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The water table in the garden

In all your considerations and plans relating to the construction of a well, the question of the depth of the groundwater is absolutely crucial. The groundwater level determines which type of well you need, because both shaft and impact wells may not reach deep enough. The costs also play a role here, because the deeper you have to drill (or have it), the more expensive the entire well construction project will be.

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So: How deep is the groundwater and how do I find out?

The easiest thing to do first is to ask around in your neighborhood. Often you will find someone there who already has a well and can give you information about the groundwater level. But be careful and really only consider this “survey” as a first survey. Because that is not a representative statement.

!! Please note: In terms of groundwater level, the lowlands differ greatly from regions in which mountains and valleys define the landscape. In flat areas, real groundwater lakes are created in the ground, the distance to the surface of the earth is usually even there. Perhaps asking the neighbor would be sufficient here. In mountain and valley regions, however, the groundwater flows underground downhill until it runs off as a brook at the deepest point in the valley. Here you would have to install your well as deep as possible in the valley !!

When it comes to the groundwater level, you can really rely on your regional water supplier (e.g. municipal utilities, water associations) or, for example, on professional well builders who work in your region. There are hydrogeological maps available that provide precise information about the level of groundwater in the individual regions. Furthermore, the city and community administrations (e.g. Department of Environment / Lower Water Authority) are contact points and provide information about the local conditions, which also includes aspects such as the depth of the groundwater resources.

You can also learn from State Geological Office(also known as the State Office for Geology / Energy / Mining, Geological Service, etc.), the depth at which the groundwater-bearing layer can be found in your garden, whether the amount of groundwater is sufficient for the use of a well and whether the water quality is hygienic Standards suffice. That is not always a matter of course.

As an example: In many regions of northern Germany in particular, high iron values ​​occur in the upper groundwater layers. This leads to deposits and a significantly restricted usability of this water. If you build a garden fountain there, you may quickly have problems with clogging.

Authorities and offices do not always “know” everything

In individual cases it can still happen that not enough hydrogeological information is available about your region. So a so-called exploratory drilling must be carried out. This makes sense anyway, especially in hilly and mountainous areas, since the groundwater is not always found at the same height there.

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