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Mass suicide: they had to queue for the poison cocktail

When the members of the Peoples Temple saw the fall of their church, they heard the inferno. From speakers. The voice of her Lord: "The time has come for us to meet in another place ... There is a great dignity in death, it is a sublime message for everyone ... We committed a revolutionary suicide in protest against the conditions of an inhuman world." Then Jim Jones, the self-proclaimed "father" of the People's Church, pressed a pistol to his right temple and pulled the trigger.

In contrast to his final shot, his infernal message was preserved on the so-called "death tapes" on which Jim Jones recorded the last minutes of his community. Meanwhile, his supporters had marched up in the hundreds, guarded by Jones fanatical loyalists, who with rifles presented every man, woman, child, almost 1,000 in number, with the choice of either being murdered or lining up in line formed in front of the table on which the deadly cocktail of potassium cyanide, valium and lemonade was served in paper cups. After five minutes they had foam at their mouths, and then they were dead.