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“But I do believe in the power of love; Love is a unique agile magical power. I doubt it's in the stars, but I believe that blood appeals to blood, mind to mind, and heart to heart. ” (Stephen King)

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"Love is ... four hands, two hearts, one beat!"

"Love alone understands the secret of giving gifts to others and getting rich yourself."

"I love him more than just from my heart ... I love him from the bottom of my heart, as if he were a part of me."(from "You or the great love")

"If you say: I love you, then you have already fallen in love with the language, which is already a form of separation and infidelity."(Jean Baudrillard)

"The germ of great love lies in devotion."

"Real love also knows real pain."

“When a relationship goes wrong, when a marriage goes wrong, the answer cannot be simply to say, you cannot afford to separate because you will lose the house. The answer only has to be one thing, namely, "I love you". "(Rory Stewart)

"Love means finding yourself in the other and then growing together."

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“The beginning of love is like opening a book whose pages are still white and empty. It's waiting to be filled with stories that will last forever. "

"True love begins with the first encounter and never ends."

"Immature love says," I love you because I need you. "Mature love says," I need you because I love you. ""(Erich Fromm)

I love you sayings: "I need you because I love you and I love you because I need you!"

“Man alone is imperfect. He needs a second to be happy. "

"If loyalty is fun, then it's love."

“There is only one true love in the world. They cannot be bought for gold and money. Whoever has found her will never let her go. From now on he will see the world with different eyes. "

“There is a fundamental difference in how often men remember to say“ I love you ”and how often women want to hear“ I love you ”. In most cases, it's up to the guy. He's not holding it back on purpose. It's just that sometimes we kind of miss the point when, in the most nonchalant way, telling the person how you're feeling is important. "(Brett Young)

"Love is ... thinking of someone without thinking!"

"I love you my darling" sayings

"True love opens your arms and closes your eyes."

"Love is like a delicate flower that needs new care every day."

“He who loves lives. You keep me alive! "

"To love does not mean to look each other in the eye - but to look together in the same direction!"(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

"Where it rains love, nobody wants an umbrella."

I love you sayings: “You are perfect the way you are. I love you and you never have to pretend to me. "

"Love is what arises when two people can look each other in the eye without worry and with the greatest happiness in the world."

"Love is sometimes the saddest thing, often the most beautiful, but always the most important thing in life."

"Love comes and it passes, but our love remains and builds on what is already there."

"In love opposites undress."

“Love is not just a word. Love is a person's feeling of being needed by someone who feels the same way. "

"Eternity is paradise when you have real love with you and real friends are with you."

"A life without love is a lost life."

"Only those who really love know love."

"Love conquers all."

“How can love be described? It is when two people tread the same path forever. "

"Love is… when you wake up to find out that the night wasn't a dream."

"If I can say to someone else:" I love you ", I must also be able to say:" I love everyone else in you, I love the whole world through you, I love myself in you too. "" (Erich Fromm)

"Love is ... when your kiss not only touches the skin, but also the heart."

“Reason can only talk. It is love that sings. "

I love you sayings: “I love you. I rest with you. I came home."

“Love is not easy sometimes, but the effort is always worth it. Because love is the meaning of life. "

Sayings in love

"If you don't even fall in love really in your life, you haven't lived your life at all."(from "Rendezvous with Joe Black")

“I think of you so often, I can't let go of you. I see you day in, day out and don't know what to do? "

“I am longing. I don't smoke or drink, but I'm addicted anyway. It is the longing for my treasure, the longing for you! "

"All wishes become small besides being with you."

"It is not beauty that decides who we love, but love that decides whom we find beautiful."(Sophia Loren)

“I can feel your looks, they give me hope and courage. To be looked at and loved by you is good for me. "

"We are words individually, together a poem."

"Lovers close their eyes when kissing because they want to see with their hearts."

“When I see you, the sun rises. If you walk away from me, I will see them go under. "

"You and me, it's like ice cream with cream, like chocolate - a real treat."

I love you sayings: “Immature love says:“ I love you because I need you. ”. Mature love says: I need you because I love you. "

"I would hike through every desert, I would swim through every sea, I would fall in love with you immediately if I wasn't already."

"Every morning I wake up, every evening I lie down, all alone with you in mind."

