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Thursday March 26, 2009

James and the Sea / Farewell to USA

One last greeting from overseas ... tonight we're going home, or first of all to Madrid.
Had a few nice days in or near Boston, really enjoyed being with friends and just doing nothing.
The area here reminds me a lot of Sweden, there are a lot of lakes and forests. In between, red cranberry fields shine again and again. These are flooded with water from the lakes in autumn, then the berries float up and you can simply "suck off" them.
James visited me here yesterday, he actually lives as a missionary in India and is currently on home leave. He was in / around Freiburg about 8 years ago for about two years and we did a lot together during this time. We went to the sea yesterday and enjoyed the sun ... unfortunately it was only about 1 ° C.
Tonight I'm going to fly to Madrid and from there to Frankfurt. Therefore this is my last blog entry for the time being and I hereby say goodbye. Thanks to everyone who followed my little trip here.
When I'm in New Zealand from July 2009, this will continue.

Saturday March 21, 2009

Farewell to D.C.

On Thursday I officially had my last day at the German school. I brought a homemade cake for the children, which they were very happy about. They didn't want to let me go at all, everyone wanted to press and "I'll miss you" was the most common sentence that day :). Really cute!!
We also had the opportunity to finally take a picture of the interns. Just in time before Tatjana and I leave school.
I really enjoyed my time here, I can only recommend that every LA student go to a school abroad! You really have a lot of experiences that you wouldn't have in Germany.
I'm supposed to be in Baltimore to fly to Boston, but my flight has been canceled. So I'm not leaving until this evening. I will spend a few more days with friends there.
If I find the time, I'll blog from there again.
PS: Yeah, I know I'm the rooster in the basket.

Sunday March 8, 2009

Spring is here.

Have already mentioned it several times ... it gets warm here! Five days ago we had -10 ° C, and tonight at half past six it was still 24 ° C outside. Fortunately, I recently bought a pair of shorts.
Best opportunity to completely cure my nasty cold. I hope it's over soon.
We started the grill right away. Amazing!

A little rock star

That's him, the little one. Lucas. He belongs on the stages of this world ... check this out: