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In Sanskrit, war literally means “the desire for more cows” - Reiner Knizia's family game KHAN OF KHANS

In Sanskrit, war literally means "the need for more cows" ...

That is the goal of Chaosium's family game KHAN OF KHANS - "attack your enemies, conquer cows and win the game!" - currently active on Kickstarter and financed with over 200%!

KHAN OF KHANS brings together two of the most accomplished and legendary people in the game industry: the world-famous game developer Dr. Reiner Knizia and the "great shaman of the games" Greg Stafford.

Although our game is set in Greg Stafford's mythical world Glorantha (RuneQuest, King of Dragon Pass), the Khans very well get what the ancient Vedic Indians were about.

The players are khans of different fantastic tribes in the steppes of Prax, each tribe rides its special animal, which gives it special abilities. Everyone tries to amass the largest herd while trying to stave off enemy magic, animal mass exodus and attempts by other players to steal their cows.

Our fun and fast card game for ages 9 and up is an ideal family game.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until January 31st and we would like your support. We are looking for tribesmen who accept the challenge of leading their tribe to glory - Wa-ha!

And if you want to try the game, download KHAN OF KHANS Print & Play for free - there are also rules with comments in German.

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