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Bossk, Cahhmakt, Cradossk, Gha Nachkt, Nack Movers, Vossk, Ssoh, Pekt, Karniss, Porg, Hadocrassk, Osskski, Slyssk, Gorth, Qyzen Fess, Cyr Hassk

The Trandoshan are an intelligent, reptilian species from the planet Trandosha, that of the Trandoshan themselves Dosha or Hsscor is called. In their warlike culture, the hunt for other living beings plays a central role - both socially and spiritually.

The proper name that the Trandoshan give themselves is T'doshok. They speak their own guttural language called Dosh, but most of them understand and usually speak Basic as well.

Since Trandoshans mostly only leave their home planet to pursue the hunt and the other martial aspects of their culture, they have a bad reputation in the galaxy and are considered brutal, bloodthirsty and cold-blooded. In fact, there are not only mercenaries, bounty hunters, slave traders or Wookiee fur hunters among the Trandoshans, but also scientists, engineers and members of almost all other professional groups. However, the former dominate the image that outsiders have of the Trandoshan species.


Trandoshan are reptiles and as such have a cold-blooded metabolism (popularly also - zoologically incorrectly - referred to as "cold-blooded"). Your body is covered with greenish to brown scales. A full moult takes place once a year.

Trandoshans are an egg-laying species. For the purpose of procreation, men and women form alliances of convenience in arranged relationships that are not binding or monogamous in nature. The women lay up to four eggs at the same time, which they either hatch in their house or in the warm brood swamps on Trandosha. Since the Trandoshans' culture is very much characterized by the "right of the fittest" and competition among themselves, it is not uncommon for one of the children to kill and eat the other siblings after birth or at a young age in order to compete in this way Eliminate the successor of the father The Trandoshan offspring can walk immediately after hatching.