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A good tale is none the worse for being told twice in other languages:

EnglishGermanA.goodtaleisnonetheworseforbeingtoldtwice.It never hurts to tell a good story twice.Partial agreementtwice-toldtalestory told many timesnonetheworseforwearin spite of all this without prejudice to benonetheworseforsth.to survive sthLifeisataletoldbyanidiot, fullofsoundandfury, signifyingnothing.Life is a fairy tale, told by a fool, full of sound and anger, that means nothing.aturnfortheworsea turn for the worseto takeaturnfortheworseturning to the worseIthasbeentold to you, mankind, whatisgoodIt is said to you, man, what is goodagooddealworsemuch worsebeinggoodforgoodtwice-toldtold twiceWhat'sgoodforthegooseisgoodforthegander.What is mine right is cheap to others.A.goodlatherishelpedtheshave.Well prepared is half done.A.goodbeginishelpedthebattle.Freshly diced is half won.Thepaintingisagoodlikenessofhim.He met well on the painting.A.badexcuseisbetterthannone.A bad apology is better than none.Helpedaloafisbetterthannone.Little is better than nothing.TheonlygoodIndianisadeadIndian.Only dead Indians are good Indians.Ourlivelihoodis(being) providedfor.We take care of our livelihood.They didn't need to betoldtwice.They didn't say it twice.sb./sth.istwicethesizeof ...sb / sth. is twice as big as ...Evenabrokenclockisrighttwiceaday.Even a blind chicken can find a grain.to changefortheworseworsento changefortheworsechange for the worsechangefortheworsedeteriorationchangesfortheworseDeteriorationsimprovementfortheworseDisimprovementHeyisajackofalltrades, butmasterofnone.He understands something, but is nowhere master.theworsefordrinkdrunkto agefortheworseto change sth. for badto improvesth.fortheworseto improve sthto looktheworseforwearlook run downto looktheworseforwearlook batteredto looktheworseforwearlook worn outTheenergydensityisalmosttwicethatofX.The energy density has almost doubled compared to X.Manisaconsciousbeing.The human-conscious being. I don'twant to beinabattlebutwaitingontheedgeofwhat I can'tescapeisevenworse. I don't want to go into battle. But waiting for someone to miss is even worse.sth.isgoodforgood for sthTheSurnameisabywordforquality.The name stands for quality.Competitionisgoodforbusiness.Competition stimulates business.changefortheworse  Angerchangefortheworse  deteriorationThelawiscurrentlybeingamended.The law is currently being changed.Thebookisabittootechnicalforme.There are too many technical terms for me.teawhichisgoodforcoughsCough teasb./sth.isgoneforgoodsb / sth. has never been seen againItisgoodforyouthat I leaveIt's good that I'm goingBerlinisacitycondemnedforever to becomingandneverbeing.Berlin is a city condemned to become eternal, never to be.forthetimebeinguntil further notice / furtherforthetimebeingmeanwhile