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Liam Payne tattoos

9. Flying eagle tattoo inked on Liam’s right hand

While performing with One Direction in Detroit on August 29, 2015, the day of his 22nd birthday, Liam revealed a brand-new tattoo on his hand of an eagle flying against the rising sun. Liam’s eagle tattoo is inked on the back of his right hand, and features two blank banners, which we are assuming will be filled in with text at some point!

8. Liam’s arm tattoo reading "Somewhere is a place that nobody knows."

During the South American leg of One Direction’s Where We Are tour, Liam Payne went under the needle and added another new quote tattoo to his collection. Tattoo number eight for Liam is inked on his right forearm, just above his feather and hieroglyphics tattoos, and, although early pics of the tat were blurry and completely unreadable, we now know that Liam's tattoo reads “Somewhere is a place that nobody knows. ”

7. Liam Payne’s Egyptian hieroglyphics tattoo on his right arm

Right around the same time that he got his “I figured it out…” tattoo inked in Glen Burnie, Maryland, Liam Payne added another new arm tat to his collection - a series of Egyptian hieroglyphs that combine to read “Liam.” Liam’s hieroglyphics tattoo features an image of a lion laying down, a tool that looks like a knife, a bird, and an owl looking to the side, inked vertically down the singer’s right arm in simple black ink.

6. “I figured it out” tattoo added to Liam’s right arm feather tat

Liam caused quite a stir when he got the “I figured it out…” tattoo inked below the feather tattoo on his right arm, not because he got yet another tat, but because of what the words represented. The lyrics included in Liam Payne’s “I figured it out…” tattoo were actually taken from a new One Direction song that hadn’t even been released yet at the time. Fans were thrilled that Liam’s arm tattoo gave away that juicy tidbit, and we were thrilled to add another tat to Liam’s list!

5. Liam Payne’s right forearm feather tattoo in black and white

It's a big jump from the tiny screw tattoos on Liam’s ankles to the giant feather on the inside of his arm, but the sweet meaning behind Liam Payne’s feather tattoo helps up overlook its size. When Liam was a child, his beloved Nan passed away and his mom started leaving feathers around the house for the kids to find. According to Liam, his mom would tell the kids that their grandmother had left the feathers for them, which helped them feel connected to her despite her absence.

4. Huge chevron tattoo with four black arrows on Liam’s right forearm

One of Liam’s largest tattoos is the bold black chevron tat he sports on the outside of his right forearm, taking up most of the area. Liam Payne’s chevron tattoo was inked in November 2012, and the piece features four black arrows, all of which point in… dare we say it? One direction. Although the chevrons in Liam’s tat are traditionally used as a military insignia, we have a feeling the pop star’s arm tattoo is actually a tribute to his four bandmates.

3. “Only time will tell” quote tattoo on the outside of Liam’s right wrist

Back in October 2012, Liam Payne went under the needle yet again, emerging with a tattoo on his right wrist that reads “only time will tell…” Like many one of the One Direction boys' tattoos, Liam Payne's “only time will tell…” "Tattoo is sort of cryptic, but it probably had something to do with the singer breaking things off with ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer. The break-up must have been tough, but Liam’s wrist tat hints that a reunion could be in the works!

2. “Everything I wanted but nothing I’ll never need” quote tattoo in script on his left forearm

Despite their international fame and fortune, Liam Payne and his One Direction buddies actually do seem quite down to earth. Well, Liam went ahead and put that sentiment in ink when he got a tattoo on his arm in October 2012, which reads “Everything I wanted but nothing I’ll ever need” in script. Apparently, Liam Payne’s “Everything I wanted…” quote tattoo means that, regardless of all the material things he acquires, all he’ll ever really need are his family and friends.

1. Tattoo of two tiny screws on Liam’s left and right ankles

Liam Payne got his very first tattoo alongside bandmates Harry Styles and Zayn Malik way back when, and the matching screw tattoos are apparently a reminder to the boys to stay grounded no matter how rich and famous they become in their careers. Liam Payne’s screw tattoos are inked in black on the inside of his left and right ankles, and look like tiny crosses or plus signs.