everything we need.

Orphan No More, based in Bath, England started as a group of friends sharing redemptive art in a living room. Inspired by the sounds of indie, folk music this collective is made up of singers, songwriters, poets and instrumentalists whose central passion is to celebrate hope.

Their debut EP’s Exhale Vol. 1 and 2 share the honest story of grief and loss but ultimately points the narrative back to the One who stands with us in the storm, outside graves and in the middle of the desolate place.

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ESTHER MOORE: The Answer. (

This debut single from Esther Moore has been released in support of World Refugee Day, and is provocative call to love without condition and reservation. Of the song, Esther says; “The Answer was written from a place of deep wrestling. What is our response when faced with senseless violence and hate- filled attacks on innocents? The natural response is to react with fear and hatred of the individuals responsible and a desire to make them pay. My question, inspired by those who chose another way, was this: what would happen if we chose the most counter-intuitive, difficult and challenging response - and chose to love instead? " The song itself sees Esther with a vocal quality and delivery akin to that of Florence Welch. It's lovely to be able to hear every word sung so distinctively, when many of today's productions bury the vocals within a cacophony of sound. “Stand with one voice. Love is the answer. " What a simple message. 7/10.

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Orphan No More is excited to release the new single from RACHEL JANE, "Waiting For A Change" (produced by Joshua Luke Smith). This new, dynamic, high energy offering showcases an honesty from the young songstress that evolves into an anthem of courage, perseverance, and strength, in the midst of frustration and delay.

She says of the record “This song came out of a season where I learned that even when you feel so ready to do all that you feel born to do, it's not necessarily going to happen when you want it to. This song is for anyone needing encouragement in a time of waiting and growing in patience. Keeping holding on and pressing in, breakthrough can happen in a moment. "

With soul-bearing vocals and more passion than ever, her new EP ‘The Mountain’ will be released in July 2017, showcasing a maturity, vulnerability and open-hearted honesty that has become of Rachel Jane since her debut.

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Independent Record Label, Orphan No More is honored and excited to welcome RACHEL JANE to the family. We have had the pleasure of getting to know Rachel over the last year and have been blown away by her gift for songwriting, her incredible voice and her heart for embedding beautiful messages of hope within her artistry. We are so thrilled to be able to partner with her.

Some of you may have seen Rachel perform at The Journey last month as she played some of her songs from her debut EP. We're excited to announce her project will be dropping on the 12th of May 2015, put it in your diaries! Get to know Rachel by connecting with her online and look out for her new music!

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