Realize how blessed you are

You are blessed!

In a four-part series we want to pursue such promises of God that the Bible gives us: You are blessed; You are called; You are liberated; You are sent.


Because I love you

Experiencing affection, being promised good things - not an empty phrase, but exactly what people need at the moment in order to be able to continue on their way - that is a real blessing. As with Deutero-Isaiah, where God, through the mediation of the prophet, gives people in Babylonian exile, in an experience of distance, comfort and hope with the two-fold “Do not be afraid” (Isaiah 43: 1.5) and assures them of his closeness: “ Because in my eyes you are dear and valuable and because I love you ”(Isaiah 43: 4). In addition, he shows people new perspectives forwards: "Don't think about what used to be ... See, now I'm doing something new" (Isaiah 43: 18-19). Blessings, such as God gives them to us, create life.


Blessing of Creation - Image of God

From the beginning, as God's creatures, man is under God's blessing. In the creation story in Genesis 1, 1–2, 3, God first creates living space and rhythm of life before air, water and land creatures find their place - likewise man, as a created image of God. Man thus becomes God's representative on earth. If in the environment of Israel - especially in Egypt - the kings were such representatives of God with all the privileges of power over humans and animals, the situation is different in Genesis 1: 26-30. Here everyone receives this royal dignity regardless of gender, age and social class. However, this blessing also includes taking responsibility for what God created.
This is often accompanied by the image of the shepherd who looks after his flock and goes after every single sheep that has gone astray. With this parable in Matthew 18: 12-14, Jesus warns the hearing not to simply exclude those who have got caught in the turmoil of life, but to stand up for them and enable them to start over.
In Jesus himself this caring and salvific blessing is all-encompassing realized - in his work, in his death and in his resurrection. In baptism, Jesus experiences a vision of his close bond with God, who identifies him as his beloved Son and fills him with his spirit, as is told in Mark 1: 9-11. In Matthew and Luke this relationship is already expressed in the birth of Jesus. In this way God gives all people unimaginable dignity! «


- Suggestion:
Where do I find myself blessed?
How can I be a blessing to others myself?



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Biblical texts as sources of strength

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