What is relevant knowledge

Work breakdown structure. Organize the tasks of the project hierarchically.

In order to determine the tasks of your project, you can move from the more general subtasks to the more detailed work packages or the other way around: first define the work packages and then bundle them into subtasks and sub-projects. These approaches are called top-down and bottom-up:


You break down the project from top to bottom to get to your sub-projects and then to your work packages. This method is suitable if you are very familiar with the tasks in the project, for example because you have already planned similar projects.


You plan from the bottom up to get from your work packages to your sub-tasks and sub-projects. If you are tackling a project whose entire content you cannot yet determine, then this procedure is suitable. In addition, project staff can determine and plan the necessary work packages in the respective specialist area themselves.

In practice, a combination of both methods has proven itself, because it allows you to find all project tasks more easily.