“You are so beautiful, I could look my eyes on you. I know we will look at each other with love forever. "

“I saw you and I knew immediately: this is love at first sight. Now we're together and I know I was right. "

I love you so much

"I love the person you make me into when you are with me."(from "My way to you")

"My love for you is as big and wide as infinity."

"I'll wait for you because I don't want anyone else."

"I love you - I'm resting with you - I've come home."(Dorothy L. Sayers)

“When you're not around, part of me is missing. I can't be without you, I'm attached to you. "

"I love you in any case - even if there should be no me and no love and not even a life - I love you." (Jojo Moyes)

“My place next to me in bed is cold and empty. I would love to touch you now, feel you very close. I just miss you too much. "

“I think about us and what it will be like when we're not together. I don't want to think about it any longer, because it's you who take my sadness away. "

"I need you because I love you and I love you because I need you!"

"You are the love of my life. All that I am and all that I have is yours. Forever."(Barney Stinson)

"I love you more than my own skin."(Frida Kahlo)

I love you sayings: "I love you when you love me."

"My real life began with you, I have gained so much happiness and joy through you."

“I love you as a drowning man loves the air. And it would destroy me to have you less. " (John Green)

“If I love you, I'll show you that every day. In the small things - and in the big things. " (Dwayne Johnson)

I love you sweetheart

"I cant live without you. I can not. The very thought of it kills me. " (from "The Reader")

“No word can tell what I feel, no expression on my face can convey it to you. Perhaps only these three words can do it: I love you. "

"I love you and it stays that way, because without you I will never be happy again."

"You and I we are one. I can not hurt you without hurting myself."

“I'm not Shakespeare, and Romeo didn't seem like much of a quarterback either. I really wish I had the most perfect and beautiful words in the world ready to say them to you, but then I'll tell you how great I feel around you and how much I like it when you smile with me do your nose like you always correct my stupid grammatical errors that annoy you. But the most important thing is to tell you that you will make a better person out of me. "(from "It's a Boy Girl Thing")

Sayings declaration of love

“You are the best gift I have ever received. I love you and I think of you in everything I say.

"I don't just need you for a while, I need you forever!"

"To say" I love you "you have to be able to say" I "first."(Ayn Rand)

“How should I describe it, how can I tell it? I want to laugh, travel, live, love and sometimes steal horses with you. "

"I love you, which star do you live on?"(Conrad Aiken)

I love you sayings: "I don't just need you for a while, I need you forever."

"You are air to me ... and I cannot live without air."

“When I look you in the eye and see a glitter in them. Take your hand and stand very close to you then I know: You are the right one for me! "

"I love you when you love me."(Roberto Cavalli)

“My heart is dancing when I see you. My eyes shine when I meet you. Can that be love? "

“We should remember that the phrase“ I love you ”is just a beginning. We have to say it, we have to mean it, and above all we have to show it consistently. We need to both express and show love. " (David A. Bednar)

“He who loves lives. You keep me alive! "

“I think I have a hard time expressing myself in my relationships. I use songs to tell people how I feel. If I can't say, "I love you," I'll write a song about it and hope the person finds out. " (Jenny Lewis)

“You are what I have longed for so long. Now you are there and I am perfectly happy. "

“It's not easy to sit down and open up and say,“ I love you that much, ”you know? It's scary to do that. " (Jason Isbell)

“I love you, that is easy to say and yet it is extraordinary. It best describes how I feel about you. "

"You don't have to have a ring on your finger to say," I love you. "" (Tyra Banks)

“Do you want children with me and a life together? I want to finally arrive. "

"There are so many hearts on earth, so many hearts love you, but of these many hearts, none of them loves you as I do."

"It is very difficult for me to say" I love you ", but it is easier for me to sing" I love you "." (Neil Diamond)

"You are just someone to the world, but you are the whole world to someone."

“I've seen rainbows in all their glory. The great wide space on a starry night. I've seen sunsets that make you cry, but never a face as beautiful as yours. "

“I trust you: this is huge. That's the truth. This is true love. Everyone uses "I love you" so freely. "(Justin Chatwin)

I love you sayings: “I love him more than just from my heart ... I love him from the bottom of my soul, as if he were part of me

“You are perfect the way you are. I love you and you never have to pretend to me. "

"I want to be the wind that gently strokes your hair, the sun that gently warms you and the moon that watches over your sleep."

“There are just so many variations on the fundamentals of human relationships. For me, it's all about the detail and how to tell the story. As you say: "I love you." "(K. Flay)

"For many people only my face smiles, for you my heart smiles."

"In the morning you are my first thought, in the evening you are my last thought."

“I think it's not really difficult to write about love. We have been saying the same thing over and over for so many years. But it depends on how honest it is and how well you're doing. You can say "I love you" in a billion ways, and it can always sound or feel different. "(Baby face)

Romantic I love you sayings

“I say to you 'I love you' and I keep saying it. After all, you should know who loves you and never leave without that thought. "

“I think of you and I feel good about it. I think of you and finally I feel free. "

“Everyone has a definition of happiness. You're mine!"

"I love you, because without you can not be!"

"The regret in my life is that I didn't say 'I love you' often enough." (Yoko Ono)

“If you are not here, the sun is not shining either. If you don't laugh, the sun won't laugh either. You are just as important to me as the sun is to the world. "

“Your laugh is my greatest happiness. I want to go with you forever, forward and never back. "

"I love you all the more because I believe that you liked me for my own sake and for nothing else."(John Keats)

“Years and moons pass and are gone forever. But a moment with you shines for a lifetime! "

“I've loved you since I first saw you. Nobody has ever enchanted me like you. "

“Our love is strong and stronger than many misfortunes. Even if it is lost, you will always find yourself back to us. "

"My love for you is as endless as the sky, as deep as the sea, as dense as a fir forest, as clear as a crystal and as infinite as space!"

"If you were a tear I would never cry for fear of losing you."

Love you sayings - I love you sayings

"I love you and I love you - you won't find more than my love."

"You give me warmth and energy, you are my sun!"

“I want to thank you for your help, your support and your happiness. Sometimes I don't know what to do with me without you. "

"The very best here on earth is to be loved by you."

“I find out how long an hour can be when I wait for you. I find out how wide a bed can be when I miss you. I experience how close proximity can be when you are with me. "

"I hate the feeling of saying goodbye to someone you want to spend every minute with."

"If you think that I'm thinking of you, then you don't think so wrongly."

“You walk by my side and help me up again and again. With your help I will overcome every obstacle. Thank you I love you."

“I love you because you are what I've been missing. I have you now and am finally complete. "

"Take my hand and never let go of it."

“I only have one weakness. Namely you. "

“You are unique and indescribable. You are the luck in my life and give me plenty of presents every day. "

"I'm not jealous, I just defend what's mine."

"My love is a door that is always open for you."

"I love you sooo much every day, but today I love you even more!"

Love poems and sayings

“You went, I stood and looked to earth
And looked after you with wet eyes.
And yet how lucky to be loved
And love, gods, what luck! (J. W. Goethe) ”

“A minute without you can be taken. An hour without you is pointless. A day without you is excruciating. A week without you is unimaginable. A year without you is impossible. Life without you is hell. A love with you is the purest heaven. "

I love you sayings: "Love is when your kiss not only touches the skin, but also the heart."

I love you sayings and poems

When I read your lines

"When I read your lines
teases a stalk
my dreaming mouth,
grasses weigh me
into the heavenly blue,
I drift with the clouds
across the clearing
to an inner land.

When i read your lines
I dive in
in the silence between the fields. "(Annette Gonserowski)

“I love you and I know that love is nothing but a call to the desert and that forgetting is inevitable and that we are all damned and that a day will come when all our works will turn to dust. And I know that the sun will eventually swallow the only earth we ever have, and I love you. - You are the love of my life. All that I am and all that I have is yours. Forever."("Destiny is a lousy traitor")

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I love you so much (I love you sayings)

"I love you so much
I would give you no hesitation
A tile from my stove
I have done nothing to you.
Now I feel sad to have courage.
On the slopes of the railroad
The gorse shines so well.
Statute-barred over
But never forget
I travel.
Everything that lasts long
is quiet. "(Joachim Ringelnatz)

"Doubt in the sun clarity,
Doubt in the star light
Doubt whether the truth can lie
Only not in my love. " (William Shakespeare)

"And if I love you, what's your business?" (J. W. Goethe)

“I wish I was with you now and could feel your heartbeat. I wish I lay next to you now and could touch you.
Everything is glorious to me today; if only it stayed! Today I see love through the eye glass. " (J. W. Goethe)